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It’s the day after Thanksgiving when we started putting up our Christmas tree. This is the 3rd year that we used this tree. My aunt was generous enough to give us a nice and big tree. The kids helped each other to put ornaments. The finished product was really nice and beautiful, with the sparkly garland and beautiful Christmas lights.

The beauty-ness of my tree didn’t last long, I didn’t even had the chance to take a picture of it. After few days, all my ornaments got pulled out and the only ones left were the ones on top. Wrozlie and Alexandra picked out all the decors off the tree. Alex even took out a branch. I guess, I have to wait until they’re old enough to understand that the tree is not supposed to be messed up.

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Even if Rodney’s girls are not here with us this Christmas, we still have stockings for them. Our fireplace almost didn’t have enough room for all 9 stockings. Rodney said, he’s glad we only have 6 kids, otherwise, we would have to extend our fireplace to accommodate another stocking, hehehe..

I wasn’t able to take a picture of my kitchen with some decors, since Wrozlie got a hold of my SD card and I still have to locate it. Pretty much it’s the living room that we always beautify during this season, where the tree is. I tried to put presents under it, but that didn’t work either. I had a Nativity set in front of the fireplace, but all the 3 Kings lost their heads before I can even take a picture, The sheep always end up on the roof of the manger with the baby Jesus. Lola had no other choice but to hide all the characters, and now, I lost my Nativity set.

Well, I guess, this is it and I do hope that I can decorate my front yard next year. This year, I was too lazy and besides, I will wait for the bargain of Christmas decorations in January..

If you want to share your Christmas decorations with us, feel free to click on the badge above and head on the Girl’s Talk..Have a Blessed Christmas to all!

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