Whether you’re head over heels for, well, heels, go crazy for Converse or you’re dotty about Dr. Martens, the only place to indulge all your footwear desires is to shop online for your next pair or pairs of shoes.

Forget about shoe size worries; most people know what size their feet are and as you’ll find a lot of the major brands in regular stores too, you can always go and try on your chosen pair and then go home and order them online to save heaps of cash. Even if you can’t try on the exact pair of shoes that you want to buy, if you can find a similar pair of the same brand, you might have an idea whether the shoes are particularly wide or narrow for your feet.

If you can’t try the pair of shoes on before you buy, like all retailers, online stores must have a returns policy. A good online retailer should provide free shipping to most addresses (international shipping rates usually apply though, given the higher cost of postage to overseas addresses). Some online retailers also offer a free return, which means there are no worries at all if the shoes that look so gorgeous are the wrong size and you need to swap or return them.

The best thing about buying shoes online is the sheer choice available to the consumer. A normal store has a limited about of space, which means they can only offer a limited amount of styles and sizes (which is not great for those blessed with extra large or small feet). Without the costly overheads of running a store, online retailers can offer more choice and better value.

Maybe even better than that is the ability to be totally unique and wear fabulous shoes that you don’t see everyone else wearing too – a true style statement!

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