I had been telling my sister Kim  that I found a lot of friends thru blogging, and also making a little money doing paid posts. So, I was able to convince her that she can create her own blogsite and I will walk her thru. I am not an expert, but I can teach her the basics.

She created her own blog last year, but since she’s busy with her kids and her job, she’s not able to update it as much as she wants. So, I told her, he has to post an entry regularly and she needs to blog hop if she wants to be knows. She doesn’t know a lot of people from the blog world, so I guess, I would have to introduce her to all the friends I have. She wants to do paid blogs as well, so that she can have extra earnings. She is a Review Center Instructress where she works and she’s not so happy about the system of the company. She is thinking of quitting and just accepting private tutorials, since she can teach ( I can’t).

So guys, I hope that you can pay her site a visit and I already told her to add some of my friends and she did. She just needs to be known to the blog world and pretty soon she’ll get the hang of it. I am asking you all a favor  if you can support her on her new endeavor, Blogging.

You and Me

Thank you very much and more power to us..Have a great day to all!

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