At last, I was able to post something in my blog. It will probably be short since I really don’t have the time.

We got here in the Philippines last May 25th. After 4 hours of delay in Detroit. But, we landed in NAIA safe and sound. That same day, we went to the province In Nueva Ecija, to visit and to celebrate Alex and my cousin’s birthday.

  100_0314 100_0318

Complimentary of my Kumareng Niko, and designed by Kumareng Umma.

100_0339 100_0443

It was a great party, so many children. We prepared 120 goodie bags and almost didn’t make it. We believe that the clowns made the children really happy that day.

June 5th when Roan and Wrozlie got included in a Wedding entourage. My cousin got married in Quezon province and we went. Wrozlie as one of the flower girl and Roan as the little groom.

100_0700 100_0715



Wahhhh, it’s so hot here! I had been sweating a lot. The kids are enjoying their stay though. Wrozlie and Roan learn to go to the store to buy candies. They are learning to speak Tagalog. My only concern is when Wrozlie got diarrhea, or when Alex got sick, and yesterday it was Roan who had fever. I am praying that nothing serious will happen to my kdis while we are on vacation.

Saturday will be Alex Christening and my mom’s birthday celebration. We will do it here in Caloocan.

To all, I am sorry that I haven’t gotten the chance to visit. I am so busy with the kids, and I am so happy now that they started to like my cousins and they go with them. The first week, Alex and Wrozlie only wanted  to be with me, and that was awful and hard.

Have a great day to all..I can’t wait to get home to my husband and other children in Alabama. I am glad I brought my laptop with me, I can chat with my husband everyday.

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21 Responses to “It’s Too Hot!!!!”

  • Beth says:

    wow, ang cute naman ng mga wedding participants mo! i love the dress!!! :)

    buti nae-enjoy naman ng kids ang stay nila dito, something new naman kasi palagi. :) ska for sure, love and miss sila ng cousins nila.

    take care always!

  • chubskulit says:

    happy bday! looks like ur having a blast in ur stay there

  • Juliet says:

    HI liz, ang busy pala nang byuti mo dyan. ingat na alng and enjoy :-)

  • Nanaybelen says:

    ang cu-cute ang mga kids mo.
    Hope wala ng fever . sa abrupt change of temperature lang yan. init kasi dito.

  • ppp says:

    hello tita liz, at last naka pag post ka na rin kahit medyo mainit nga ang panhon dito sa pinas..pero masasanay ka ulit , ikaw pa…

    nga pala buti naman at nag eenjoy na mga kids mo, kung dati medyo shy pa yan e ganun talaga kase naman di laging nakikita yan mga insan nila sa araw araw kaya ganun…

    ingat na lang l;agi at alam mo naman dito sa atin laganap na rin ang mga virus buti nga wala kang dala, hahahaha..joke lang po..babay muna tita…

  • niko says:

    aw naku npkaganda nmn tlga ni wrozlie eh!! pademure pa ang smile :)

    kita kits on saturday mare ko!! mwah mwah

  • anney says:

    happy birthday kay Alex at Zaimond! Ang saya saya namn dami happenings! Medyo umuulan ulan na kaya yang init na nararamdaman mo e mapapawi rin. Always take a lot of ingat!!

  • Clarissa says:

    Happy Birthday and happy Christening to Alex!!Glad to hear from you–lubusin mo na ang bakasyon nyo dyan sa Pinas,blogging can wait.Importante ang makasama mo ang mga kamag-anak mo dyan sa Pinas.Enjoy!^_^

  • Kim, USA says:

    Hello Mommy Rose, nasindak ako sa title mo uuwi pa naman ako next Tuesday sa pinas. Everytime uuwi kasi ako sa Pinas magka-ubo ako hayyy!! Looks like the kids are enjoying your stay…and so nice to hear from you. Enjoy the vacation and take care!

  • Cecile says:

    Liza, am so glad you made it there safely :-); ganda naman ng mga pictures at mukhang nag eenjoy kayo talaga sa bakasyon nyo kahit na mainit dyan….miss you na friends:-)…sige lang, balik ka naman dito eh, can't wait sa mga storya nyo dyan….ingat at sana ay mabuti na pakiramdam ng mga kids mo…

  • Beng says:

    super cute naman ng kids mo! kelan balik nyo? have a safe trip!

  • cpsanti says:

    wow, that looked like a lot of fun! and your kids look adorable! ;-)

  • eds says:

    aba at me christening pa pala si alex jan.. pambihira hehe lagot ka talaga kay kuya rodney hehehe.. puro gastos pag bakasyon hano? neway nasabi ko na to … talbog sila sa mga beauty at kapogian ng mga anak mo..

  • Rossel says:

    hi mommy liz. namiss kita at ang posts mo. grabe talaga init dito tapos biglang uulan. siguro nanibago sa klima mga si whozlie at roan kaya nagkasakit. hope they are fine now.

    saka ka na lang mag-bloghop pag may time ka na. just enjoy your vacation.

  • Uncle Lee says:

    Hi Liz, wow! I love that Tagolog shirt. Beautiful.
    You have fun and enjoy your stay. Mabuhay….Lee.
    Oh ya, don't forget go dance the Tinikling.

  • Lisa says:

    Andito ka pala sa Pinas. Hope u enjoy your stay here despite the weather, rainy and sunny, he-he!!! Your kids are so cute…

  • kittykat says:

    NAku Mommy Liz artistahin talaga yang little girl mo..ganda-ganda naman kasi..mana sa's your vacation so far?

  • jaya says:

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  • Cens World says:

    hello. Happy birthday to your mom..cute pictures.

    just dropping by.

  • pehpot says:

    hey I can't wait to meet you :)

  • Paula says:

    Hi, have a safe trip back to Alabama. Glad to have met you in Trinoma.

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