Hmmm..I felt that, this weekend was so slow. I guess, because my husband was glued to the couch watching football for 2 days. Yes, Saturday for his Alabama team, and Sunday, for I don’t know which team he likes. Well, he took me out to eat yesterday, we went to China King Buffet, so that’s kind of cool. The boys had hair cuts, and we went to GEICO office so I can be added to our insurance, which costs us additional $15 a month, not bad, I supposed.

Now that I have my Driver’s license, my husband told me I can have our old Honda Civic, he bought a Mercedes Benz from his co worker, $700 and needs a lot of fixing. He was giving me the key, and I simply asked him what was I going to do with the key. He wanted me to drive around the neighborhood by myself.. I told him, he must be kidding..I don’t think I am confident enough to drive now..Wahhhhhh!! I got my license, but I am so chicken.

I need a lot of courage and self confidence. I have to drive on my own one of these days, or my driver’s license would be useless.

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4 Responses to “SLOW WEEKEND…”

  • Uncle Lee says:

    Hi Liz, ha ha, love that word, “chicken”. Long time haven’t heard it.My wife used to drive, owned her own car back where we came from, but here she dare not, especially not “in your aircraft carrier”, she calls my Lincoln Town car.She tried one day at the car park, but seeing the half mile long hood infront, she returned the keys to me pronto, ha ha.Wow, I like your hubby….he sure trust you, just give the keys. But thats the only way….you got to ‘unchicken’ yourself, ha ha.Have fun, best regards, Lee.

  • Katelove's says:

    Hello sis, salamat sa laging pag bisita and have a lovely week!!

  • Mommy Liz says:

    Hi Lee, thanks for the visit. Know what?I did “unchicken” myself yesterday. I grabbed the key and told myself, I have to do it or else, I won’t. My husband heard me turn the engine on, he got out of the house, to make sure I don’t kill myself. I drove around the neighborhood BY MYSELF, horraaayyyy!! I passed by our house 5-6 times. I got home and got scolded. My husband said, I was over speeding (20mph, I was probably running 21) and he said I ran down the stop sign at the corner of the street. HMP! Well, I told him, I thought I was going to get scared, but..I wasn’t at all..I guess, I was more scared when he’s with me. By myself, I was more alert, and was more conscious about my surroundings. I was scanning my surroundings for oncoming traffic. Huh! I can drive now..I just don’t know if I can get out of our neighborhood..That’s another story to tell..Buck, buck, buck, buck!!Your hood is half mile long? hehehe, I won’t dare drive that, I thought ours is long (suburban 1980′s)I don’t even want to be behind the wheels)Have a great week. Liz

  • Mommy Liz says:

    HI Kate, thanks for the visit as well..I hope too that you will have a great week..Take care and Have fun!

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