Ate Cecile of Kitchen, the Heart of Our Home, and K of WAHMaholic gave me this award and I am so thankful that they always think about me. Meaning, they love me and count me as their good friend.


10 things that makes me happy:

1. God- for giving me this wonderful life that I have right now.

2. My Family- Hubby, kids, mom, siblings, and relatives in the Philippines and here, that even if they stress me out, I know they love me unconditionally.

3. My Friends- who are always there for me, on and off the web.

4. My laptop- without it, I will be so depressed.

5. My driving- If I don’t drive, I will be insane.

6. Blogging- I probably would have not met all my wonderful friends without it.

7. Cooking ability- wahahaha! I indulge myself to all my cooking when I am sad.

8. YM- being able to connect with my sister and others everywhere.

9. Facebook- Now I have found some of my old classmates, new friends and I can play Farmtown, Farmville and etc.

10. My House- My sanctuary..I love my house, even if it’s hard to maintain.

Now, I am extending this award to:

1.Eds of My Digihome- my sweet cousin and friend, my wonderful blog mentor.

2. AC of Happy Home making with AC- my beloved friend who loves me for being me, she said I rock! Hahaha!

3. Kero of Kero’s Celebration- my CC buddy that I guess got busy with her life now, and loves to get tagged and so I am tagging her.

4. Lina of Women’s Perspective- my friend from Indonesia who is so sweet and friendly.

5. Anney of Blog ni Ako- a very artistic/talented woman, visit her site and you will find out.

6. Anne of Little World of Fun- my good friend who is so generous to make a code for my CC Meme.

To all who like to grab this. I am not sure if people like getting awards, so I only gave this to whom I know won’t mind.

Have a great week to all!!

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