To all the parents in Blog World, do your kids attend public schools like mine? Some that it time of the year for Charity funds and selling different stuff yet? Last week, Roan came home with this catalog of all different Christmas designs kitchen wares, assorted chocolate flavored nuts, Christmas gift wrapping items. I am so glad that we only have 1 child that brought home this catalog. Dan is in high school I guess, they don’t do this anymore.

I looked at the items from the Catalog and they are not cheap. Who would I sell it to? All our friends have kids that go to the same school, or most have catalogs of their own. Hmp! Will I end up buying at least 20 dollars worth of stuff so that my son gets the plastic spider as a price for the kids who sold 20 dollars and up.

I can’t knock on my neighbors doors and show them the catalog..I don’t have Girl scout uniform and I don’t have cookies to sell. At least cookies are $2/box..A little cheaper, and once the girls give their puppy eyes and pouty lips, people won’t refuse to buy. But..what I have is a catalog of items that the cheapest is $7 and it’s potato peeler with Santa Claus as a handle, hehehe…seasonal kitchen ware huh..

Hmmm..let me think, my neighbor on our left side is an old lady who has a big swimming pool that didn’t invite us all summer (the nerve!)she’s the one who, my husband called 911 for.. on the right side , older couple as well, that our only communication is wave at each other when we both happen to be outside when checking our mail boxes or when they are mowing their lawn. Neighbor across the street, old couple as well and they are not that sociable, and behind us, older couple (the woman sits on a wheelchair..) Wait, there’s another neighbor at the corner of the street, middle aged woman, who by the way has 2 dogs that bark at us when we take Roan to the bus stop..Nope, I won’t get my butt bit by dogs just to sell chocolate.

Wahhhh, from this year forward, I will be receiving catalogs from school..up until Alexandra graduates from 5th grade…9 more years…I need to save all my change so I can be ready for the next school years, I will just buy stuff from my kids’ catalog so that they can get plastic lizard maybe or some stickers..Hay buhay!!!

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