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English Language Learners- Ibig bang sabihin eh, mga batang need mag aral ng English? VAkeeet??? eh English naman magsalita ang anak ko ah..Mas wide pa nga vocabulary niya kesa akin..Mas madami pa siyang alam na english words kesa sa akin.

My son started going to ELL class when he started Kindergarten..Hindi raw siya English Proficient..Hmm..kadalasan nga nagugulat na lang kami sa kanyang mga terms na you won’t expect sa isang 5 or 6 years old..SAbi ko sa husband ko, kakainsulto yun ha, dahil ba ang anak ko eh hindi masyadong maputi? dahil ba sa wala siyang freckles, dahil ba sa siya eh super duper gwapo pero hindi gwapong Kano? Hmp!
But anyways, he did go to ELL class all his Kindergarten year.Sabi nga ng sister in law ko, ok lng yun, kasi free naman at advantage din yun ni Roan. So it’s OK.

Well, I got a letter from his ELL teacher and he still has to go again this year, says, he still didn’t reach the level that he’s supposed to be. Kakaimbyerna na yan,..Member pa ang anak ko ng Accelerated Reader, ang Math skills niya eh sky high,may pin pa siya ng STAR student, tapos kulang pa ang kanyang English proficiency? Ano yun??? Namula na tenga ng husband ko kakarinig sa aking complaints, but he said..ano raw gagawin ko, susugod ako sa school at makikipag away sa mga teachers? If they say, he has to go, then, he needs it..We cannot argue with them..Besides, it’s free and I was told that when they have students in special classes like that, they get more money from the government..Di kaya yun ang dahilan?

At any rate, naiinis talaga ako noh!..It just happens na si Roan eh soft spoken, baka yun ang reason kaya kala nila, eh limited ang kanyang English vocabulary..Anyways, alam ko namang my son gets 100% all the time sa kanyang test..oks na sa akin..Ayaw ko lang na nadidiscriminate siya kasi nanay niya ASIAN….

Nakasingit ako ng blog, before kami gumayak pa Chicago..See you all later…Have a great Labor day weekend sa mga taga US, at Happy weekend sa mga wala dito.

Picture of different races na maybe going to ELL class…

Hmmm..where do I start?? I failed my driving test?? or, I didn’t make it to the driver’s license photo section? Hehehe…Anyways, I did fail my driving test..I had 10 errors and those were:

3 pts. for , turning right too wide,
3 pts for, too close to the solid yellow line that divides the road..
1 pt. for not turning on my signal (duh!! there was no street on my right, I just
followed the curvy road and there was a small street on my left..
1 pt. for, I didn’t slow down when I got close to the people working on the electric
cables, (which there was none, I kind of thought abt. that)
2 pts. probably for, being ASIAN and pretty (hehehe!!)

She said I need more practice. Hmmm..I don’t know how much more practice I need. My husband was disappointed, since whenever I drive with him, he thinks I am so ready. He was expecting I was going to pass..but, oh well..The Tester from the DMV thinks, I am danger to other motorist, and I cannot argue with that..I am just an Asian 37-year old woman who can’t drive safely. I was told to come back 1 week from now, for re-test, but ..I don’t know, I might not come back for a couple of months, hahaha! I will keep on practicing..

Sometimes, when you get disappointed, you are not very enthusiastic to redo it so soon..I have to get over the feeling of “I thought I was doing good, and yet…”
We are driving to Chicago tomorrow, so..I won’t be able to blog for couple of days, and when we come back, I will post some pictures of our 2-day vacation…

Have a great weekend to all!!!

Let me ask you, is SUPERMOM for real?? Which mom are you? The one who stays home with the kids, or the one who works for her family…

I admire lots of women who can juggle their time with family and still a successful working girl. I also admire women who stay home to take care of their family and still sane. Home jobs are not easy. Like what my husband always tell me, my job is the hardest job ever…

In our household, my husband is the Provider and the Disciplinarian (he helps me with other stuff too) I am the General Manager. I am in charge of the Marketing division, Culinary is my specialty, I take care of the Laundromat too. Sanitation is also part of my area, and I am the Budget officer as well, last but not the least, Homework teacher and Head of the Daycare center. Whew!! That’s not an easy job, I tell yah! I am so glad that my mother is here to help me with watching the girls.

My husband plays a very important role in our family. He doesn’t only provide for us, he also keeps my sanity intact..When he’s home and the kids act up..He saves me from pulling out all my hair (which by the way is more gray than black). He makes me laugh all the time, he makes sure that I am happy with my role as the MOM and the WIFE.

My friend MOMnificent thinks that I am a supermom.. Yeah, I can be a Supermom, but only because I have my SuperDad next to me all the time..without him..I am just a mom who probably out of her mind by now.. So, those who have SuperDads next to them..Give them warm hugs and kisses…tell them how grateful you are for having them as your partner…

Good day to all!!!

My husband is so great, understanding and thoughtful, (sipsip ba ko masyado?) When he knows that I am longing for Filipino movies, he would spend hours looking for a website where he can get some Tagalog movies to download. He always want to make me happy.

He found this movie for me, by SHAWEE, and it didn’t matter if it was 9PM last night, I watched it..I cried a lot, so dramatic and the bad thing is, it’s the reality of life of Filipinos abroad..

I don’t know if you all seen this movie yet, but it’s highly recommended. Make sure to have facial tissue ready by your side…

Enjoy and don’t forget the pop corn and soda as well…

*Miss Elle, this time, I didn’t injure myself (hooray!!!!)

Sarah (Sharon Cuneta), a grade school English teacher, joins the 150,000 Pinoy OFWs working in the United Kingdom to support her husband, Teddy (John Estrada), in making a better living for their family.

After that fleeting period of excitement, she experiences the hard challenges every Filipino caregivers face every day: the icy weather, the dirty work, the difficult patients.

Meanwhile, Teddy also struggles with the daily grind in the hospital as he works in the hospital.

Despite the difficulties of adjusting to London life, however, Sarah faithfully stands by her Teddy. She tries to make the most of the situation by giving her best in her work, and in this way, earns the respect of Mr. Morgan, his wealthy old ward. However, Teddy is oblivious to her success, as he is absorbed in his own problems with work. Sarah finds solace in her friendship with Mr. Morgan and his son David, who seems to appreciate her more than Teddy does, and with her little friend Sean (Makisig Morales), who somehow eases her longing for her own son.

Tensions rise between Sarah and Teddy as the stress of London life takes its toll on their marriage.

Will Sarah choose to remain by her husband’s side to keep her family intact? Or will she find the strength to stay in London to continue seeking a better life for her son, even if it means losing her marriage?

Lately, it’s been getting colder at night, and my girls don’t like blankets, so I had to go and dig out their winter clothes. I found these pajama sets that Wrozlie got on her Christening last June ’06, when she was only 5 months. They were big back then, and luckily, both of them can use it now..My cousin bought these sets from SM Supermarket.., flannel and really good quality.

Alexandra was so excited playing with Wrozlie, they always fight about a particular toy, for some reason, they want the same one at the same time..They each have a tote full of toys, and yet, they want the same thing. In this picture Alex seems to enjoy climbing the pole while Daddy tries to catch her.

Talking about doing the same thing with Alex..Now, it’s Wrozlie’s turn to climb the pole, their Dad started it, so He had to hold each of them and pretend they’re climbing. I guess, they had fun this night..I just thought it’s cute that they’re wearing pajama sets and maybe later, they both would wear the same style of dress only different colors.

Wrestling time.I’ve got to be the Referee, or Wrozlie will lose a lot of hair. Have a great day to all!!

After a brutal thunderstorm pounds a small town, the residents discover a malevolent mist hangs over their homes, killing anyone who remains outside. Trapped in a grocery store, a band of survivors must make a stand against the deadly fog. Based on a story by horror maestro Stephen King and directed by multiple Oscar nominee Frank Darabont, this spine chiller stars Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden and Andre Braugher.

We watched this movie last night..My husband was wondering, how we missed this..We’re always on top of all New Releases..Anyways, when I watch a movie, I get carried away. When the character gets shot, I feel the pain, when they are drowning, I do too, that’s how I watch movies, I feel like I am part of it. Last night was no different. There was a scene that I didn’t want to see since it’s too much for me, I can’t bear to see it, I hurried to get off our bed, unfortunately, I scraped my leg on our foot board. I thought I was going to die of pain..I was screaming without a sound, crying inside without tears coming out..I guess, I was too ashamed to admit that I was afraid of suspense movies.

This is what my leg looked like when I woke up this morning..I am currently limping, I didn’t realize that my unbearable pain last night would result to this..Hopefully, I will be healed by the time I take my driving test..I think I learned my lesson..Whenever I watch something that will scare me, I have to sit on the couch where, in case I fall down, carpet was just few inches below..

I didn’t do much this weekend, there’s nothing exciting going on anyways. I did some practice for my driving test next week. I still have to work on my stopping at a stop sign, watch my Speedometer and turning left and staying in my lane. Wow! I am not sure that I am ready for my test in 4 days. My husband promised to take me driving everyday until my test date.

People say that driving is easy, I disagree though, my arms and legs get tensed, I can feel my back stiffened and my knuckles turn white for gripping tightly on the stirring wheel. But, one thing is for sure..I will have freedom to go where I need to go as soon as I get my license..I will not have high hopes on passing, but I will keep a positive attitude. Please wish me luck, and have a great day to you all…

I remember when I first came to United States, it was September of 1995. Fall season was about to start. I didn’t mind the windy environment. When winter begins, that was when I got sick all the time. My first Thanksgiving was snowing so hard. I didn’t care for the Turkey, I wanted to just snuggle under my thick blanket, with my socks on, sweaters (2 of them over my long sleeve shirt)and just watch English TV shows to practice my English.

On the other hand, my mother didn’t mind the coldness outside when she came to this country. She wanted to pose so we can send pictures to the Philippines..What? Hehehe, just to show off, I will be freezing to death? Immigrants from different countries tend to take bunch of pictures when they come to the United States and send to their family and friends, to let them now that, they’re here…Well, she said please with cherry on top, and it’s hard to break her old little heart, so I asked my husband to take a picture of us in front of my in-laws garage..



My husband thought that we were just going to take pictures out on the deck, so he didn’t even wear his jacket, but when we asked him to take our picture in front of the garage, he had to, or he would be frozen alive..


Even my kids were victims of my mother wanting to take pictures out in the snow..She was so excited posing next to the snowman that my kids made. I guess, without pictures of the snow, people in the Philippines won’t get impressed?? She’s already in the United States, I told her, she didn’t need to rub it in….

That’s all folks, and I am looking forward to Winter this year..Hopefully, it won’t be that bad as New York or Chicago…Have a great day to all!!!!

As I posted on my other blog site, My Grandmother is going to have her 84th Birthday (My aunt miscalculated, she thought Lola is going to be 85) on the 24th of this month, but we are going to celebrate on the 31st, since we are driving to Chicago for the Labor Day weekend.

My Lola came to the United States when she was 66 years old (1990). Very thin, and suffering from Respiratory problem, she made it to this day. She’s been in and out of the hospital for the last 4 years, and with God’s mercy, she’s still alive and kicking.


I used to think that my grandmother is mean..I wasn’t able to cuddle with her, none of us did..It’s just how she is. She is the kind of person that spanking is her way of joking around. She would say opposite to a person without knowing that she could offend them and hurt their feelings..Negative things about my grandma, but on the other hand, she’s very hospitable. She would offer everything that she has, for you to be comfortable. She won’t quit until you eat what she offered. Very generous person too. I always borrow money from her, I am glad she never ask for payment, hahaha! she probably has a long list for me if she’s keeping tab.


She worries about her children even if they’re all grown, most of the time, if something happened to them in the Philippines , we don’t tell her, or she will not be able to sleep or eat. Mother’s love to her child is so pure and unconditional.

This is my mother, DIGNA, she’s the eldest of 6, she has 3 kids..Me, Henry and Kim..She came to the US with my dad (November 2002), sad to say, my father said goodbye to the world, October of 2004, 4 days, before his 65 birthday.

This is my aunt DOLORES (in Illinois), she came to the United States 1986, married her husband, uncle Rick and have 3 children, Richelle, Richie and Grace. She’s the best aunt ever. She is my savior and my Guardian angel. That says it all. I owe her a lot of money too, I am glad she doesn’t ask for payment either, but I know one of these days, she will remember, and I will be doomed…Poor me…

Since 1990, Inang, (as we call her)has been home 2 times, first in 1998 and the last was 2004. Most of her old relatives that were still alive when she left , were already gone when she came back. She had a nephew that passed away last year and we can’t tell her, so she thinks, he’s still up and kicking too. She would probably be surprised to see him when she goes where she’s supposed to go..

The great grandmother and the great grandchild having fun..I wonder what was Wrozlie taking out of Inang’s hair..Hmmm..

For my Lola, Happy birthday to you!!! 84th, wohooooo!!!

I came across these pictures that my classmate/friend Ayen sent me, and I thought I would share it with my blog mates. In the Province, when you go to school, everybody knows everybody. There were some fortunate enough to go to high school in the city and most, stayed in their little town. I was one of those less fortunate that stayed in my little town to go to High School. Whichever school we went to, some of us remained friends. We didn’t get a chance to see each other often, but when that chance comes, it really feels great..

Elementary, High school..that was over 20 years ago..Some stayed close together,and most, went on to their own paths. Some became professionals and some became stay at home parents. Others, left Philippines for greener opportunities, and some stayed in the country. At any rate, few had a chance to have communication through FRIENDSTER, and it was awesome.


Most of the time, you cannot be friends with everybody during younger years, but it’s still so amazing when you find them at a later time. Like me for instance. I am so thrilled to find some of my classmates/friends thru Friendster, and it brings joy to my heart to see what they look like now. After Graduation from High School, I have never seen majority of them. All of a sudden, I saw them on, after 20+ years?

Cool, wasn’t it? I had the patience to locate them, I searched and searched until my eyes can’t stand it no more..But, voila! I found few.


Some didn’t want to be bothered, ignored my invitation to be my friend, they can’t say they didn’t know who I was..I might not be popular during those years, but..hello!!! we’ve been together for 7 years, (I was a transferee on 3rd grade) it’s impossible to forget my cute face and my smiling shoes (it needed rugby..)But, I tried, and if they didn’t want to communicate with is not the end of the world..Luckily, most of the ones I invited, accepted me..and oh boy!! what a great feeling..I am the only one who has the most kiddos though, hehehe!!! I told them, they all look beautiful, how can I refuse?


Most of us changed our looks, from cute to beautiful women/handsome men. Not a lot of changes when it comes to the height. We’re scattered around the world. Few in United Kingdom, some in Canada, 1 in Australia,1 will be in Abu Dhabi, some here in the United States and majority in the Philippines. Through the pictures, I can see how many kids they have, how many gray hair they accumulated (like me, I have lots) how much weight we all gained, Hahaha!! yes, we all did gain weight..Sometimes, I can’t help but reminisce all those moments that we all shared. Elementary and High School days, we didn’t have any problems, we were concerned in how much money we had to get some corn, or peanut or “sago” for recess. I remember, I had 25 cents all day as my snack money. What was I able to buy with my little money?



Way back then, I never thought I would have the chance to come to the United States, I was busy running away from my Grandma who spanks me all the time. I never had to worry about anything, I had my parents to do that for me. All I did was study and have fun with my classmates. High school is my best years, it’s when I started having friends, good time, crushes, secrets and all..


Those were the days..Now, I worry about everything, about my kids, my bills, and I guess, it’s my turn because now I am a parent of 4 children who don’t worry about anything coz they have parents to do that for them..Hahahaha, history repeats itself..

One thing is for sure..I am glad to have found my old friends, we might be far away from each other, but..the thought of us getting together when the right time comes, is something to look forward to..

Have a great day to all….

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