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To all my friends here in Blogosphere. I am sorry if I haven’t answered your messages, we just got our internet service turned on today. That’s also the reason why I haven’t visited your sites. I decided to spend time with Rodney before we go to the Philippines. I have Wrozlie and Alexandra with me. And at the same time, I was trying to organize everything that I can, while I am here.

We went to Rodney’s niece’s Graduation celebration last Saturday, and they were happy to see us, since the last time we visited them was July 2007. They were surprised how big the kids are.

We are going to stay here in Alabama until Friday, then by Saturday, we will fly to the Philippines. I am busy here, since I have so many things to put away. If I don’t do it now, it will be waiting for me in July..

I am just updating you guys on what’s going on. If I am free, I will do the best I can to bloghop when the girls are sleeping. Thank you all for visiting my site though I wasn’t able to visit you.

Jeneline has been inviting me to eat out, it’s her treat. For some reason, we became busy and didn’t get a chance to do it sooner. Today, we made sure that we would go out since, next week I will spend a week in Alabama and after that, we will go to the Philippines.  When we come back in July, we will go straight to Alabama and I won’t see Jen until they come visit us.

Day out with Jen and Amanda 015

We went to Sears first and looked for some shoes for Wrozlie, she will be a Flower girl at my cousin’s wedding on June 5th.

Day out with Jen and Amanda 032 - Copy

Day out with Jen and Amanda 035 - Copy

Day out with Jen and Amanda 036 - Copy

Day out with Jen and Amanda 045 

Then after Sears, we went to Chili’s to grab some lunch. I had Steak Fajita and Jen had some ribs, sounds like dinner, but we’re not into sandwich and Nachos and all that, salad stuff..

Day out with Jen and Amanda 046

Day out with Jen and Amanda 048 

I don’t know if I already told you that Jen got her license, so now, she drives and she can go anywhere she wants. You go Jen!!!

                       Day out with Jen and Amanda 028 

                       Day out with Jen and Amanda 029

Me and my big Taghiyawat!!!!!

Thanks Jen, I had a great time!!!!

just cause 003


This was my Mother’s Day present from my family. Picture of all  6 kids and myself. My hubby was so great for finding this glass frame for me and  he put a picture of me with  the children. Thanks Honey.



just cause 011


Alexandra having fun flying with Daddy. My camera caught this amazing moment. Hehehe! look at her hair.




just cause 017


Kids having cookies and milk. We had Chinese food for lunch and didn’t go anywhere. I guess, sometimes spending time with your family is also great time to celebrate a special occasion.


just cause 024


Lola and the girls posing for the camera.





just cause 020



Since Dan started talking on the phone with his Girlfriend, he’s always missing in action. I don’t know where he went when we were taking pictures. Here’s Roan dancing for the camera.




I hope that all of us, moms had a great time last Mother’s Day. Take care and Have fun to all!!!

It was in March I believe that Chicagonista or had a contest for Campbell’s Soup. Since Campbell’s is my only choice  when it comes to soup, I joined the contest. I followed all the rules that were listed. I posted the logo on my  blog so that whoever visits me can find out about the contest.

They promoted their new product Chicken and Stars soup that’s perfect for kids, 25% less sodium. Campbell’s soup always is the best soup for the whole family, very nutritious and of course delicious.

I can’t believe I won! Most of the time, I join contest and I don’t expect to win anything.

                     050910 005

I received a year supply of Campbell’s Chicken and Stars soup (24 cans), a soup Thermo and a black Tote so that you can always carry Campbell’s soup wherever you go, how’s that for a bonus huh.

                     050910 008 

Here’s the picture of the soup Thermo, it’s so nice. You warm your soup, put in that thermo and you have hot or warm soup whenever you want.

We tried the Chicken and Stars soup as soon as it arrived and boy! was it so good. the noodles are shaped like stars, hahaha! It was amazing..

Thank you Campbell’s soup for this wonderful prize, you made my day.

When we looked at this house, at first we were unsure about it, since the picture didn’t look so nice. I told Rodney, it looks like a Friday the 13th house. Too gloomy and looks old fashioned. Then we decided to take a peak inside, and we loved it. It’s not a modern house, not a lot of secret rooms and all, and the location is close to the hill, but with the size of the living area, it’s perfect for our big family.

4 finished bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, 2 unfinished rooms ,2 -car garage, 2 fireplaces, screened porch for relaxation, and beautiful yards. The Family room is humongous for the children. Master’s bedroom has it’s private balcony. They used up every corner for closets, shelves and everything. They didn’t waste any part of the house. It seemed like, it’s built for a couple with 6 children and a mother-in-law, hahaha! It’s just too perfect not to be interested in, and with the price, it’s SOLD.


new house 002


This is our Living room at the new house in Alabama.




new house 003


View from the Fireplace, area to the right is the Dining room, the door on the right is Lola’s and Alex room. Behind the wall are master’s bedroom, main floor bathroom, linen closet, and Roan’s and Wrozlie’s room.


new house 005 new house 007 new house 019

Main floor, Master’s and  Basement bathrooms. I don’t know if I would be able to keep it all clean at the same time.

new house 001


View from the Dining area, first door on the left is Laundry room, and the 2nd door is a closet and then, the  door to the back where there is a screened porch.


new house 011


The basement is big enough for the kids to ride a go cart, well..that’s what Rodney said. Basement smells like old, ewww..but, with some air freshner and air to get in, it will be alright.


new house 009

The coolest thing is, I have my own walk in closet, with spot for my few pairs of shoes. Wohoo, finally, my shoes have a place in our house.

I didn’t take the pictures, since Alex was too clingy with me. I love this house and I am hoping that this would be our last move…

Have a great day to all!!!

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