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100_2614Wrozlie turned 4 last January, but prior to being 4, she’s been ransacking my purse to look for some lipstick, eye liner, nail polish, or anything make up looking that she can find inside, since she turned 2.

100_2613For some reason, at her age, she is so mature, but super arte. The other day, she scared me. She said that her heart was pushing her boobie. I was so afraid that she might have heart problem, after I came home from the Courthouse to get Rodney’s Tag, I asked her if  she’s feeling OK. She said, her heart stopped pumping (meaning, her heart doesn’t push her boobie anymore.)

100_2612Wrozlie is very sweet, she would help me clean, she  wants to do a lot of things with me. She wants to bake a cake, or brownies or just anything, and she loves books. I would read 4 books to her and she would asks for more. But, she can be very mean sometimes. She’s so jealous and hurts her sister if she doesn’t get her way. And that needs to stop.

She’s so eager to go to school, she would have her purse and always say that she will go to the school bus with Roan, or that she’s doing her homework. 100_2638She drew the flowers, but Roan wrote the words. She loves to draw, that’s why I always buy loose papers, because all three of them are very artistic . You should see our walls.  

Well, I guess, my bragging is not going to cease, but I would have to stop. I will save it for next time. I just want to share with you all my beautiful and sweet daughter Wrozlie Hannah!

I can tell you, NO, NO, NO!! Well, I rarely go grocery shopping with the kids. I normally take Wrozlie with me, since she’s easier. Lately, I don’t take her much anymore, since she annoys me too. She would ask to buy this and that, then I would forget what I need to get. Or, she would stand in front of me while I was pushing the cart, so I have a tendency to trip..or when I am contemplating on which brand to buy, she would run off to the next aisle, which makes me really nervous.

Earlier was no different. I took the boys to get a haircut, then afterwards we went to Foodland and got something for dinner. I had Dan, Roan and Wrozlie with me..Gosh! big mistake..They wanted this, they wanted that, “ Mommy, can I get this” “ Mommy, can I get this cookie” “ Nah, I want this chocolate one” Ahhhhhhh! Leave me alone, hehehe! While paying at the register, they seen all this candy machine,and ahhhh! asking  for quarters, nickels and dimes…I promised myself, I will not go grocery shopping with  kids. Either or, that would be my goal. 

What about you? do you have this dilemma when you take your kids with you?

100_1812 (Small)This picture was taken last August, but more or less the scenario would be just the same if we went to Walmart. Enjoy your kids at the store..

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Sorry Mare, I wasn’t able to participate last week, all my Valentine pictures were late.  alam mo naman ako, clueless when it comes to modern technology.

This week though, I won’t miss it. I just don’t know if I will be good enough to describe myself as a lover.

I asked my husband on how can he describe me as a lover, and this is what he said..” You are the greatest, sexiest, loveliest and the most beautiful  lover ever” Well, that’s the dinner and cheesecake talking , so I won’t take that  answer as a serious one.

How do I describe myself:

For a start: I am considerate, I always think of my hubby’s sake before myself. I want to make sure he is happy and satisfied.

I can be a devious lover too. I get mad easily, I am stubborn, high ego, jealous and unreasonable occasionally.

I am a great confidant, my hubby can talk to me anytime. I am his best friend.

I make sure that hubby looks good at all times when we go out, so people can’t think that he’s a neglected husband.

Last but not the least. I give my husband the best of me, to let him know that he can never find another wife like me.. so he cannot trade me for someone else . hehehe!

More Lover Description? head on to my Kumareng Niko’s blog and join us here at Girl’s Talk

Have a great day to all!


If I am not mistaken, 5 or more Blogger friends gave me this award thank you to all. My sister Kim of Kimmy Schemy, AC of Happy Home Making , wahhh, and I cannot recall the others. Paki pinch na lang ako ng mga nag tag sa akin nito, forgetful na po ako eh..

•Thank & link to the person that gave you the award.
•Pass this award onto 10 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic.
•Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won.
•State 7 things about yourself.


7 Things about me.

1. I am beautiful (in my husband’s and kid’s eyes)

2. I get easily addicted on something that interests me, like reading books, or watching series that would shake my brain coz I need to think.

3. I am not good with gardening, I don’t have green thumb, I have black, coz I kill plants, wahhhh!

4. Cooking and eating are my 2 favorite things before reading, watching and blogging.

5. I tend to yell at my kids when I get aggravated when they won’t stop when I told them to stop.

6. I could be your greatest friend but definitely your worst enemy (parang totoo ah)

7. I am a generous person when I have something to share!

Now, I am passing this award to all bloggers who pass by my site. Thank you all for coming and I believe that you deserve this award as much as I do!!!

I know it’s kind of late, but I still want to post these pictures, for both GT and MM, although I am not posting it to link to their Memes.


Hubby did the decoration, but I fixed the table. This was when we had our Chinese food lunch. Yummy Chicken with Brocolli, Lo-Mein, Sesame Chicken and other fattening food.




100_2644 100_2645

Our quiet celebration of Valentine’s day at the comfort of our home.

100_2646 100_2647

The cookie that I burned.                               Dinner with my PIL.

Yes, you heard me..after going to bed at 3am this morning, finally, “The Pretender” series was over. It left me puzzled and can’t sleep since I guess I didn’t like the ending, but..oh well, at least I know what happened at the end and  now, I am back to blogging!!!

It’s this whole week that I wasn’t able to blog hop, I didn’t have any entries, but very few. Anyways, I want to apologize to all my friends for not visiting them , and I would like to thank everybody who came and visit.

I am hoping that I won’t find anymore TV Series that will make me addicted, or any book that will steal me from my blogging time. I even neglected my Farmville and Farmtown, wahhhhh!

Have a great day to all!

I had been wanting to post my GT and MM entries, but I am having problem with uploading pictures to my laptop. I also tried to upload to Rodney’s laptop, but both computers were not taking or recognizing my memory stick. When the kids lost my old MS, I had to buy a new one. I don’t know how to operate things like this. I should’ve asked my husband. I don’t have any Valentine pictures that I can share, so..I am going to miss both these Memes.

I hadn’t been blog hopping lately, due to being addicted to an old TV series “The Pretender”. My husband made me hooked  on this. It ran for 4 years from 1996-2000. It is a good and very interesting series. This is what happens when I get interesting on something. I won’t stop until I watch the ending. Like when we got hooked on Heroes, Legend of the Seeker, or when I got addicted to Twilight Saga.

But anyways..even if I am not visiting you guys, I always think and miss you all.  I will blog hop  when I get the chance. I got 2 more seasons to watch. No opps from Payu2 for me this week, but one. It’s OK, I will be able to watch lots of my TV episodes..

I wish you all a great weekend ahead of you.

Hay, sa wakas, natapos din ang Valentine’s Day. Kaka stress ha, kahit na nga ba, di naman dapat na ma stress. Bumili lang ako ng cards para ke Rodney, sa mga biyenan ko at sa aking mother. Then, pumunta sa Dollar General at namili ng tig $2 na gift para sa kanila. Lang budget para sa mga mamahalin eh, katatapos lang kaya ng pasko. Nag order lang kami ng Chinese food for lunch, at nag Rib eye steak for dinner. Inimbita ko naman ang aking mga biyenan, kawawa naman, silang  mag asawa na lang sa kanila. Lam nyo naman ako, maawaing tao, hehehe! So, nag enjoy naman kami kahit paano.

Gusto ko nga sanang punta ng Walmart at bumili pa ng isang pot of tulips para ibigay sa biyenan ko, eh sabi ni Rodney, busy raw sa Walmart, baka ako eh madapurak ng mga tao. Nong Saturday nga nag punta ako, aba eh busy nga, ang daming tao, siksikan kami sa Valentine’s card aisle, kaasar tong mga taong to, nakikisabay sa akin sa pagbili ng cards, di wari namili last weekend. At ang masakit pa nito, nakalimutan ko kung saan ako nag park, wahhhh! Tulak tulak ko ang aking cart, hanap sa aking car. Kadami pa naman puting kotseng naka park. So ang ginawa ko iniwan ko ang cart ko sa isang tabi, saka ko hinanap ang kotse ko. Kaka embarass nga, kasi para akong ek ek kaka lingon sa mga kotse dun.

Bakit ba naman kasi ako eh makakalimutin, lintek kasing epidural yan eh, buti na lang di na ako uli manganganak, otherwise, panibagong epidural na naman, baka next time, pangalan ko na ang makalimutan ko, ehehehe!

Oh well, feel kong mag post ng Tagalog, medyo nakalog ang utak ko kaka english dun sa mga paid post ko sa aking RodLiz, sayang pa rin yun ah, isang araw eh 12 opps na tig $5, oh di ba? kahit nabulag ako kakatitig sa computer at kakaisip ng least may pambili ako ng Visine, wahahaha!

Sana eh nag enjoy kau sa inyong Balentayms, hanggang sa muli mga Kaibigan..

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