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Due to the fact that I was  and still am computer illiterate,  cousin Eds taught me everything I know about blogging. She did my layout and everything. Until I learned how to get some free templates and did a little changing of my site and all. But I wasn’t satisfied with my own works because they’re  so blah and I see a lot of personalized designs and I was amazed by it.

I had been wanting to pay to get my site done, like a make over but I was kind of hesitant since I thought it was waste of money..until one day, on my birthday in April, one of my kumares who’s the one and only owner of WAHMaholic Blog Designs gave me a free make over. How generous of her, and I know that she worked really hard to give it to me on the exact day of my birthday.

WAHMaholic Blog Designs  have created so many designs that made bloggers happy and satisfied and I was one of them. She can be so patient with each and every client she has. She designed this site  and I love it from the moment I had  laid my eyes on it. She even made a signature code for me and a banner. OMG! I was so excited, I had tears in my eyes while looking and admiring my new site. She knew what I like and she made it really special.

To  Kaye of WAHMaholic Blog Designs. I would like to thank you for making my site so fabulous and I will always be grateful to you for giving my site a make over. Who says she charges too  much? I will pay $100 with a smile in my face if I want my site extra ordinarily fabulous. Tweaking with my templates and work on my layouts give me headache, so I’d rather have it done professionally and be contented when I look at it..

And because of this lovely design that she made for me, I asked her to do my RodLiz Nest and I just fell in love with the design. Click the link so you can see what I was talking about.

More power to your designs Marce!!

I just noticed that most of my shirts are black, is it because, it’s deceiving..I mean, even if I am fat, I would look curvaceous, because it can hide my flubbing fat?? Wahahaha! I really am a black shirt and blue jeans kind of girl. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever wear something slinky dress, or printed tops, sexy revealing..but, oh well..I really don’t have anything to reveal but my bulging bilbil..



                                     Taken March 2008



                                         Taken July 4th 2008



                                         Taken April 26th 2010



                                         Taken June 27th 2010

I do want to wear something pastel colors, but my skin tone won’t permit me to wear such beautiful shades. I guess, black, gray, white and navy are perfect for a shady skin like mine, Whew!!! I envy those women who can wear any color or any style. I can’t wear anything with ruffles, or girly girl, I would look like a boxer, ahaha! so majority of my clothes are just plain like the ones I was wearing on the pictures.

Thanks to my wonderful sister Kim, of Kimmy Schemy for this sweet award. I don’t think I am that sweet, but oh well..


Here are the sweet rules:

1. Pass it to 10 Sweet people.

2. Inform them about this award.

3. Link back the one who gave this award.

I will pass this on to all my friends who come by and visit me. Grab it my friends, this award is for all of you..

My mom is only 62, so when I took her to the public aid office and tried to apply her for free medicine and consultation,  it was declined. They said that she needs to be either 65 years old or has disability to apply for it. She doesn’t work and she can’t work due to her diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, she can’t stand up for so long, most of the time she can barely walk, and I think, she won’t be able to work like ordinary people. She worked before to take care of an elderly, but she was able to sit when she needs to, and now that she gets dizzy all the time, I don’t think it’s recommended that she works still. When I get the chance , I will ask for help to apply for ssdi that way, it would be faster and everything will be taken care of.


Circa 90? If other teen agers put their bands on their wrist, I put mine on my forehead. I didn’t know what I was thinking, but this picture was too funny for me. Dog under the bench, slippers on the floor and I just didn’t care, I had to have my picture taken whatever it takes, hahaha!

There are times that when I look back at my old photos, I can’t help reminisce my life way back when money wasn’t available at all, and yet, I still have pictures. I wonder where did I get the money to pay for it..

My entry for Nostalgia Meme this week..


I am not a collector of gold, but I do collect coins in a jar, hahaha! When I do our laundry, I keep finding change from my husband’s pockets and so now I have a coin jar so when it’s time to take it to the bank to transform it into bills, I would have extra money. Sometimes I wish that all these coins that I find everywhere are gold coins, wouldn’t it be exciting? But I don’t think I would find that kind of coin inside my hubby’s pocket, but I still wish I would. I wonder how much is a gold coin and why do other people posses such a treasure? I have never seen one, and I am curious on how does it look. Maybe it looks like an ordinary coin, or way different, hmm..

When you come to our house and you look into our medicine cabinet, you would see a lot of stuff, not just medicine, but extra toothpaste, cotton buds and anything that we don’t want the kids to reach. Whenever I go to someone’s bathroom, I was always curious about their cabinet and sometimes I wish I have a  Robern Medicine cabinet because they look gorgeous. Maybe I would have to have my bathroom renovated to match with the design of the cabinets that I have mentioned above. Wish, wish wish and it may come true. Who knows? I will have my kitchen redone and a few years, then bathroom will be next.

Due to summer heat, Roan’s been having his eczema attacks lately. And he said, it’s so itchy and he keeps on scratching it. When he sweats, it’s when it attacks him. Whew! we tried so hard to look for natural eczema treatment so he won’t suffer so much. Winter time is another season for his scratching and I can’t do anything about it. It’s hereditary and I think I also mentioned that Dan, our 16 year old has it too. It’s not contagious, but if it runs in the family, I won’t be surprised if Wrozlie and AJ get it too someday. I have some nieces and nephew who also has this skin problem.



For this week’s GT, I guess, we are talking about what’s inside our bag, or purse.

First of all, this purse was given to me by my very special and thoughtful friend Clarissa of Kizuna for my birthday last April, yup! fresh from Japan.

My wallet is another gift from a blog friend but I will never mention her name, she wants to remain anonymous. Thanks to you..

I have a little calendar/note book, wet wipes, reading glasses, prepaid cp, vanity kit and few pens. I was so glad that I cleaned up all the old receipts before I realized to take picture of it. I also got rid of all the change at the bottom of my purse prior to taking the picture, that’s why, it looks neat at this time.

My entry for Kumareng Niko’s GT for this week.

The World Cup is as exciting as it gets. It’s not a game where a couple of teams just get together and play a little football; It’s a game where teams get together to battle each other for bragging rights of who is best in the entire world. These are teams from every corner of the globe. I found some good direct tv deals so I decided to go for it so that I could watch as much of the World Cup as possible.

In no other sport will you see a collective team from Mexico go one on one with a team from South Africa. In no other event will you see the USA go head to head with likes of England. These games not only feed the inner rivalry of country verses country, but rekindle past grudges from historic battles and wars; that somehow on the field, it all gets settled once and for all.

The schedule this year looks top notch. You have matches like South Korea vs. Greece, Germany vs. Australia, Argentina vs. Nigeria and much more. Each event will be filled with so much back and forth action, I’ll hardly be able to sit still.

I know when the 2010 FIFA World Cup gets started, I will be watching on my satellite TV with a bag of chips in hand, rooting for my American team as they work through the rest of the world and hopefully, bring home the Cup to the U.S.A.

Guest Post: Samuel Goodson

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