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Whether you’re head over heels for, well, heels, go crazy for Converse or you’re dotty about Dr. Martens, the only place to indulge all your footwear desires is to shop online for your next pair or pairs of shoes.

Forget about shoe size worries; most people know what size their feet are and as you’ll find a lot of the major brands in regular stores too, you can always go and try on your chosen pair and then go home and order them online to save heaps of cash. Even if you can’t try on the exact pair of shoes that you want to buy, if you can find a similar pair of the same brand, you might have an idea whether the shoes are particularly wide or narrow for your feet.

If you can’t try the pair of shoes on before you buy, like all retailers, online stores must have a returns policy. A good online retailer should provide free shipping to most addresses (international shipping rates usually apply though, given the higher cost of postage to overseas addresses). Some online retailers also offer a free return, which means there are no worries at all if the shoes that look so gorgeous are the wrong size and you need to swap or return them.

The best thing about buying shoes online is the sheer choice available to the consumer. A normal store has a limited about of space, which means they can only offer a limited amount of styles and sizes (which is not great for those blessed with extra large or small feet). Without the costly overheads of running a store, online retailers can offer more choice and better value.

Maybe even better than that is the ability to be totally unique and wear fabulous shoes that you don’t see everyone else wearing too – a true style statement!

Since I don’t own anything pink, except for my Avon bras that are now almost white, hahaha! (kumupas kakalaba) and SOEN undies that the flower design now looks like leaves (kumupas rin kakalaba..) I really don’t have anything to show. My MIL gave me a pair of pink house slippers 3 Christmases ago, (I guess, she got it from Breast Cancer Awareness something) which I cannot find anymore.

With my lack of personal pink stuff, I make it up to my girls. Wrozlie is into purple, but I still buy her pink things. She can’t complain anyways.. Alex is the one who loves pink..





image I thought this outfit was pink, now that I am looking  at it, it looks Orange… maybe just the lightings… hmmm..


Oppsss.. I will take back what I said about not owning anything pink. I had one that was given to me (by Jen) when I attended my friend Jen’s birthday party last February. Women wore Pink and Men wore Red. My first pink top. 


100_4663 Oh, this one is the first pinkish top that I bough last month for our Canada trip. Lutang talaga ang kaitiman ko..

Pink is a great color, only with my dark complexion, I am scared to wear one.


Mothers are always trying to keep germs away from their children. And the pool is another place where germs can be rampant, particularly during the summer months when half the neighborhood kids are in your pool every day. So it is important to go beyond faithfully putting chlorine in the pool.

When you think about what pool supplies you need in the spring, put an ionizer on the list. A swimming pool ionizer discharges copper and silver ions into the water to kill algae, bacteria, and viruses. An ionizer is effective and safer than many other sanitizers. Ionizers not only keep the pool safe and clean but also reduce the amount of chemicals needed for the pool.

There are three different ionizers: electric, solar, and ozone generators. The distinction has to do with the manner in which each ionizer is powered. The electric powered ionizer has to be plugged in or needs batteries. The solar powered ionizer releases ions to float across the surface of the water and is cordless. The most popular ionizers are the ozone generators. They create ozone and then release it into the water.

The Power Ionizer is simple, quick to install, and weather-resistant. It eliminates the continual need to add chlorine and test the water. The Power Ionizer gives you more swimming time in a less chemically saturated pool.

The technology behind the ionizer works because bacteria and algae are negatively charged and ionization is positively charged. The negatively charged bacteria are drawn towards the ions and are killed as the charge of the ions penetrates cell walls. Next, the destroyed microorganisms get wrapped up together, and then are filtered.

And there’s one more benefit to using ionizer And there’s one more benefit to using ionizer technology. Remember all those red irritated eyes, the discolored hair, and dry skin that come along with swimming? Well, ionizer technology will reduce the need for chlorine and those unwanted side effects.

Last week, we took a day trip to the big outlet malls they have in North Carolina. If you’ve never been to one, almost every brand has its own store. Sometimes you can find unbelievable bargains on discontinued items or overruns. Prices are similar to a regular store on some items. However, you can usually find just about any color, size, or style in your favorite brand.
While we always buy something, it’s almost as much fun to just look around. You never know what you might see. In one huge store, they feature ceramic pottery from all over the world. I want to buy this huge fountain with a dolphin, but my husband would probably kill me if I put one more thing in our yard. I’m still tempted every time I go.
When I went into the first store where I really wanted to buy something, the Coach store, I discovered that I had left all my credit cards, my bank card, and my checkbook at home. I had my driver’s license and a little bit of cash, but not nearly enough to pay for the Coach bag I had my heart set on.
We went off to lunch, and I asked around to see if my bank had a branch nearby. Of course, there wasn’t one within 50 miles. I was about to settle for a day of window shopping when I spotted one of those cash advance places across the parking lot. After deciding to give it a try, I went over and had my money in no time at all.
I just love my new Coach bag, and I paid off my cash advance the next day on their website. I never thought I would need to do something like that, but I am so glad that it was there when I needed it!

Thanks to Ferryjhoi of Journey of Life and Profession, Mel of Love Home, Grow Garden for this wonderful award. Wow! Ganon??? Kala ko nagkamali ako ng basa, hehehe. Thanks for considering me as a Versatile Blogger, hmmm…

image Now, I am passing this award to my blogger friends , I actually have more than 15, that’s why this is for all my friends here in Blogosphere…

So here’s the rules:

- Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.


- PASS Along to 15 Bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fabulous.

- Contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award

7  THINGS ABOUT ME (only 7??)

1. I am funny

2. am beautiful, desirable, wonderful, greatest wife (according to me hubby :)

3. I cook good.

4. I love to read (  I can read 1 hard cover book in 24 hours..) walang tulugan..

5. I love to eat (kita naman sa katawan..)

6. I don’t wear dress, unless I was forced too. :)

7. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and a friend

Now, its your turn friends, yes YOU, and all of you!!!!

The weekend was pretty fun over all. I got to see some people I hadn’t in awhile, and the trip on the expressway wasn’t nearly as scary as I was afraid it would be. Do you remember how much I was fretting about it a couple of days ago? Oh, I’m so embarrassed about that! I had half a mind to double our automotive insurance, just to be on the safe side of things. But you know how it is with most things in life – you expect that it will be so bad, and it turns out to really be nothing at all.

Have you ever had something like that happen to you? You go into a situation getting all tensed up, and you’re so ready for something really terrible to happen. Then you get half way through it, and you realize that you were afraid of all these bad things in your mind, but not what would really happen. Most of the time, we get so worked up over issues that end up not being any big deal at all. And then we just end up laughing at ourselves, and how silly we were about the whole deal. If this hasn’t happened to you before, I’ll happily share a few more of those experiences with you.

Here I got so scared, and it was nothing but a long road. I guess I could’ve fallen asleep and crashed, or something. But that would just be a testament to how boring the whole thing was. Here I was so freaked out, and the biggest thing I had to fear was the little chance that I might miss the exit I was going for, and end up in Alabama or something. Now that would have made for a good story, if a pretty embarrassing one. That’s what blogs are, I guess–ways to embarrass ourselves for strangers.

..although most of the time I am so proud to be a SAHM, there are times that I like looking online for jobs that I believe  I am qualified for. I know that retail is the only field I can choose, but I want to try something else. Who knows, I can find something that won’t require me to work too early the day after Thanksgiving, or until midnight before Christmas eve. I just have to look for something that is not going to be hard for me and my family. Right now, I can only do part time since I have these 2 girls that I have to watch. When they both become school age, I know I can get a full time job, but until then, I will be just satisfied by looking and tell myself, “ few more years and I will get a job”.

Gosh! I thought that it’s Pink week this week. I made an entry and when I was about to link it, I have seen that, K’s pictures pertainsto black, wahhhhhh! had to delete my entry, save it for next week, and make new entry..

Black is always my favorite color. They say, it can make you look slim, hmmm! I like that word (slim) though I know I am still a chunky little fellar, at least I am cute..hehehe..sabi ko lang yun..

Anyways, here are some of my black stuff…

100_4970 I only have 3 colors of shoes. Black, Brown and White if it’s Tennis shoes..

100_4972                              Purses, wallet and belt


                                               April 2010

image                                           January 2010

image                                          July 2008

image                                           March 2008

image                                              June 2010

image                         September 2008.

Can you tell that I love black????

I can wear anything with black, I guess, that’s the way to put it.. Oh di ba, mukha akong sexy??? Please, say YES..hehehehe!!!!

I thought of water…Don’t you think of going on vacation when it’s too humid outside and you have so much work that need to get done? What about a 4 night vacation at  Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. My husband just came back from a 3 day trip from SC  with his co-workers, and mentioned that it was a great place to spend a vacation with the whole family.  Towers at North Myrtle Beach transports you to a world of artfully detailed accommodations, breathtaking picture-window views, and impressively relaxing amenities.

You can just imagine what it would feel like when you are on top of the towers at Myrtle Beach you would think that you are on top of the world, over looking the ocean. They are having a Register to Win 4 night stay in a 2 bedroom condo, and if you are the lucky winner , you can have a vacation with free accommodation in one of the best place in town.

If you are planning a getaway and wanting to have so much fun, check and make your reservation. They have 1, 2 or even 3 bedroom unit of your choice. Great amenities and will make your vacation or visit so memorable. Just the thought of staying at the towers where you can look out and feel like you’re being lulled to sleep while feeling the outside breeze of air . What is better than having a quiet and relaxing vacation. What are you waiting for, take advantage of what they  offer now,  feel the Southern hospitality and the fresh Atlantic coastal air.

image Roan had been itching since Friday night, before we went to church to attend the 7pm service for Revival, I noticed that he had some welts or hives under  his chin, and some on his body. But, we went anyways, then he was prayed over by our pastor and the Evangelist JR Holsinger.

All day Saturday he wasn’t able to go to the Fun run with the other kids due to his whole body was covered with hives, so I just gave him allergy medicine. Everytime he took medicine, the hives would go away. So, even if he had hives, we kept taking him to church and all. Monday, I sent him to school but gave him Benadryl for his itching. Tuesday sent him to school again, but at 230pm, school nurse called me and said that I need to pick him up because he was covered with hives. I went to the school and there was my son, so upset because his face looked swollen, his back was covered with hives, his arms also full of hives and he was itching.

Took him home, called the doctor’s office, made an appointment, and luckily got a 330pm appointment. Doctor seen him, said it wasn’t contagious, and it was only an allergic reaction to something that we can’t figure out what. It can be food from school, grass, detergent, or what not. I am so glad it wasn’t contagious because I have 2 little ones here that can get whatever he’s got if that’s the case. He was given a steroid shot for the swelling and 3 days of oral steroids to be taken every 12 hours.

He was also given something for the itch that I will take to the school, in case, it happens again. He scared me though, the way he looked yesterday, I thought I was going to take him to the ER. He was swollen, his fingers, toes and all. I am now at peace because when he woke up this morning, most of the hives had subsided. He wasn’t itching much but, I still gave him his dose of oral steroid. Whew!

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