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This tag is from NIKO, and she knows I don’t refuse doing tags. So, here it goes.

The Rules:
1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tell 7 unspectacular quirks (odd habits) on yours.
4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
5.Link the person who tagged you.
6.Leave a comment for each blogger.

7 facts about me:
1. I will be 38 years old in a couple of months. My zodiac sign is Aries and I am an April Fool’s Baby. 
2. I am unemployed, stay at home mom and I am  loving it.
3. I used to work for almost 10 years in a department store as a Sales Associate. My last job was a Customer Service Manager and I didn’t not enjoy it, especially Holiday season. 
4. I love watching HOUSE, CSI (all 3 of them) NCIS and Bill Cosby Show. 
5. I am trying to be organized, but with 4 kids and a hubby, it seems impossible.                                                                          

6. I love to cook for my family, and  my friends.
7. I always miss my family in the Philippines.

7 unspectacular quirks:
1. Blogging is my latest hobby, but sometimes it makes me neglect my duties as a wife and mother..
2. Wearing socks when I go to sleep is one habit that I cannot control. 
3. When I am mad at my hubby, I tend to polish the whole house! too bad, he doesn’t make me mad all the time, tsk!
4. It’s habitual  for me to leave my shoes where I took them out (my hubby started it, now I inherited the bad habit) 
5. When I turned on my laptop, I always open my yahoo mail even if I know that I only get junk mails all the time. 
6. When I go grocery shopping, I never failed to pass by the pots and pans section, even if I don’t buy any. 
7. I have never taken out my wedding ring since December 2002, I can’t imagine myself without it..


Another tag from my friend NIKO, and she wants me to share with you what am I addicted to now. Here they are…

1. Now, I am addicted to internet too like Niko, I cannot stand it if I don’t go online and check my emails, or blog or check my Friendster account , and now my latest is Facebook. When I feel something strange in my body, I go look it up on the net and look for my symptoms. My laptop is on all day, unless I am going out then I turn it off.

2. I am addicted to shopping at Goodwill, I don’t buy regular priced merchandise anymore.

3. I am so addicted to watching HOUSE.

4. I am getting addicted to salt and pepper shrimp with jalapeno, yummm! I buy 4 lbs of shrimp for over 20 dollars just to cook it very simple and eat it like crazy..

5. I am addicted to taking pictures of my kids, I guess I am obsessed. My picture folder has thousands of pictures already, and not even 1% belongs to my face.

I am not tagging anybody, but if you want to grab it, you are welcome.

Have a great day!!!



Source of Picture: Google

My hubby sent this image to my e-mail. He said it’s pretty funny! Is this the reality of Life between Men and Women?

I know that when I send my hubby to the grocery store when I hadn’t  had my driver’s license yet, he would come home after 20 minutes and all the stuff on my list were crossed. But when I go myself, I would be there for an hour and yet, I would go from aisle to aisle, all my stuff would be crossed off my list and I would get something that was not on the list, and still I come home and say, “Darn, I forgot the butter!”

What about you girls? Would you agree on this image??


                    liz santacruzan                                                  

15- year old Mommy Liz

Oh ha! kala nyo kayo lang ang mga Beauty Queen? Hahahaha! Ayan, may korona rin naman ako binalutan ng bulak, at ang aking hiram na damit eh halos malaglag sa aking balikat. At ang hikaw na pahiram sa akin, de ipit, kasi la butas ang tenga ko nun, ay ang sakit, namaga ang tenga ko wahhhh! Naawa yata ang tiyahin ng nanay ko sa akin na hindi man lang daw ako nakaka attend ng Sagala. Eh kasi ba naman hindi naman pang Reyna Elena ang beauty ko, buti na lang sila ang nag coordinate ng Sagala, nasama ako..


Sa di inaasahang pagkakataon eh nakita ko ang picture na ito sa aking mga pakatago tago, kaya scan to death ako agad at post na siya. Malapit na rin ang sagala sa atin, sayang kung mauwi man kami sa May, di na rin aabot mga anak ko sa Prusisyon. Sabi ng sister ko, para daw masama ang mga anak ko sa anumang prusisyon, eh need na member kami ng kung anumang samahan. Hmmm.. Samahan ng mga walang datung pwede ako dyan.. Di bale if ever na may mga Sagala, manonood na lang kami sa labas ng bahay, di pa mapapagod mga anak ko maglakad .(sound bitter ba ko? hahahaha!)

Yun lang po at hanggang sa muli…

I had a relaxing weekend I believe. We went to bed at around 9PM last night , and for some reason, I can’t sleep on the bed again, so I slept on  the couch downstairs and by around 10PM, Wrozlie came down and stayed with her dad all night. I woke up at around 3am and went upstairs and watched some more HOUSE M.D. episodes.

SATURDAY- I went and picked up my friend, Mariz from her house. We used to hang our often before she went to the Military. Now, she’s busy from Monday-Friday, and sometimes, her weekend is spent with her husband.

I met Mariz through Friendster, and met with her last December of 2007. They spent New Year 2008 here at the house. From then on, we chatted a lot, talk on the phone more often. We used to go to Goodwill together and stood in front of the store before 8AM on the first Saturday of the month.

We would attend gatherings and parties together as well, that if one was not going, both of us won’t rather not go. Mariz and her husband Gary are two of the best people we have ever known. We are so lucky that they  are our friends. I keep telling them, they are our family.

    100_1890                                       Gary, Mariz, Liz and Rodney (March, 2008)

family pictures 246                                     Mariz and I, May 2008

We ate lunch here at the house, Pritong Tilapia, with Kamatis, Bagong Alamang and Sibuyas, yumm..And we watched 2 Tagalog movies. “My Only You “and “When Love Begins”. Then after that, we just talked and joked about stuff and then she got picked up. I wished that we could hang out more, but starting March, she would go to school and she will be really busy.

I am so proud of her, with her determination and will power, she was able to join the army and now looking forward for a promotion. Mariz is a down to earth person, God fearing individual, and a great friend.

SUNDAY - My Sunday started with a phone call from my aunt in Illinois. Well, I called her to greet her Happy Birthday, but she was still sleeping, so she called me back. I spent 2 hours talking to her, well, that’s just our standard conversation. Sometimes, both our phones would run out of batteries. After breakfast, Rodney and I watched few episodes of House M.D. 5th season, and then around 3pm I got another call from my aunt in Oregon, and we talked for 1 1/2 hours.

Lola's Birthday 081                                   My aunt Dolor in Chicago, (mom’s sister)

DSC00019_2                                 My aunt Jo in Oregon (my dad’s sister)

I, then realized that my hubby didn’t have anything for dinner, so Wrozlie and I went out to get him something. But, I decided to stop by at Goodwill store. Went to Walmart real quick and got stuff for Taco, hurried home, only to find out that my hubby wasn’t hungry. Grrrr!

Well, at least I had a great weekend. I didn’t do laundry, but I cleaned the kitchen a little, but that’s about it. When my hubby is home I don’t do a lot of house works, he wants me to watch movies with him. that’s why, we’re more messy during weekend. All the kids are home, plus Daddy.

That’s all Folks, Have a great day!!!


I got tagged by Maria , and it’s about Propose to Marry. I don’t remember my husband asking me to marry him. Hahaha! You can read our LOVE STORY (those who don’t know yet) that way, you will know how we met. Thanks Maria, I thought our wedding details will be my secret forever..Hehehe..

Before we even got married, he already gave me a wedding band as a present in Christmas 2002.

Liz: “Why did you give me a ring? we’re not married yet, and by the way, is this real?”

Rodney: I know, but for me, we are already married, I love you, you love me, we have a son, we’re together, the only thing that we don’t have is the paper that says we’re married. And of course that’s real, I got that from the pawnshop!”

One day, he’s driving me to work and I wanted to listen to the radio, that’s when he made the confession that he sold his radio to buy us all presents. And I was teary eyed, I thought that’s the sweetest thing. I told him he didn’t have to do that,  and he said, he can always buy car radio someday.

Anyway, we weren’t able to get married until April 09, 2004 in Illinois. We went to the courthouse in Wheaton, our only witness was my son Dan, who I guess was 10 years old then, since my father was sick due to radiation (he had colon cancer, SLN) We didn’t even have pictures, since I forgot to bring my camera, at least I already had my ring, been wearing it for almost two years, and after the ceremony, I went to work and he did too.

There was really nothing special about our wedding, nor the engagement, not even the way he proposed, because he didn’t. We just thought that because we love each other and we want to share our lives together,  we said  ” Let’s get married, Baby!”

Since the day we moved in together until this morning when he kissed me good bye, our love is the same, or maybe even stronger. It’s not how expensive the ring is , it’s not how long you’re engaged and it’s not how fancy your wedding was. It’s  the LOVE that binds us until we both meet each other on the other side of our lives.

We were talking  about having church wedding someday, but as soon as we thought about the expenses, we were like “nahh, the kids need the money more than our wedding does.”

That’s all Folks, and I wish you all a great day ahead of you.


NOTE: I was planning to post this on my Kids’ site, but I am so proud of her that I  want to post it here..

I had 4 orders of Leche Plan yesterday (Tuesday) and I had my little helper helped me to make them. Sometimes, it would be faster if I do it alone, but, if someone  wants to help you and say she will be your little helper, it’s hard to deny her  the fun of cooking.

                  wrozlie and mommy 002

                                                                                                           wrozlie and mommy 006


When we made Ginatang bilo bilo last year

I think this is the stage when she  wants to do whatever I was doing. Like peeling potatoes and she would scatter the skin all over the kitchen. She wants to stir what I am cooking and step on a chair. She would ask me if she can help, and I would tell her that she can help me by just sitting on the couch and be pretty. But, well, she won’t leave me alone, so I give her something that she can do, even if it means, I will clean up after her. Bonding time for me and her? Oh yeah…She wanted to help me bake a cake too…Oh ha? Cooking talent runs in the family..I hope that when she grows up, she would still help me with my chores rather than go out with her friends..Is that too much to ask?

Well, bakit nga ba di ako nakapag post yesterday? Ah kasi ang aking labahin ay ga bundok at di matalunan ng kabayo, yan ang sabi ni EDS. Totoo ka dyan, sabi nga ng nanay ko, bakit daw ba di na kami naubusan ng lalabhan, aba naman mother, eh ilang tsikiting gubat ba ang nagbibihis, eh ako pa, langan naman di na ko mag bihis no, at ang asawa ko, may work clothes, house clothes, night clothes (boxer short), hehehehe. Tapos may nag order pa sa akin ng Leche plan, grrrr…kakatamad gumawa. HMP!

Anyways, ang aking entry for today is about yung day out namin ng aking mga ka friendship last Monday. Oh ha, may mga friends din naman ako dito noh..mga friendship ko na sila noong nasa Korea pa kaming lahat. President’s Day sale kasi,  so we decided na mag shopping. Kaso tong mga ka friendship ko pala eh walang pakialam sa kung anong klaseng sale, basta sila eh sa Clearance area pupunta. Nagpunta kami sa TJ Maxx, Pier 1 Imports, Goodwill at ang pinaka Finale ng aming araw ay ang mag dinner sa Chinese Buffet.


Mommy Jen and Amanda

Excited kaming lahat kasi wala kaming kasamang mga anak na susubuan, or hahabulin sa loob ng restaurant. Wow, para kaming mga baboy na nakawala sa kural, ang sarap pala ng feeling. Although ang mga asawa namin sa bahay na nag aalaga ng mga anak namin ay sumisingasing ang ilong sa yamot, weeee.

        Wrozlie's birthday 011

Mommy Liz and Alexandra

Dinner time ang aming puntirya sa Chinese Buffet, kasi may King Crab legs. Yummmm..430PM yata kaming dumating duon. So, start na kaming kumuha ng aming mga food. Si June (she’s Korean) at Jeneline ay magkasamang kumuha ng food, ako eh mag isa ko lang. Sabi ni June sa akin, “Why you get regular food?” sabi ko, “This is what I eat all the time” “Eat the expensive ones first, crab legs” sabi niya. Funny, kasi sila ni Jen, crab legs agad ang inupakan, samantalang ako, egg drop soup muna, then meron akong rice and kung anu ano pang samu’t sari.

For the first time kasi eh nagkasama sama kaming tatlo. Kakatuwang tingnan kumain tong si June, maririnig mo ang pagsipsip sa crab legs, pati ang pag crack sa shell, hehehe! Si Jen naman, bago pa makain ang laman ng crab, nadurog na, di siya marunong mag crack. So, binibigyan ko siya ng isang mahabang crab meat, tuwang tuwa. Ang saya saya namin, tawa kami kay June, kasi basta may di type sa food na nakuha niya, ang asim ng mukha, parang si Pugo ng mukhasim smile.Ang tagal naming kumakain, kasi sabi nila di raw sila nabubusog, siguro kasi bago pa makalunok ng isang subo eh naubos na ang time sa pag crack ng crab. Eventually, natapos din kami ni Jen, si June, ay sus ginoo day, di pa raw busog.


Mommy June and Angel

Ang liit na tao, ang laki ng sikmura, panood naman kami ni Jen, gabi na madilim na sa labas. Request siya kay Jen kung pd siyang kunan ng more fruits, sabi ni Jen “Onie, stop eating, you might get swollen when you wake up tomorrow” sabi ni June, “No, it’s OK, I am not full yet” Sabi ni Jen, “Where are you going to put the food” akala ko naman eh itatago sa purse, yun pala kakainin, hahaha!

At last, natapos din kami, ikinuha ko si Jen ng ice cream sa cone, at di raw siya marunong maglagay, si June, kuha rin. Nakow, eh ang dilim na nga sa labas, so sabi ko kay Rodney, daan kami sa bahay tapos siya na lang mag drive paghatid sa dalawa. Grabe ha, busog kami lahat. Sabi ni June, next time daw eh dapat 4pm palang dun na kami para marami kaming makain. Ngek! di pa yata busog non!

Sayang lang at wala kaming pictures, kasi ang camera ko pala eh la battery, dala ko pa naman, grrr…. But we had a great time. I hope we can do it once in a while. Yung kaming mga cheap magsasama sama, tapos kakain sa labas. Sarap din, for a change eka nga…

Well, Valentine’s Day is over. First of all, I wanted to thank everybody who wished me to get well while I was sick. You’re all sweet and thoughtful…I was still not feeling good  last Saturday but I am fine now.


I got a package on  Valentine’s Day, and I wasn’t expecting anything from anybody. I looked at the box and it was from my cousin EDS who lives in UK. Yehey! my movies are here..

valentine pictures 004



At first, I! what a great Valentine present. I know she was going to send me some Tagalog movies like she did last time, I just didn’t know when.  I got so excited. My hubby opened it for me.


valentine pictures 005


My husband said, “Iron? did you tell her that the $1 iron that you got from a yard sale doesn’t work anymore?” And I was like, no I didn’t. She wouldn’t send me any iron.



valentine pictures 006 valentine pictures 008

These were what’s inside the flat iron box. A beautiful purse, my style and my color (thanks EDS) and of course my 2 discs of Tagalog movies. We watched it right away “Dobol Trobol, and Kulam” I guess, that’s why I had a headache (atat manood ng tagalog, hehehe) after watching, because I was screaming my head off.  Judy Ann is  a great actress. She’s my favorite of all time, aside from Sharon and Maricel…

Eds, Thank you very much. You made my Valentine. Mwahhh! What have I done to deserve such thoughtfulness from you? Whatever it was, must be really good and worth a purse, Tagalog movies and your love. Again, mwahhhh!

My friend Elizabeth tagged me and she knows I am not going to refuse this tag, Hahaha!

Three Names that Friends Call You:
-Ana Liza
Three Most Important Dates in your Life:
-01 April
-27 December
-09 April
Things You’ve Done in the Last 30 Minutes:
-put away clothes 
-rechecked my Goodwill purchases
-cleaned the bathroom

Tree Ways to be Happy Even You’re at Home:
-cuddling with my hubby
-playing with the kids
-watching movies together with my family
Three Gifts You Would Like to Receive:
-a new/used car
-Trip to Disney World for 6
-A 1 week vacation with my husband alone.
Three of Your Favorite Hobbies:
-visiting cheap stores
Three Places You Want to Go for a Vacation:
-Philippines                                                                                Philippines                                                                                Philippines                                                    
Three Favorite Drinks:
-Mango juice
-Sweet Iced Tea
Three Things Found in Your Bag:
-hair brush
-cosmetic bag
Three Favorite Colors:
Top Three Hangouts:
-my house
-jen’s house
- Wal-mart                                                                                    

Top Three You Love so Much:
-mom and siblings 
Top Three You Think Will Answer this Survey:
-Manang Kim

Top Three Things Special To You:
-friends here and online
-some relatives who’s deserving of my love, hehehe
Top Three Reasons Why You Answered This Survey:
-Beth is my special Friend
-I don’t say No to a friend when it comes to tagging
-Questions seem to be alright.

Thank you all for visiting and leaving comments, I do appreciate it. I wasn’t able to visit you guys yesterday (Friday) I was sick all day and was in bed with body ache and migraine. Up until now I am still feeling sick. I don’t know if it’s because of the medicine that I was taking, or it’s just my time to get sick. I need to feel all better today, since my hubby promised to take me out to eat at Cinese Buffet. No fancy restaurant, no flowers, no jewelry and no chocolates.  Grrrr..He gave me a tennis bracelet for Christmas and the price it says was $6000.00 from ZALES , he bought it from someone at the gas station  (yeah right, hehehe.) and he said, that would take care of all the occasions until we reached 50 years. Wahhhhh!

Wherever you are at this moment I would like to wish you all Happy Valentine’s Day.

Hopefully I will be able to do bloghop today…Take care y’all..

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