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As I was browsing at my Kumareng Niko’s blogsite, this post of hers caught my attention. I used to do paid blogs before, but I had to stop since most of the time I had to stare at my computer all day to wait for opps until I gave up.  Since I am a SAHM, I have no means of making any money, I only do household chores and when given an allowance, then I  go to the store and shop for something that is affordable to my budget.

I had been looking for jobs outside the house but no luck. Also looked for a Work at home jobs, and unfortunately, majority of those were bogus or scam. I hope that my search is over, now that   I found this Link From Blog and it looks really promising.  I can do the things I love and make money at the same time.  If you are like Mareng Niko and myself, looking for a way to make extra money, come and check out this site and register your blogs and start getting rewards.


Tsk..tsk..tsk..Did I ever tell you that Goodwill is my favorite store of all? Those who know me from way before, you all know that I get bargains from Goodwill and I will not trade it for a million dollars (well, that’s too exaggerating!) Anyways, before we moved here from TN, I made sure that there is a Goodwill store here and luckily there is one not too far away from where we live. So, I got excited. Di nga ba at naligaw pa kami ni Jeneline, kakahanap sa Goodwill na yan. As if…

When I finally went to the store one Wednesday, since when I was in TN, Wednesday is $0.99 cents day for a certain tag color. With high hopes  of finding  some bargain stuff, I was so enthusiastic to go to  spend at least $15.00,that ain’t much I thought.

Whew! when I entered the store, I was so disappointed..Not as pretty as the one in TN, ang mga damit, kalat kalat, hehehe, para akong nasa Ukay Ukay. Tagalugin ko na lang baka may makabasa, hahaha! We still looked around, and trying to find good deals. Sa clothing area, you can forget it, parang di ko siya feel na i browse. And the “SAPATUSAN” sus, ginoo day! ayaw kong isukat, parang feeling ko magkakatetano ang aking mga faa! que barbaridad, meron pa kayang bumibilil dito? eh parang may mga alipunga ang nagsuot. Wrozlie wanted to try some shoes, sabi ko, ngee!, wag na at baka magka allergy siya. Grabe yun ha, di naman sa ako eh nag iinarte. But, I am not desperate to buy used stuff if it will cause us some fungus ba yun? Di bale na lang.

We ended up getting Wrozlie a  Hannah Montana little tin can, and I got candle holder and a frame. At least yun eh di need na idikit sa aming skin, and 2 items were brand new. In TN, Goodwill store there is neat. Everything is organized, big section for Ladies’ shoes, whole section for toys, and such. Everything has it’s own section and I love shopping there. Their items are way more decent, and people are nice and accommodating.

I love their furniture section as well in TN, I got majority of our furniture from there. I am so glad that Rodney agreed to drive me to TN on the 5th of Sept. Jen, June and myself will go to Goodwill, maybe eat lunch at Jen’s and around 330PM, we will have to head back home, since Rodney doesn’t want to miss the first Alabama football game. Jen and I planned on eating at China King buffet to pig out on endless Crab Legs, but I will take whatever I can get from my hubby.  There’s always first Saturday of the month.

Well, that’s all for today and I hope to visit you more often. This Facebook games are getting me addicted to each game and it ain’t healthy, wahhh!!!!

I, thank you all for never getting tired of visiting my site. I do the best I can to visit you regularly. Have a great day friends and I will see you all again on the next post..Muahhh!!


Wait a minute, why did you tag me on this, it ain’t because I am ty-8 doesn’t mean that I am old.  This tag is from my Mareng NIKO, she thinks I have better answer, wahhhh!

I guess, the question is, in my own opinion, how old is what I consider OLD.. Hmm.. When I was little, I thought 20 was old, when I turned 20, I thought 40 was old, now that I am on my 30’s, I consider 60 as old. Let’s see when I am 50, maybe I will say, hmm..I guess 80 would be old.

Anyways, “How Old is OLD?” I really don’t know the correct answer to that, coz, every individual has their own opinion. But, to satisfy my Kumareng Niko’s curiosity..I think, I consider someone old if she/he gathers all the  grandkids and great grandkids and starts telling the story about their childhood during World War II, with shaky voice, giggling when happens to mention about the days he/she sneaks out with their loved ones.. You can’t be old if you have no War stories. Hehehe..

O hayan ha, ginawa ko ang tag mo Mare koy! Muah!


That’s the truth my friends, that’s why for how many days now, I haven’t had any new post.  I got so hooked with this Game on Facebook and it occupies most of my days. I don’t know if all of you heard of Farmtown. Peachy and Eds are my Farmtown neighbors. It’s some kind of virtual game, at first I was not interested, until my MIL called me and taught me how to play. Yes, she calls me from NY just  to tell me what to do, ahahahaha!

I came to a point where I only had 3 hours of sleep, and while in bed, I was thinking of what shall I plant on my farm the next day. That was a serious addiction. But now that I bought the maximum land I can buy, I am slowing down. I guess, I can go up to a high level without rushing. I am now on Level 25 and I have a nice farm..



                                      RODLIZ BARN Farm

This is a photo of my Farmtown.  and as of  last night , I was exhausted, hehehe. Last night, I went to bed early, I told myself, I can’t be this addict. I am glad that I can still think clearly. I woke up this morning, and I went to check my blogsite and wohoo! I had comments that I had to read. Posted my Mommy Moments (YOUNGSTER’S PARK) pre-wrote and saved as draft, and went visit most  of you my solid friends. Thank you for always visiting. I do appreciate it.

Farmtown game is really interesting. You can try it too if you like, hahaha! and be my neighbor. Come on guys, let’s plow, harvest and meet at the marketplace and help each other to reach the level that we want. Hehehehe! Sorry, I got carried away…

Have a great day and enjoy your weekend…Mwahhhhh!

Check out my KID’S site too..YOUNGSTER’S PARK


Oh well, dramatic entrance ba? Sabi nila tunay daw akong anak ng parents ko, pero kapag tinitingnan ko ang kutis ko, at kapag naririnig ko nang nagkakantahan ang pamilya ko, feeling ko, di ako miyembo ng kanilang pamilya.

You know how sometimes when there’s a gathering and you can’t even join the Karaoke moment,  coz your voice tends to turn left and right (paliko liko) well, yup! that’s me. My dad used to be a great singer. I can still remember when I was little, he always had a guitar and he would sing “National Geography” by Yoyoy Villame, or “Calypso” it makes us dance. My mom has a great voice as well. My sister is a good singer herself and she plays musical instruments, and you can see, my brother is a member of his own “Band” he plays the organ and he also sings.  Ako, I just listen, walang K eh.

Or sometimes, they know my sister or brother and they will ask me why they have lighter skin than I do . So, all I can say is, di bale na akong maitim, maganda naman ang aking saloobin, and besides, “Black is beautiful noh!” hahaha!


My sister, Kim and my brother Henry (red shirt) while Kim was singing “I will Survive” and my brother playing the organ.


My mom was singing Top Of the World here. during our Reunion in Nueva Ecija.




Nympha, (my SIL), Henry,my bro, Kim, my Mom and Me.

Dito ako magaling, magluto, kita nyo ang mga kaserolang yan, hahaha! Kahit sa picture, dito ako sa kusina..Oh well, siguro nga, kanya kanyang talent at abilidad lang yan.

Sayang wala sa picture ang BIL ko nasa Saudi kasi, wala na rin si Father, matagal ng namayapa, at wala rin si Rodney. But, for the first time, we had a picture like this. Normally kasi ako ang nag pi picture kaya lagi akong missing in action.  Ano sa tingin nyo, ampon nga ba ako? or talaga lang I was born different, skin, voice, and talent..

Have a great week to all!!

P.S. Can you tell who’s the oldest among the siblings??

Please visit my kids’ site as well. YOUNGSTER’S PARK


…sa Thai Spring roll, uhmmm..yummie!

100_1770 100_1771 sa SAMGEOPSAL (Korean food)

100_1815 100_1819

Ito naman kasing si Jeneline eh pinatikim ako ng mga pagkain na to, kaya hayan at adik na adik na tuloy ako. Wahhhh!

Ngayon nga, Thai Spring roll ang aking lunch, kahapon naman eh Samgeopsal. Sabi niya, healthy naman daw, kasi gulay. Ay, ewan lang kung magugustuhan nyo, pero ako..In love talaga ako sa 2 foreign food na itoooo!!! Chomp! Ngasab! Bundat!!!

Please come visit me also at YOUNGSTER’S PARK. Thank you and Have a great week.


As promised, I am posting some pictures of the basement. Eds Of Life Away from Home already came bye earlier to check if I already posted some pictures. Our basement is just an open space, and there’s really nothing on it right now. We don’t have lots of stuff to start with anyways.



100_1821 100_1824

We inherited this Living Room set from the previous owner of this house, some lamps and tables.

100_1823 100_1822

We have 2 sets of couches, since the space is too big for just 1 set, and we still don’t have money for a “bar” although we don’t drink, and a pool table, (how nice!)


                                                  STAIRWAY TO THE BASEMENT

This is the stairs  to go up the main floor. The center door is a closet, the door to the left is Dan’s room, and the door to the right is to go to the internet cafe/guestroom and another room that we can use as a storm shelter. My exercise  stuff are there (getting so dusty)

100_1829 100_1828

This is Wrozlie and Alex’s playroom, under the stairs down at the basement. Every inch of this house has a purpose, no space wasted, that’s why I love it so much.


                               EXTRA ROOM AT THE BASEMENT BEFORE

100_1825 100_1826


My husband who knows everything, except to cook great friend rice, built an internet cafe, down at the guest room (Mare Niko and family, Eds and Jamie, dito kau matutulog!) out of used computers (he had to fix all of them) that he bought from the Fleamarket. Him and my son Dan, built tables out of scrap woods, so that all 4 older children can have computer per child. He has a wireless router where all computers are connected.

100_1831 100_1832

This is our bathroom, it’s built inside our Master’s bedroom. Shower and toilet, see my weighing scale that gets used every morning?.. That’s when I say, darn those ice cream from yesterday!!! Grrr

100_1836 100_1833

We have our own private balcony in our room.

100_1834 100_1835

A little messy right now. Sorry. Hubby’s computer section with flat screen TV mounted against the wall.


Rodney cannot sleep without the fan on, that’s why lagi akong nginingiki sa gabi, buset!

100_1838 100_1839

The kids bathroom on the main floor. See? we have a model, hahaha! Ganyan daw siya kapag umeebak.

100_1840 100_1841

Our main entrance, you have to go up the stairs. We inherited a swing as well.

100_1842 100_1843


Our main entrance.  We brought our Swing set from TN, sayang naman kung iiwan. 

100_1846 100_1847

Rodney’s garage w/ boat and motorcycle.      Back entrance door with screened porch.


                         This is where we always get in. This is our driveway.

I wanted to take a picture of Dan’s room and bathroom down the basement, but, there is no way in the world I am going to let the public see  that room. It’s unacceptable, hehehe. Teen ager? Boy? it’s a MESS!!!!!!!!

Well, I guess, I have shown you almost all the parts of our house. Have a great weekend to all.

Please visit my Kids’ site as well. YOUNGSTER’S PARK

…for buying this house for us. I love every inch of it, only, I don’t know how can I keep it clean and organized at all times.

So far this is what we have accomplished.


image 100_1773

                        BEFORE                                                          NOW

I told Rodney, I don’t like TV in our Living Room, so it stays clean. We don’t have couch yet. just those rocking chairs right now.

100_1772 100_1774

There’s not a lot  in our Living Room, since we don’t have a lot of furniture anyway, but, less furniture, less dusting to do.




100_1785  100_1786

100_1787 100_1788

100_1789 100_1790

Kitchen is my favorite place in my house. We have breakfast table where  the kids eat all the time, preserving our carpet in our Dining Room.


                                                           ROAN AND WROZ ROOM BEFORE

100_1779 100_1780

100_1782 100_1784

I do the best I can to clean up every morning, so it doesn’t look messy, but kids will be kids..


                                                        DINING AREA  BEFORE

100_1776 100_1777


Our Dining table  is now my working place, hehe, so I can munch while blogging.  I love my giant wooden spoon and fork hanging against my wall, super feeling Pinoy ako..

Next post will be the basement, I still need few things down there, but, it’s looking better.

Please visit my children’s site as well… YOUNGSTER’S PARK

..and more boring when there is nothing to do, hayyy! Well, there’s so much to do around the house like, clean, watch the kids, cook and all that. But, sometimes, you just don’t feel like doing any of that.  And that my friend is what I feel all day  today. So, I played a little with my blogsite. And guess what happened? I messed up my Template, or whatever you might call the background thing.

I don’t know how to put back the other stuff that I had, so there’s a lot of gadgets in my old template that you won’t see now. My eyes are hurting from looking at the screen almost all day. My brain is fried for thinking so much, and still, my work is not even half done. Wahhh! why aren’t I so talented like most of the bloggers who do their own Lay -out, Template, and all those sparkly stuff on their site. Oh well, I guess, people are different in every way.


I don’t know how to make my site very welcoming, I don’t know what picture to put, and what phrases, or some cartoon characters to add for bloggers to come and say, “wow, what a nice site she has”. That’s what I do when I go to you all’s sites. I look for something really interesting theme and most of the time, I feel envious to those who have beautiful and very well made websites.

But, let’s face it..not everybody was blessed to have a talent when it comes to making lay-outs, designing websites and all that kind of stuff. We just need  to be thankful that we at least know how to create  a blog site. Well, my cousin Eds was so patient to teach me last year.

So Folks, I guess, you have to bear with me, I like what I did and hehehe, no choice but to like it anyway. Why didn’t I copy my cbox code, wahhhh!!!! Now I can’t retrieve my password, bhuhuhuhu!!!

From my Kumareng Niko.. Hmm..let me see what I can do. She knows I love doing tags when it comes to my hubby..

1. He’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
~ Reality TV!

2. You’re out to eat, what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
~ Ranch dressing, lots of ‘em!!

3. What’s one food he doesn’t like?
~ Bagoong Alamang

4. You go out to eat and have a drink, what does he order?
~ Mountain dew/Mellow Yellow

5. What shirt size does he have?
~ Large Tall

6. What shoe size does he have?
~ size 12

7. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
~ HOney Ham sandwich, that I especially made.

8. What would he eat everyday if he could?
~ secret…..hmmmmmm

9. What is his favorite cereal?
~ cookie crisp

10. What would he never wear?
~ a yellow shirt (he said, he looks like a giant banana)

11. What is his favorite sports team?
~ Go BAMA!!!! (Alabama Crimson Tide)

12. Who did he vote for?
~ I don’t remember him voting…

13. Who is his best friend?
~ One day he told me that all he needs is ME (that means, ME?)

14. What is something he does, but you wish he wouldn’t do?
~ smoke (I want him to grow old with me noh!)

15. What is his heritage?
~ American Indian

16. You bake him a cake, what kind of cake?
~ chocolate cake

17. Did he play sports in high school?
~ I am not sure, I will get back with you.

18. What could he spend hours doing?
~ either fixing his boat (takot ako!) now fixing his motorcycle(di naman naandar),di wari ako ang butingtingin, hmp!

19. What is the unique talent that he has?
~ to tell you honestly. he knows everything, and it amazes me…

20. What’s his type of coffee?
~ brewed or instant as long as it has LOTS of sugar and cream (yuk!)

That’s it?? I was expecting for more questions!!!!
I will add more, OK?

21. What does he eat when he wakes up in the middle of the night?
~ Either bowl of cereal or cookies and milk.

22. What’s the first thing he does when he comes home from work?
~ Kiss me, then go look for the kids.

23. What does he do that annoys you so much?
~ Put his socks close to my face after he took them off his feet (ewwwww!)

24. Is he fond of vegetables?
~ Not at all, he’s allergic to any kind of veggies (yeah, right!)

25. What kind of father he is when it comes to your kids?
~ Strict, fair and very loving…

26. How is he as a husband?
~ Will do everything to make his wife (that’s ME!) very happy…

27. Does he get jealous once in a while?
~ Yeah! and it leaves me puzzled (kala mo naman ang byuti ng wife nya noh!)

28. As a friend, what kind is he?
~ He’s a great friend, but worst enemy, I tell yah!

29. Being a son to his parents, what do you think of him?
~ A respectful, and thoughtful son.

30. From scale of 1-10, 10 as the best score, how do you rank him?
~ is there 11 or 12? Hehehe..

Well, the last 10 questions were made up by me..There’s so few questions, and I love to tell stuff about my wonderful husband. I hope there is a HUSBAND DAY!

This is for you Honey, I love you and I am so glad you’re my better half!!!! Thanks for the wonderful life that you had given and still giving me, and for all our beautiful children..they are adorable, glad they all look like me, hahaha!

NOTE: I am tagging all the wives who come and visit me..Enjoy doing this tag and let the world know how much you know your husbands. You are welcome to grab the last 10 questions that I added..

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