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…nawala rin naman kami…

Ano ba yan? Hindi nga ba kami match ng new technology? My husband let me use his GPS since we are new to this area. He wants me to use his GPS kasi daw baka mawala ako. I used it perfectly when I went to my son Roan’s school to get him registered. I used it again when Jen and I decided to find the Goodwill store around here.

Anyways, ang GPS ko kasi, pipi, ehehehe…kaya pala di ko naririnig na nagsasalita. So, I had to constantly look at it and follow the green arrow to tell me where to turn. So, here we are..driving along Point Mallard Parkway, so confident that we were going shopping. Jen was my co-pilot, she would need to tell me where to turn. And even if we were both new to this kind of gadget…we were able to follow the arrow. But since we didn’t hear any instruction from the GPS, we passed our destination 3 million times. My car cannot be driven for certain miles, or it would run out of water and we can stop in the middle of the road.

We drove around the area 3-4 times and we cannot find the place. According to the GPS it’s only certain yards, and yet, we cannot see where the store was, wahhhhh! I was sweating since my car didn’t have AC, we felt like we were both kind of “not smart” ehehehe, for not being able to follow the GPS. So, it’s final, we drove to the mall instead. That, I can find without the stinking little itty bitty gadget that talks by itself, hmp!!!

I still love mapquest, where it would tell me where to turn and it gives me idea how far shall I drive before I make my turn to the left or to the right…Hay naku, ang mga bagong gadget na naiimbento, nakakasakit ng anit ko ha…

is here and making me FAT!

Jen has been my friend since our Korea days 4 years ago. We kept in touch even though we got transferred back to US. When they got transferred back here, they chose to go to Ft. Campbell in KY, and we were both residents of Clarksville, TN. We moved out of TN and now live here in Alabama, so now they are visiting us. She and her daughter Amanda got dropped off last Sunday by her hubby who’s working in Birmingham, AL. Since Sunday, we eat non -stop and we are both gaining weight.

Few more days before they go back to Clarksville, and wahhhhh! I am looking for how much more weight to gain??

She said, she’s getting bored here, nothing to do. Wahahahaha! she’s used to be moving around the house, and work on her garden and stuff. She’s on vacation and supposed to just sit around and have fun with me. But, that’s my friend Jeneline..can’t really stop herself from doing household chores. I am glad though, now I don’t do any cleaning, ehehehehe!

Yes, I am back to USA. Whew!! I was gone for 8 weeks and ang tagaaaalllll pala non! Gravehhh! nilibag ako sa Pinas. Hay! iba na talaga ang nasanay dito, hindi naman sa ako eh nag iinarte, but, parang di na ako sanay ng pumipila sa FX, sakay ng dyip, or yung walang aircon ang house. Anyways, nag enjoy naman kami, pero ang mga bata eh umiiyak na after 4 weeks, gusto na raw nila umuwi, miss na nila si Daddy nila.

It’s so great na nakasama ko naman mga kapatid ko, pamangkin at ang iba pa naming relatives. I took so many pictures na hindi kasya ang lahat if I post all of them. I wanted to say more, pero lagi pa rin akong pagod. I wake up at 1230pm everyday, kasi sa gabi ako gising. Pero dami ko namang ginagawa when I am awake. I was surprised na pagdating ko dito sa new house namin eh konti na lang ang mga boxes na may laman. My husband was so great fixing everything. He’s an amazing guy, isn’t he??

Well, guys, dito na lang muna, at ako eh nagtitiklop ng aking nilabhan. Eventually, I will have more time to visit my blog and yours.

By the way, sa aking mga blog friends na na meet ko sa Trinoma Mall, thank you all for the mementos and for showing up.

Mareng Niko, Fheds, Bheng, Phepot, Ghie and Joanna. Salamat sa inyong lahat…

Next time na rin ako mag post ng ibang pictures…

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