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My cousin MJ, who lives in Chicago is the founder of this website that is going so popular today. I am so proud of her, she is awesome when it comes to creating websites. She is just overflowing with talents and skills. I am an avid reader of her blog site I find her entries so humorous, informative and very entertaining.


She is a busy mama and yet can still find time to blog. This Chicagonista is her latest baby, as she calls it. They just had  their launching party and it was a great success. I wish I was there. I could’ve gotten some free in-home massage services as a drawing prize and a box of M&Ms Premium chocolates that  melts in your mouth. To find out more, visit their website and see for yourself.

Congratulations on your Successful Launching Party!


I got an award from my dearest friend Umma, thank you Mare!! You always share with me anything that comes your way. I am so blessed to have your friendship. Mwahhhh!

To all my friends who visit me all the time, this award goes to you all…Please grab it with a smile in your face. 

image  I am so glad that my hubby came home from North Carolina around 10pm last night. We are needing some heat inside the house. Our heater got busted yesterday and the whole house could’ve been freezing if not for our Emergency heater that was installed when this house was built in 1960. The heat comes from the ceiling and it does work really good.    Hubby and myself and the girls had to camp out in the living room, since the basement was too cold for us. And they didn’t put any of that Emergency heater down there. Rodney woke up early and now he headed to LOWE’S to get stuff for the heater. I am so happy that my husband is a handy man, I always call him Mister Fix All… My nose is dripping when I woke up this morning, it’s still cold even if we used space heater.  Related Links:  Children’s IllnessesFilipino Recipes


image Every time I chat with my cousin Edna who lives in United Kingdom, we can talk about everything. We never met in person, but our dads were first cousins, so basically we’re 2nd cousins.

I know that she’s been craving for  some Filipino food. That’s why when my mom came from the Philippines with some Daing and Tuyo, I thought of sending her some. and this was  her reaction. Please click on this link..She blogged about it..I am so honored and happy that she thought of sharing it with her blog friends..

Anytime you want something Edna, let me know, and I will be glad to be of help…

There was no school again today due to snow. Yesterday (Tuesday Jan. 27) was ice storm. I thought we were going to have at least 6 inches, enough to make a snowman, but nope, after 8am this morning, it started to get cold again, that’s why snow didn’t really pile up.

Better luck next time. Kids were waiting for playing outside, making snow angels and sticking their tongues out to catch snow flakes, well..Last year, we didn’t really got snowed until first week of March. Maybe, this year is the same.. We will just wait.

             one icy day 003

My car this morning when I woke up..Brrrr..

          one icy day 018

Front of the house with dog pawprints…We don’t have any but there were prints, hmmm…

            one icy day 020

Mine and Grace’s cars covered in snow

           one icy day 021

Can’t even see which is the road..

           one icy day 013

Trees covered in icicles from ice storm Tuesday

           one icy day 015

White trees…Nature is so amazing

                         one icy day 004  

My new Haircut..My hair falls out when it’s long, so I decided to get it cut. I planned on a shorter one, but I chickened out while getting the haircut. Hmm…it will grow back..Goodbye long hair…


             one icy day 002

For whatever reason, Alexandra hated Pony Tail since the day she started having hair. When I put even the lightest hair clip or tiny rubber band, she can feel it dangling on her head. She would wiggle her head,  pull her hair out, losing some strands. She’s opposite to Wrozlie, while Wrozlie loves hair stuff, Alex doesn’t like it at all.

Until the other day when she found this pink pony tail and gave it to me and asking me to put it on her..Wow! she can look like a girl, that’s why I had to take her picture, this moment is very rare…Hahaha!! Hopefully, this is the beginning of hair styling, pink hair clips and all, Yehey!!!

Let me count the ways…..

                  Why Do I love my Husband

My very good friend and Kumare Umma created this tag (I guess to show her hubby how much she loves him), and tagged most of us in Blogosphere, she wanted us to show the world how we love and appreciate our husbands..Hmmm…Mine goes like this…

Once upon a time, there was a man who …….

Oh well, let me see..please don’t fall asleep..bear with me, it might really be long…just keep scrolling down..

I don’t love my husband because…..there’s really no because..I believe that when you love someone, you shouldn’t set any standard. I love him for what and who he is. I love him for being HIM and not for any other reason.. But oh well, for the fun of’s few things about why I love my hubby so much.

              Alexandra's 1st Birthday 020

I love his being….snub…Yeah, meaning he won’t get seduced by other women, Hahahaha!

I love the way he handles all the children, no favoritism, although he seems to give in to Wrozlie most of the time..

I love it when he prepares meal for me and I get surprised coz it would be something that I liked and I can’t believe he remembers. That’s Love I tell yah..

I love the way he sacrifices to be away from us, I know it’s really hard for him, but he said, it’s because he wants to give us everything that we need, especially shopping money for me..Goodwill, here I come!!

I definitely love it when I asked him to dance for me and he would, (Strip dance baby!!). He might kill me for posting it, but, oh well, he loves me so much, he will let me live..

I love his being so thoughtful, he would give me medicine and water when I am sick, put Vicks on my chest when I get congested, put cough drops in my mouth when I’m  coughing..That’s definitely extra curricular activities.

I love the way he calls me Sweetheart, especially when he is wanting some loving, it sounds like he would give me everything that I want..Even if it’s going to the Philippines for a 2 month vacation..Hahaha

I love his being considerate, that even if we’re chatting, he would tell me if HOUSE is on or CSI, and he would let me watch..Wow, who would do such a sweet thing..

I love the way he tells me when he is jealous, I wanted to choke him most of the time, but after I assured him that he is the only MAN in my life, that my heart  beats only for him (shucks, too corny, ain’t it??), he understands and accept how wrong he is to think otherwise..

I love his being RESPONSIBLE and great PROVIDER. He works so hard and bought us a house where we live in, I drive a car (though it’s old and rusty and karag karag..) He thinks of his family first before anything else.

I love it when he helps me prepare when we hold a birthday party. He would clean  the house, put decorations, make some “pabitin” put banners, ribbons and everything. He would do everything that requires height..

There are a lot more, but these are just some basics..Everyday, I discover something about him that makes me love him even it, he drools while sleeping, snores so loud, talking oh his sleep, farts so loud and such..

Once you love someone, you will learn to love everything about him/her,  shortcomings and all, and when it happens then and only then you can say that ..You’re IN-LOVE…

Hope this says it all… To my Husband and Partner in Life…Happy Heart Day Baby..I love you and I always will…

If you happen to stop by my site, and you want to share how much you love your husbands, please grab it and tell the world how much you appreciate them.



Today is Thursday and I am going out with Jen, well, actually, I am not going out, but I will pick Jen up from her house since today is their closing day for the house that they just bought..Wohoo! Congratulations Bon and Jen for getting a new house.


I will take her to Pier 1 Imports since this store is great when it comes to home stuff. I know that Jen loves beautiful things for her new house. She has great taste when it comes to little things inside her new home.  Pier 1 Imports, here we come!!!! (I will not look for anything for my house , I am not supposed to spend anything..wahhhh! I will just drool over stuff, bhuhuhu!!)



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