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Bob and Jen are our friends since Korea years, and they live in Clarksville now, came here in US August of 2008. Bob is currently stationed in MS and Jen and their 4- year old daughter Amanda were with him the whole week, they decided to stop by here last night before heading to TN, since the weather was bad. They’re  afraid that if they keep on driving, it’s possible that  they can have  an accident, their auto insurance can go up, unless they have an affordable and inexpensive auto coverage.

After eating dinner and we all had Cheesecake, Rodney and Bob started to drink some spirits, and Jen and I also had wine coolers. Then we decided to play card, Phase 10, a very interesting game.  I like it though, and it was funny that, in the middle of the game, each of us felt some annoyance towards spouses. I think, you cannot play opposite your spouse, otherwise there would be some disagreement. In this game, there’s a card when you can skip whoever,  so they can’t get their turn. And, you cannot skip the same person every time, so you can make your spouse skip. And, with that..each of us got angry towards our spouses..Do I make sense??? Rodney made me skip so many times, so because I am vengeful, I made him skip many times to, and when I say I skip him, I said it with emphasis and dropped the card on the table as if I want to just tear the card. Bob and Jen were the same, when Jen said that she skips Bob, he gets so mad, so..he would skip Jen also. Gosh, we had fun though, also we can sense some neck choking and teeth biting in the air. We played 2 rounds and I am so glad that for being friends of almost 5 years now, we know each other well enough to tease each other without thinking of hurting our feelings. We ended up going to bed at 2AM.

While playing cards, were were discussing about our auto insurance, whoever has the cheap, inexpensive and affordable vehicle insurance and they said they do because they have Auto Insurance.ME, and explained all the details. So, hubby and I erased our case.

It’s so nice to spend time with great friends, people that know you and love you for who and what you are.


Have a great weekend to all!! 

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My Kumareng Pehpot of Make or Break  made an entry about this Green Leaf Tea, It’s a refreshing drink  that will make you energized once you drink it, taste really good . I heard that it can also make you lose weight.  I was wondering if you can all do her  a favor of going to her site  and make comment about this product.  We both  would really appreciate it.

Thanks to all! Have a great day..

Hello to all my friends! How is everybody doing? How’s the weather treating you? Right now, it’s 42 degrees here and it’s pretty chilly outside but, it’s tolerable.  I haven’t done my review post yet, so I am just posting something about me.  I had a hair cut and I don’t know if I will feel bad about it. I love it, only, I miss my long hair, wahhhh!


image image

2007    (Chunky)                                                              Sept. 2008 (Fat)

image          image

Halloween 2008   Fat cheeks         January 2009 (new hair cut, pacute)

lizniko                   lizkids

July 2009 (pimpled face)                            January 2010 (new hair cut)


January 2010 (just bored) 

Long Hair, or Short Hair…Fat or Thin..Hmmm… I guess, I looked better when I was  fat and chunky, wahhh! it took me 3 years to lose all my pregnancy and “having  baby” fat.. I started with almost 140 lbs. Now that I am down to 108, I don’t look cute anymore.  My fat cheeks are gone, my breasts depleted , (no more cleavage) but, good thing though, I can wear small sizes again. I need a new wardrobe. I need to be consistent with my weight, otherwise, changing wardrobe is expensive. Fat or thin, clothes aren’t cheap.

P.S. I just noticed that I got hair cut 2 Januaries in a row..hmmm…new year, new hair??

 Since I read this article, I was asking myself, have I ever been angry to other people? I know, I had been angry to my hubby numerous times but, that’s a different situation. I believe, some people made me mad, but not worth the effort of verbal or physical fight. I am not good at any fights, when I am starting to get angry, I would have to stop, otherwise, I won’t want to see that person anymore, even if she/he is blood related.

I also believe in holding grudges won’t make you happy. Forgive and forget might not easy to do, but once it’s done and applied, you can move on. I had so many instances of  close relatives did something horrible to me and my family that I thought, I wasn’t going to be able to forgive and forget, but..just thinking of where they are and where I am at, it’s good enough reason for me to smile and enjoy my life to the fullest. Holding grudges towards anybody will hold back happiness you have in your heart.  You have to let it go, and breathe

Five simple ways to ease a contentious situation…

  •  Smile. You cannot get truly angry when smiling. Relax your jaw, forehead and lip muscles, then grin.
  •  Think ahead. Decide whether the situation making you angry will matter in five minutes, five days or five years.
  •  Take charge of your emotions. Tell yourself that you are choosing not to get angry about something. Or you can choose to express your anger — but telling yourself it is a choice keeps you in control.
  • Become more flexible. Accept that things will not always go as you wish, accidents happen and people are not perfect.
  •  Consider the consequences. Think about the harm that you may cause if you blow up at a person over something that, in the long run, is not especially important.

Ronald Potter-Efron, PhD, MSW

First Things First Counseling and Consulting, Ltd.

Have a great day to all!!!

Ate Cecile of Thoughts of Pinay SAHM and Kaye of Random WAHM Thoughts, and Anne of My Little  Home included me on this tag, and of course, I will do it, since I thought it’s a nice tag and I cannot say NO to her. She’s my very good friend and I hope to see her in person someday.. Thanks to you ate Cecile , Anne and Marce Kaye


8 TV Shows We Like to Watch:
1. Battlestar Galactica (hubby)
2. Heroes (hubby and I)
3. Legend of the Seeker (hubby and I)
4. HOUSE (me)
5. Nickelodeon channel (the kids)
6. Cartoon Network shows (Roan)
7. Reality shows (hubby)
8. Nihao Kailan (AJ)

8 Favorite Places to Eat & Drink:
1. Chinese Buffet
2. Golden Phoenix
3. McDonalds
4. Applebees (not very often)



8. Subway

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Birthdays and Anniversaries
2. Getting all our debts paid off (in 20 years maybe, hehehe)
3. Me getting a job
4. Visit the Philippines again
5. Trip to New York this summer
6. Spend Christmas in Illinois with my aunt’s family
7. Have extra money for shopping
8. Hubby and I cruise in September

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1. Went to Walmart to get some stuff.
2. Ate twice coz I cooked sinigang na Tilapia
3. Chatted with Kumareng Niko

4. Had a conversation with my friend Jen over the phone
5. Posted pictures on Facebook
6. Made an entry for Couple’s Corner.
7. Dropped a lot of EC using my 3 accounts.
8. Started watching The Order on Netflix but didn’t finish.

8 Things I Love about Winter:
1. I see snow even if it’s just showers.
2. I don’t have to go outside and get hot.
3. Don’t have to take the kids out to malls or everywhere.
4. Cuddling with hubby more often
5. Don’t have to dress up really nice when we go out
6. Beautiful scenery with snow on the trees.
7. I have reason not to take a shower everyday, hahaha!

8. I have excuse to cook Nilaga and Sinigang.

8 Things I Am Passionate about:
1. Reading books whenever I get a chance
2. Making sure that my family’s need is well-taken care of.
3. Making my hubby and kids happy and satisfied.
4. Cleaning and decorating my home.
5. Making my in-laws happy by sending them foods that they love.
6. Helping my family in the Philippines
7. Foods and cooking meals for my family.
8. Blogging and making friends.

8 Words/Phrases I Often Use:
1. Get out of the bathroom kids!.
2. Do you have homework , sweetie? (Roan)
3. Honey, what you want for dinner? (Rodney)
4. How was school/work today.
5. Who’s your best friend? (to Wrozlie and AJ)
6. I love you sweetheart  (to the 3 younger kids)
7. You’re done using my computer (Roan and Wrozlie)
8. Clean your room  now! (Roan and Wrozlie)

8 Things I Learned from the Past:
1. I need to do exercise.
2. Take my medicines on time.
3. Drink plenty of water.
4. Follow my instinct.
5. I make my own destiny.
6. In order to get something, you must work hard to get it.
7. Family is more important than anything else.

8. Spend within your means.

8 Blog Friends We Want to Tag:

1. AC

2. Lina

3. Edna

4. Kathy

5. Rossel

6. Sheng

7. Jenny

8. teJan

Have fun with this tag guys!!!


Can you tell me which of my girls look like me? Please disregard the skin color, because if you base your judgment to skin tone, none of them belongs to me. Rodney keeps saying that Wrozlie is  a split image of me, is it because, she is a Pinay beauty, while AJ is kind of American side? Gosh, look at AJ’s face next to my hand, yuk! my hand looked so brown. But know what? even if they won’t look like me in any way, they are my daughters and I love them to death, and I pray that someday, we will come to this  moment when we will all share secrets as best of friends.

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It was Thursday morning (January 14th) when I was having some chest pain, I assumed it was due to my coughing, like what my doctor said (I went to my doctor that Wednesday) respiratory problem, me being sick over the weekend. I took my BP and it was 129/85, a little high than normal, but it’s alright. So, I started making my egg rolls, since I have order of 150 pcs. While grating the carrots, my body felt something strange, then I tasted this metal taste in my tongue. I felt like my head was swollen and so as my whole body. I stopped what I was doing and took my BP and it was 139/106. I was having a high blood pressure. Called my doctor right away and I was told to go to ER for evaluation.

Called my hubby at  work and he drove me to the hospital. We went to Hastselle Hospital, where there’s not a lot of patients, it’s a quiet town. I was the only patient in the ER (isn’t that amazing?) Question here, question there.. was told to go to the ER room, had my EKG, tubes connected to my body, had blood test, X-ray and all that kind of stuff.  Everything was fine and normal.  At the end, I was told to go to a Cardiologist and Monday I will have an Echocardiogram where they will take an Ultrasound of my heart, just to make sure that everything is good.

We spent $100 for ER co-pay, and probably another $$$ for Physician co-pay, just to find out that when you have a high blood pressure, for you to  go the hospital, your diastolic needs to be at least 180, because it can lead to stroke.  My doctor told me to go to ER, because they didn’t want to deal with my 139/106 BP? I just had my CBC and EKG last year, and everything  was normal. They could’ve told me that all I need to do is get some rest, lay down or put wet towel in my back neck. They could’ve saved me lots of money, by suggesting home remedy things.  The ER doctor said that, most of the doctor’s office  didn’t want to be responsible for their patients, so if things like that happen, they always say go to  the ER. We are thinking of changing Primary Care Physician. Every time I go to my doctor even for follow-up, I have to pay $20 co-pay, what’s  with that?

I felt like, I have nothing to write, although my brain dictates me to write this and that. Well, those entries that I was thinking can be posted in my other blogs due to the theme. So, in this site of mine, this is my general theme, I don’t have any idea.

Hmmm..let me think..I have 3 Nora Roberts books from the library that I haven’t started to read yet..I have 150 order of Lumpiang Shanghai that I will make later, I bought me a new Food Processor so I can make these eggrolls a lot easier. I am still coughing and for how many days now, I end up sleeping on the couch in the living room, to avoid waking up Rodney everytime I bark like a dog. I am planning to buy draperies for our windows from the profit that I will make from the Lumpia, but I bought food processor instead. I wanted to apply for a job, but I guess, I got used to be a stay at home mom and I felt like if I work, I will not have the freedom that I have now.

I have 3 windows that needed to be stripped down of Christmas decoration in our front porch, but it’s too cold that I don’t feel like doing it. I need to vacuum downstairs, but too lazy to do it. I will have 2 movies from Netflix that will be arriving today, and I don’t know when am I going to watch it, Holy smokes, I have so many things to do. I thought my life is boring.Hehehe.

Have you seen the movie “Brothers”? starring Toby Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal  and Natalie Portman? It was a great movie. Rodney and I seen it, and I recommend it. Also, All About Steve by Sandra Bullock..

Well, right now, this is all I can write. I hope you will have more productive day than me. It’s 23 degrees here, still freezing outside, but better than last week. Take care you all, and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

…all day Sunday.

I had been having sore throat for 2 days prior to Wrozlie’s birthday party on Saturday. I am so glad that I wasn’t really sick when we went to ChuckECheese, I had a slight headache but I was fine. The kids had fun, and the party went well. I would do it again if the budget permits for the other kids.

Sunday, I stayed in bed coz I was coughing and felt like my chest was being stepped on. I knew it was my sinus allergy coz I can feel my ears being so stuffed up and my face felt like it’s swollen. My usual sinus attack.. Rodney knows that when I stay in bed, it only means one thing, I am really sick.

Before I stayed in bed, I cooked breakfast for my family, and after that, I tried to munch with bacon, but I just cannot even swallow it, my throat felt like it had something stuck in it everytime I swallowed. So, I told them I was going to lay down for a second, I might feel better, but, I jsut cannot get out of bed, I felt so weak and my body was hurting. Rodney gave me some Nyquil, so I can feel better, it made me kind of in a twilight zone, I went to La La Land. I had lunch in my bed, hubby cooked my favorite Tuna Helper, but I barely ate it, I just didn’t have appetite.

He’s rubbing my back when I cough, he was watching some Battlestar Galactica series, and so attentive to my needs. At dinner time, he brought me Chicken Noodle Soup..I was so surprised. He fed the kids and all. I was treated like a queen. I wasn’t able to bloghop that whole day, sorry to all my friends. I will try when I feel a lot better. I am OK now, but still coughing. This weather is just nasty. Hot and comfortable inside the house and freezing outside. Maybe we should move to Florida.. What do you think?

Hope everybody had a great weekend.

Please visit my KID’S Corner as well.. I posted Wrozlie Birthday Pictures

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