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Last week, I got 2 order forms for School pictures. Dan’s school picture is today. I was forced to write a check for $20 since that’s the cheapest I can pick. Well, there’s 1 for $13 but, the biggest size is 3×5. Hmm..I think, it’s a little pricey. Is it because they have to put a background of our choice? or because they make sure, that the kids were posing correctly. Anyways, with 2 having school pictures, it can hurt our budget. Roan’s picture day is tomorrow, I already picked out his outfit, it’s just a simply Old Navy long sleeved shirts and a pair of loose denim jeans. I bet he would look handsome.

They had hair cut last Saturday for this picture day. Let’s see if Roan would close his eyes this time, or would smile hiding his teeth or would make his facial expression. You know how sometimes kids can be difficult to manage. I am so glad that with Roan’s picture, they would let us see the picture before we can order. With Dan’s case, I had to pay first before he can have his picture taken. What’s the difference?

Lifetouch on the other hand takes really great pictures. My kids look really handsome from last year’s school pictures. Their backgrounds were awesome and the pictures turned out great. I guess, it’s worth the fee. Now, I would have to look for some frames so I can put the ones from last year and there’s new one this Fall, and another school picture in May..Hmmmmm…

Ahhhhhh, yes it’s Monday. Wow, time flies I tell yah. It’s almost October, and Fall has just started. I am now starting to think the cleaning that we are going to do in our front and back yards, since we have so many trees. My neighbors had their trees cut down. My husband felt so bad about it. He said those trees had been up for more than 50 years. I told him we need our trees trimmed down a bit before winter time. Some of the branches are covering our roof, and it can ruin our roof in case there’s a storm or blizzard or something.

Halloween is just around the corner too, I can’t wait to buy my kids some costumes. Roan wants to be Incredible Hulk, Darth Vader or Iron Man..Wrozlie wants to be Cinderella, and Alex doesn’t really care. My son Dan, wants to be Michael Myers. Wow, 4 children with 4 different pocket/wallet/credit card is screaming for it will create a hole to get those unnecessary things that I want for my kids. GOODWILL is probably not an option this time. I browsed on EBAY and it’s a little pricey, especially, I have to pay for shipping. Walmart doesn’t have that much choices. Oh well, if I can’t find anything with reasonable price. They will dress up as Mummy (wrapped in toilet paper) and Left over (wrapped in tin foil).

I am blogging and doing laundry at the same time. I felt so lazy doing some household chores this weekend, so I am paying the price today. Normally Monday is always the slowest day,but for me, it’s the busiest..Cleaning the mess from the weekend, oh yeah!!!

Hope everybody is so excited about their Mondays. Have a wonderful week and Keep smiling…

Hmmm..I felt that, this weekend was so slow. I guess, because my husband was glued to the couch watching football for 2 days. Yes, Saturday for his Alabama team, and Sunday, for I don’t know which team he likes. Well, he took me out to eat yesterday, we went to China King Buffet, so that’s kind of cool. The boys had hair cuts, and we went to GEICO office so I can be added to our insurance, which costs us additional $15 a month, not bad, I supposed.

Now that I have my Driver’s license, my husband told me I can have our old Honda Civic, he bought a Mercedes Benz from his co worker, $700 and needs a lot of fixing. He was giving me the key, and I simply asked him what was I going to do with the key. He wanted me to drive around the neighborhood by myself.. I told him, he must be kidding..I don’t think I am confident enough to drive now..Wahhhhhh!! I got my license, but I am so chicken.

I need a lot of courage and self confidence. I have to drive on my own one of these days, or my driver’s license would be useless.

I am so excited..I took my driving test today, and I passed!! Finally, whew! I thought that I was going to get that other lady again. This time, I got lucky. I got the one who’s really nice and very friendly person. She started me with being so friendly, lots of smile and conversation that took away my anxiety.

I have been practicing my turning right, and my staying on the side of the road. My husband has been so great teaching me. A little yell here and there,’s worth it. I got my license now. My dilemma at this time is..Can I drive by myself? Wahhh!! now that I have a license, I am scared to drive on my own…

It’s pretty scary out there, I tell yah. Not everybody would understand my being slow and inexperienced driver. I might get a lot of honk honk..Oh well, no one was born to be a professional driver from the start. It takes a lot of practice.

Lakwatsa blues, here I come!!!! HONK! HONK!!!

I decided to cook Spaghetti tonight for dinner. I normally make spaghetti with hotdogs. For some reason, I forgot that my menu for tonight is spaghetti, I forgot to take the hotdogs out of the freezer, so they’re all harder than rocks.

Anyways, I got done cooking. I assumed, no one’s going to notice. My son got hungry and asked for dinner. My husband prepared his dinner and told me that there is something wrong with the picture. I said, ” Yeah, I know, there’s no hotdogs.” I told him, if he doesn’t like it without hotdogs, he doesn’t have to eat it. He said, ” I don’t mind, I am only thinking what your son is going to say.” I said, ” He might not even notice it”..So there he was, giving dinner to his son.

Roan, so anxious to eat was waiting at the table. My husband gave him his plate and the first thing he said was, ” Dad? where are the hotdogs?” My husband said, “I cut it into little pieces that’s why you can’t see it.” So, he started eating, I know he’s been looking for some hotdogs. He looked up and told me, “I wished Dad didn’t cut up the hotdogs into little pieces, now, I can’t see any.”

I was smiling. I can’t admit to him that there was none. Then he told me, “Mom, I want some more, but this time,don’t cut the hotdogs.” I was so shocked! I had to tell him the truth, I can’t keep on lying to him, he’s too smart to lie to..
“Sorry, Sweetheart, but there was no hotdog.” and he haid, “What? Oh man!!!!”

I was feeling a little better last Saturday, I stopped taking the first anti-biotic that my doctor gave me (Zithromax)it made me really sick. Now, I am taking Amoxicillin, which I am used to. My cousin was invited to a Filipino birthday party, her classmate is a Filipina. I wasn’t invited, but, oh well..I told Grace we will go along with her. I even asked my friend Jen to go along with us. I was like, kapalmuks na lang hehehe. I am glad I went, I met a lot of friendly Kababayans.

The Karaoke at the party is not going to be forgotten. I had a chance to sing a song “Friend of Mine” and hehehe, I got a 41, wohoooo! The singing part is alright, until someone sang “Saving all my love for you ” and she’s a professional singer from South Korea (Filipina as well)do you think after that song, I would still wave my 41? I don’t think so

The dancing part where everybody knows the same step, what’s with that? Electric slides, 10 million years ago..I mean, I don’t know how to dance, so when there’s a music, I just want to do my own step, oh no, no…everybody will gather in the middle of the dance floor and dance with the tune of “Spaghetting Pataas” or Electric Slide, and everybody seems to know the steps but ME. As if, it’s a dancing lesson. What about us who don’t attend Ballroom dancing, what are we going to do? Wait for “Public may dance” part? I am not complaining, but I guess, it would be more enjoyable if we can just dance the way we want..Me and my two left feet.

I just mingled with some other Nanays with children, we talked about our kids of course. It’s fun to go out sometimes, to be with other Filipinos, who are not show off. These group of people that I met, they are all down to earth people. They always get together at Percibel’s house every weekend. Next Saturday, they will have a cook out and Grace asked me if I would like to go. I am not sure if my husband would appreciate that, since we came home almost 930pm last Saturday.

Right now, this is all, I will gather my thoughts and try to blog about something else. Wrozlie is now sick, and it’s been 2 nights that I haven’t had any sleep, so I guess my brain is a little dry at this moment. If you happen to read this blog up to this end, I would like to thank you for never getting tired of reading my blogs. Take care and have a wonderful week..

What is Sinusitis?
Sinus infections, also called sinusitis, are defined as inflammation of one or more sinuses. Sinuses are hollow cavities within the bones of the face. The sinuses are lined by mucous membranes that normally produce fluid – this fluid usually drains into the nasal passages and is swallowed throughout the day. However, when the drainage sites for the sinuses are blocked, the sinuses cannot drain, and an infection may develop.

What are the Symptoms of Sinusitis?
The following symptoms tend to be more often associated with acute sinusitis (subacute and chronic forms of sinusitis may have less severe symptoms, especially pain):

* Facial pain and pressure over the involved sinus(es)
* Nasal congestion
* Colored nasal discharge
* Decrease in smell and taste sensations
* Fever
* Headache
* Bad breath/bad taste
* Fatigue
* Cough
* Tooth pain
* Ear pressure/pain
* Post nasal drip

I had been sick for 3 days now due to my Sinus infection. I can’t function, my head hurts and my face feels swollen, I feel like my ears are clogged and I just feel awful. My brain can’t think straight, I can’t practice my driving, since I can’t decide which is the gas or the brake (or left and right) when I have headache..

I need to get better, I have kids to take care of..I hate feeling horrible. I think it’s the weather, I don’t know..but I want to get well…I can’t eat, I am hungry but I don’t like my food, wahhhh!!!!! I’ll starved…

I was a big spender today..Went to the Mall with my cousin Grace and my friend Jen, I bought some Large T-shirts for my son Dan from Old Navy, since the ones I bought for him at the beginning of the school year, were too small. We went to Sears, and look what I found, A DORA swimwear!!! Wrozlie loves Dora and I knew, she would love this bathing suit. Whenever I go to a store, I always go straight to the clearance area.. I know that by this time, all the summer stuff are being sold in the Clearance section. There were so much items being bargained, I could’ve bought more for next year, too bad, money is very limited.

She looked so cute in this bathing suit with straw skirt. $5.99 for a swimwear wasn’t bad at all..What I always do is go shopping when it’s out of season and get 1 size bigger, that way, I can get my children their summer or winter clothes for a reasonable price. I got Alex 2 pairs of skort for $1.19 a piece, not bad at all..I also joined Sear’s Kidvantage program..When I spent $100 worth of merchandise I can get 15% coupon for next purchase..I said, why not, I might go back there next time..If I can’t find anything nice at Goodwill, I can go to Sears or TJ Maxx maybe.

Having sick kid at home doesn’t feel good at all, especially if she can’t tell you what she feels. Alexandra’s been having runny nose and coughing for the last 2 days now. Yesterday, I was about to give her Sudafed for Children, but according to the Dosage, under 2 years old, I have to ask a doctor. It was past 6pm, doctors office was definitely closed for the day. But, I called anyways, because I know that they have answering service. All I wanted was to ask the doctor how much meds shall I give my child. Shall I give her 1/2 teaspoon instead of 1? or is the children’s Sudafed too strong for her? Questions that I had in mind and the only way I can find out was talk to the doctor.

I called and talk to the answering service person. I asked her if she can call Dr. Aquino and ask how much medicine shall I give my child, I said Alex is 25 lbs. and 15 months old. She asked me if it was emergency, and I said no it wasn’t. She said, she cannot page the doctor,unless it’s an emergency and we’re heading to the hospital. I told her, going to the emergency room would cost us $100 and runny nose and coughing should not cost that much. All I wanted was, to find out how much Sudafed shall I give Alex. She said, she didn’t say to spend $100 to the emergency, and I told her with my raised voice, that..that’s what it’s going to cost us in case we go to the Hospital. I was so upset, I was actually yelling at the poor woman. She said, there is nothing she can do for me. My heart rate was up and I was almost cursing at her. I can probably threaten her all I can, or curse at her until my mouth swells up, but the bottom line is, she cannot help me. It’s a no- win situation there. I called Walmart pharmacy and they cannot help me either, they don’t have over -the counter medicine for children under 2 years old..

When times like these come my way, I don’t like this country. I prefer Philippines..There, you can wake up the doctor in the middle of the night and they will tend to your child. Even pharmacy would open up just to help you when you’re in need. You can walk in to doctor’s clinic and you will be seen by a Physician, just wait for your turn. No need for appointment, and if you ever need some blood test, X-ray Ultrasound or anything, just go and bring your paper works and you will get done on the same day. Here in the US, before you can see a doctor, you need to be dying of pain so you can go straight to the hospital and they will help you. There are some doctor’s office that don’t even entertain new patients..What’s with THAT?? And even if you’re an old patient, you call to make an appointment, and you won’t get a schedule until at least 3-4 weeks, you will be worst by then..

What I tell myself is, I chose to live here, this is my home now, and I will just have to go with the flow of lifestyle. But, when it comes to my children being sick and uncomfortable, that’s when I get angry and wanted to shoot myself for being in America..I don’t know if any of you feel the same way..

Good day to all.

To all the parents in Blog World, do your kids attend public schools like mine? Some that it time of the year for Charity funds and selling different stuff yet? Last week, Roan came home with this catalog of all different Christmas designs kitchen wares, assorted chocolate flavored nuts, Christmas gift wrapping items. I am so glad that we only have 1 child that brought home this catalog. Dan is in high school I guess, they don’t do this anymore.

I looked at the items from the Catalog and they are not cheap. Who would I sell it to? All our friends have kids that go to the same school, or most have catalogs of their own. Hmp! Will I end up buying at least 20 dollars worth of stuff so that my son gets the plastic spider as a price for the kids who sold 20 dollars and up.

I can’t knock on my neighbors doors and show them the catalog..I don’t have Girl scout uniform and I don’t have cookies to sell. At least cookies are $2/box..A little cheaper, and once the girls give their puppy eyes and pouty lips, people won’t refuse to buy. But..what I have is a catalog of items that the cheapest is $7 and it’s potato peeler with Santa Claus as a handle, hehehe…seasonal kitchen ware huh..

Hmmm..let me think, my neighbor on our left side is an old lady who has a big swimming pool that didn’t invite us all summer (the nerve!)she’s the one who, my husband called 911 for.. on the right side , older couple as well, that our only communication is wave at each other when we both happen to be outside when checking our mail boxes or when they are mowing their lawn. Neighbor across the street, old couple as well and they are not that sociable, and behind us, older couple (the woman sits on a wheelchair..) Wait, there’s another neighbor at the corner of the street, middle aged woman, who by the way has 2 dogs that bark at us when we take Roan to the bus stop..Nope, I won’t get my butt bit by dogs just to sell chocolate.

Wahhhh, from this year forward, I will be receiving catalogs from school..up until Alexandra graduates from 5th grade…9 more years…I need to save all my change so I can be ready for the next school years, I will just buy stuff from my kids’ catalog so that they can get plastic lizard maybe or some stickers..Hay buhay!!!

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