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Since 1995, every Thanksgiving, I always eat somebody else’s Turkey.  For some reason, we never had our own Thanksgiving dinner at our apartment or house. I never cooked turkey, until this Thursday. We always get invited to a friend’s or family’s house.

This Thanksgiving 2008 is different. Rodney, didn’t want to go to Alabama, and I told him, in that case, I will have to prepare for our dinner here at the house. I was worried since I don’t know how to bake a turkey. He said, we don’t need one because he’s not fond of it anyway. We agreed that we won’t have any bird on the table.

Then, I was thinking, traditionally, turkey is served on the table during this Holiday. So, without his consent I bought one. I told him that night when I was talking to him on the phone. I, then asked my aunt how to bake it.  She told me how and it was simple. Then I asked her if I have to do something to make the Turkey tasty. My aunt said something about, just sprinkle it with Seasoned Salt, my sister in law said, I can sprinkle with Chicken Bouillon. I chose the salt, because I cannot find a bouillon in my seasoning drawer. I pat the Turkey to dry and massage it with butter first.

I, then pre -heated the oven to 325 degrees and baked the Turkey for 4 hours.  4 hours later, Turkey was ready and we had our feast. I made Deviled eggs, Green bean casserole, Candid Yams, Pancit, mashed potato and Honey Ham.

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We really didn’t set the table like in those commercials on TV. I mean, it’s just us and the kids. Maybe if we had guests. Mariz and Gary came over after everybody was done eating.

It was great though, that finally, we are celebrating holidays in our home. I am hoping  that for at least 30 more  Thanksgiving, we will be sitting in our dining room and share dinner together as a family in this very house.

That’s all Folks!

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