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Since we upgraded our floor, I also painted rooms and kind of redecorated some sections in our house. I was also planning on doing the bathrooms. Dan’s bathroom downstairs is not bad at all, but the toilet has crack and I had been wanting to replace it with Toto toilets, it won’t hurt to change it into something new and fresh. It’s the water tank that has crack, it doesn’t leak, because the previous owner of the house put some kind of sealant to it. I was thinking that it might give in one of these days. We have three bathrooms that can use some choices of toilet bowls, or anything that we can find inside the bathroom. And it’s really great to plan ahead of time., rather than think when the damage is already done.


Dan’s School picture that I paid $20. He’s now in 10th grade and there’s a possibility of going to summer class for Math. My most hated subject. Mana sa Mommy? hehehe…

RoanpicI just ordered this picture of Roan, but I can’t wait to show you all how cute his pose was. I had to pay $23 for 1 5×7 picture and few wallet size.. Grr! if he wasn’t handsome looking, I won’t bother pay for that price, but, he’s too cute… 

These are my school boys..  Enjoy your day..


I wasn’t able to finish my education when I was in college, due to lack of fund, so now, I really cannot get a job that pays well. Nowadays, companies are particular with applicants who has college degrees and someone who came from a great and well known universities. In my case at this time, I don’t think I can go to a university. I am a mom of four and being away for so long during the  day to go to school  is next to impossible. I am so glad that most universities now offer an online degree, I can take college courses in the comfort of my home.

Western Governors University is a fully accredited online university offering online bachelor’s and master’s degree program.  It’s flexible, you can pick your own time to attend to your course, at the comfort of your home. It’s great ,because my four children have different schedules. Two of my kids go to school and I have 2 younger ones that stay home with me. When it comes to tuition fee, it’s very affordable as well. Our budget can afford to send me to get a masters degree online.

If you are looking for online degrees, check out Western Governors University, they offer variety of courses, simple to navigate website. You can be whoever you want to be, and the great thing is, you can do all this while you are inside your home, watching your kids and cooking dinner for your family.

For someone like me, this is the greatest thing that can come to my life. I can get a degree while I am doing my laundry, and I can attain my goal of having a better education and, soon enough I would make money to save for that dream vacation that I set my heart to.. Isn’t that great?

Friday night when Rodney and I drove to Knoxville, TN to pick up the girls (Kattie and Kelsie) for their Spring break. They normally spend their spring break with us, every summer vacation and alternate Christmas and Thanksgiving.

It’s almosst 4 hour drive, and it was almost 9PM when we got there, so Buffet wasn’t an option anymore. We ended up eating at Red Lobster. I told Rodney, it would be really expensive to eat there. He said it’s an early Birthday treat for me. So, we went inside, someone seated us and we were looking at the Menu book. Wohoo! I wanted to back out, and he said, it would be embarrassing to get out of the restaurant after scanning the menu book. So, we decided to order anyways since it would be our first time eating at Red Lobster.

imageThis is what we ordered, Lobster Lover’s Dream $27.99 per plate. Whew! I ordered water and Rodney ordered Mountain Dew for our drinks. Our total bill was $63.66, and gave a 6.36 tip. This is the very first time we ever had a $70 worth of dinner, and it will never happen again,  I promise on my father’s grave… At least now we know what Lobster tail taste like. It’s pretty good, but for that price? I will stick with shrimp, $5.00 for 41-60 pcs, hehehe!

Have  a great day to all!

When we were looking for a house to buy, our first priority is the location. Will it be safe for the kids? What about the neighborhood?, is it quiet? close to the main road? Were there lots of reported burglary and so on and so forth. In today’s world, there is no such thing as “safe place” but we can try to avoid being broken in by installing our own wireless security systems. We can never be too safe in our own house. It’s better to take all precautions that we can take in order to ensure the safety of our loved ones. We don’t want to be sorry and decide to be careful after the damage has been done.


As soon as I got my license, I knew that we will have additional bills for an auto insurance. But, I know that without it, I can never drive. It is a must to have an insurance once you’re on the road. When I was at Walmart sometime last week, I had a little accident and we had to wait for the cop and filled out some paperwork to be submitted to my insurance company and all that kind of stuff. Until now I cannot believe that I hit or I got hit by another car and it’s probably going to cause me an additional  insurance payment every month. Oh well, accident happens, no matter how much you avoid it.


Have I already told you that I do have an exercise bike and a treadmill for my so called “exercise” moment, but they are not being used? I was thinking of losing weight when I bought those gadgets and I did use them for the first months. My husband was right when he said that, those gadgets will be a towel or clothes rack. I think, sometimes when you use the same thing all the time, it gets really boring, that’s why when I have heard about this exercise machine called elliptical, I thought it’s a great pick. Maybe this time, it won’t just sit in our room and get dusty. I believe that my husband will start using it too, since he himself needs to do some exercise and shed some unwanted pounds. I will need to check on this one.

I am so tired due to over a week of installing wood laminate and painting, moving, cleaning and running to Home Depot for supplies, looking for some beds and etc. etc. It’s almost over. I only have to do the guest room..Whew!

image                                                                                        BEFORE

image                                                                                                AFTER




image                                                                                              BEFORE


image                                                                                          AFTER

image                                                                                     BEFORE

image                                                                                         AFTER

image                                                                                     BEFORE

image                                                                                                  AFTER

image                                                                                           BEFORE

image                                                                                            AFTER


image We have Kattie and Kelsie during Spring break and summer vacation. So, we thought that, they have to have their own room downstairs. From a plain concrete storm shelter to a little teen-age room. 

This weekend was the busiest I ever had, tasks on tops of tasks. I was able to finish the girls’ room downstairs, so when they get here on the 27th, they would have their own room. They come here every Spring break and whole summer vacation. I painted it Peach tile from Behr (Home Depot), we bought them 2 twin beds and I bought some bedding ensembles. Rodney put an old carpet there, the one that we used in our living room.

I finished painting our dining room with International, it’s kind of Avocado color  from Dutch Boy (Walmart) The kids’ room is now purple also from Dutch Boy, and it is a very pretty color.

Part of our living room is now painted Bicycle yellow and it’s gorgeous. Today I will finish Alex’ room and hopefully the guest room with light blue color. I am so overwhelmed with all this work. Before I start painting, I will have to go to Walmart in Hunstville, to get AJ’s NIDO, I am already tired just thinking about all the things that I do today.

So, I would like to apologize to all my blogger friends, I have been busy and didn’t have time to blog hop. After all this madness, I promise to visit you all. I hope that everybody has a great day!!!

I will post pictures as soon as it’s all done.

I had been blogging for almost 2 years now, and I am so happy  that I started it. Aside from I met a lot of great people, I also have a way of expressing myself. I can write whatever comes to my mind. My writings can determine whether I am happy or sad, because it will reflect thru my entries. I was so clueless about websites or the term link, until my cousin from Long Island explained it to me.

I have learned that one business can advertise thru internet. When a particular business has a website, they can spread their links and people can look it up. And there is  ROIanalytics application  in Long Island, NY that can help people on how to make their business succeed.

People who are new to having business don’t know how  to  advertise their products or services. Internet Marketing is about keyword, how you put  the correct keyword on your tag or did you  use the word that people always search for. It’s very essential in every business  in the  world wide web. Have no fear, if you ever  need help about your business, don’t procrastinate, ROIanalytics application of Long Island, NY can help you, contact them now and get the taste of your success.

Have a great day to all!

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