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nice day out 002 nice day out 009

Christmas Tree on the making with 2 helpers.

                xmas pictres 035                                          The morning before the kids woke up.

xmas pictres 037                                           The Stockings on the table         

xmas pictres 038                                           Posing before opening presents..All 6 of them plus ME.

xmas pictres 043                                                       Roan got a Star War costume, and a helmet that changes voice.

xmas pictres 032                                           Christmas Eve, Rodney got a Kodak all in one, Printer, Scanner and Copier.. From Mrs. Santa…

Hope you had a Happy Christmas!


My husband is an Aircraft Mechanic and he likes wearing comfortable work pants. Most of the time, he would sit, stand up, bend or lay on the ground to do his job. So, basically, he needs something versatile, high quality  and affordable work pants. Something that is dependable, durable and would best suit his work wardrobe.

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Most of the Law Enforcement personnel go to this website and shop online for all of their needs. Not only Law Enforcement, even Fire Fighters use this pants, and also Military personnel.

The 5.11 Tactical Pants is built to offer lasting performance and comfort. Bartacking and triple-stitch construction create an incredibly durable pant available in cotton or nylon canvas. The Tactical PANT  is the ONLY pant on the market that features a rear strap and slash pocket design – both proprietary features of these best-selling pants. All 5.11 Pants are built to offer lasting performance, durability and comfort. The authentic 5.11 Tactical Pant has a 30-year history serving federal, state and local Law Enforcement. It has consistently stood the test of time worldwide.

What are you waiting for? Go to Tactical PantsUSA.Com and take advantage of their low prices and Free Shipping if you spend $50 and over.

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No matter what, I still prefer Philippines Christmas eve, with Noche Buena and all.. Last night was upsetting, since we planned on having KFC dinner. What we didn’t realize was, all KFC store close at 6PM, and when my husband left the house, it’s already after 6PM, so we had macaroni and cheese, pizza and chicken fries, wahhh!!! My mind was set to eating friend chicken, coleslaw and baked beans.

My in laws from Alabama are here, they came yesterday to spend Christmas with us. My turkey is already in the oven since last night. Put it on for 250 degrees and hopefully, it would get cooked in no time. Last time I checked, it was looking really delicious. The kids opened 2 presents per last night. And today, they will open the rest..

I will post some pictures on my next post…Merry Christmas to you all and Have a Prosperous New Year too…


Are you looking for a home make over , replace your furniture and  wanting to get a new  Bedroom set, or vanity in your bathroom for the coming New Year? That would be a great New Year’s Resolution for you and for your house.

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I heard once, that your personality can be seen through your bathroom, if that is correct, I guess, I would be checking out  Max Furniture to get a bathroom make over. They are also having a big Winter Clearance  on their Bathroom Vanities. How wonderful it is to go use the vanity and it would look really fantastic. Great thing with this store is, they offer free shipping for all Vanity set orders.

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Today is  December 24th and aside from everybody is excited since it’s the day before Christmas, today is the birthday of someone who came to be my friend in the Blogsphere. When I created my blog, I never realized that I would come to a point where I would meet friends online. 

Actually, I didn’t know that it’s Umma’s birthday today, our good friend and Kumareng Niko  planned on  doing this special post for Umma. If we’re not thousand miles away from each other, we (all of Ummas Blogesphere friends) would give her a surprise party and we will be  meeting in a grand restaurant and will do a very special birthday skit to show Umma how we greatly appreciate her  friendship.


What was my first impression on Umma?

Umma first impression



I thought that she is a beautiful woman and looks really smart. With this smile, I can tell she is friendly, with a big heart.



 After I’ve  known her, did that impression change?

Yes it did.. It changed for the better. She’s not only friendly  with a big heart, but she is also thoughtful and very generous. and I think that’s really great.

What song will I sing to her aside from “Happy Birthday” and why?

She’s a Jolly Good Fella.. Hahaha, I can’t think of any song…

 If Umma is a flower, what will she be? why?



I think this flower is so mild, It can brighten your day and it can give you tranquility. So peaceful and quiet and yet so jolly, just like Umma.


When I meet Umma in person, what will be the first words that I might sayto her?

Sabi na nga be eh pretty ka Umma , May lahi ka bang Intsik??

(I tol you , you’re pretty Umma, are you of Chinese descendant?)

When I  look at her picture, what can I say about her personality?

Jolly, Merry, Friendly and super bait…

How do I describe Umma as a friend online?

umma as a friend



For a Friend online, she is something. I never realized that someone can be as thoughtful and generous and so sweet even if you haven’t met in person.




What do I think of her as a mother?

   nancyjho4                She is a perfect mother to YL and for her, being a mother is a blessing.

 What do I think of her posts and why?

Her posts are great. Because of her being so resourceful and intelligent, all her posts are informative. It can make me smile, cry, laugh and aware of things around me.

What is my  birthday wish for Umma? 


Miss Nancy a.k.a. Umma has pretty much everything that she needs, so basically, I can’t wish for anything anymore, but…good health, permanent happy  life with her family, a baby girl Jho and  I wish that I can have the pleasure of meeting her in person and be her good friend for LIFE…

To you my Friend, Enjoy your very special day!!!

Happy Birthday to you.

I made a collage of my Grandma’s family way back and posted it here 3 months ago I believe, showing how solid our family is. I had a lot of missing pictures since I didn’t have theirs in my collection.

Last night, my aunt called me and asked me to update these pictures since there were 2 more babies that were added to the family and since my Grandma passed away, she wanted to do some photo album to show guests when they come during the wake. It happens that now, I have more pictures of my cousins. There were still 3 more missing I told my aunt. I asked her to look through her pictures at home and scan pictures of the people I mentioned since I don’t have any scanner.

Last night, I worked on updating this collage and luckily my aunt was able to scan pictures of my 2 cousins and an aunt. Now, this collage is complete. From my grandmother to the last child ever born  during her lifetime here on earth.

My mother is the oldest of all the siblings, so I started with her.




We hope to keep our close family ties. Normal families have some disagreement sometimes, but who don’t? We’re all humans and we are meant to make mistakes..

                     Lola's Birthday 060

This picture was taken on her 84th birthday celebration, August 31, 2008.

I turned on my computer this morning at around 643AM to get Roan ready for school when I had lots of offline messages from my sister. My grandma who went home to the Philippines last month has passed away at around 615am our time.

My uncle said that she was still active that morning and ate a full meal. Then that night, her heart failed to beat. She didn’t suffer at all. I am not sure if we are going home, most definitely my aunt and mom will go home, the only question is when and if they are going to be able to get a flight.

I can’t think of anything to write, my brain can’t function right now. I might not be able to post for a couple of days, weeks, or I don’t know. I can’t believe that my Grandma is now gone. She was happy to see her family in the Philippines. I am hoping that I can go home, since I wasn’t able to, when my dad passed away four years ago.

My head hurts now. Please if you can pray for my grandma, may her soul rest in peace.

Have a great day to you all!!!

Update: We are not going to be able to go home, there is no more available flight for me and my kids. My mom will be going to Chicago on Sunday to fly with my aunt on the 24th. Wahhhhh!!!

I was tagged by Niko first and I can’t remember the others so I guess, I will do this for everybody who tagged me.

            Liz x-mas wish 1st 

UPDATE: Now that I have a scanner, I scanned this picture of me and Rodney, our first picture together in Illinois..December 24, 2001.

       Alexandra's 1st Birthday 047

Alexandra’s 1st Birthday taken May 26th 2008.

7 years difference, can you spot Rodney’s gray hair?


All  these pictures were taken after we got married.


Can you remember the day you first met your hubby?
Yes. He was waiting for me outside my work place. We were meeting for the first time, after talking online for several months. He was smoking when I first saw him, I felt scared since he was so tall and skinny. But, he turned out to be the greatest person ever.

When was that? (doesn’t have to be specific)
June 21, 2001, Chicago, Illinois

First impression.
Tall, skinny, scary.

Were you attracted to him?
Nope, not that first time of meeting him.

Were you friends before he became your bf?
Yes, we  became chat mate first,then became BF GF online, and decided to meet in person.

        Lola's Birthday 027

What was the sweetest thing he did for you?
He does a lot of sweet things for me so I really cannot tell which is which.

He would get chicken from Popeye’s with Gravy on the side. He knows that’s how I like it.

He would go to Taco Bell to get me steak taco (that’s the only taco I eat from TB). He surprises me with knowing what I like.

He would give me meds when I am sick, or put cough drop in my mouth when I am coughing.

He would crack crab legs for me when we go to a Chinese Buffet.

He gave me beautiful children. That’s the sweetest I think…

What are the things about him that you are thankful for?

I am so thankful that he is HE. He is the greatest hubby, greatest father and great provider for all of us. He doesn’t mind working away from us since he knows this is the only way for us to have a comfortable life. I am thankful that he grew up to be the way he is. He might be scarred, but he is the  LOVE of my LIFE.

Thanks to Madz who gave me this Friendship Award. I don’t even know if I deserve it. I am so thankful to have created this blog site now I have so many friends in the world of Blogging.


Thanks guys for being my friends. Distance is not stopping us from being connected. Its great that we all share our life stories, about our kids, hubbies and our lives in general. I am hoping that we are going to keep this friendship to life.

I am not tagging anybody, whoever wants it is welcome to grab it.


 Merry Christmas Everybody, from my Family, to yours…..

Can’t believe that only 8 more days and it’s Christmas time. Are you all done with your Christmas shopping? or you’re like me, will do it the last minute? I did some for the kids, but I don’t know what else to give my husband. He has so many clothes, he doesn’t like jewelry, he doesn’t even wear his wedding ring, he said, it can be hazardous and he could lose a finger if it gets caught while he’s working inside the helicopter.

He has gazillion collection of Tools..he doesn’t like socks and undies, since he said I can give him those even on ordinary days, which he has a point. OH yeah I know what to give him..My LOVE..Hahaha! that is a priceless gift ever…

He’s now in North Carolina and will be home on the 23rd, he would stop by in Knoxville to pick up the girls Kattie and Kelsie, they will spend Christmas with us for the first time in the history of the Holidays. We will drop them off on the 28th and Wrozlie and myself will go with Rodney to NC and stay with him for at least 2 days and on the 31st, we will drive back to TN to celebrate New Year.

Well Folks…I wish you all a Happy Holidays..

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