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My bulging belly of course. It’s staring at me, wahhhhh! I wasn’t planning on posting this picture, but I decided to do it, it will serve as warning for me, since Christmas is coming and parties are everywhere. I will tell myself that if I don’t stop eating, I will get bigger before Valentine’s Day!

It might work, don’t you think?

When you think of nurses, healthcare givers, doctors, doctor’s office staff, what do you imagine? White, white and white. Hmm..Not anymore, people in the medical fields now work with style. I wish I can find out who thought of making medical scrubs and the designer should really be talented. Who would have thought that their scrubs will  someday be used by people who works with patients. From hospitals’ receptionist, to doctors, even x-ray technicians, ultra sound and EKG people. Neat huh.

image image

If your line of work is in the medical field like my church friend Amanda, you can buy scrubs from  Blue Sky Scrubs because  they have hundreds of styles that you can choose from. Being trendy is the name of the game now. Who would want to wear the plain white boring hospital uniforms? I bet no one does. So, I guess, it’s time for you to go with the flow and be fashionable as you deal with patients. Besides, you might get complimented wearing your Safari design scrubs and especially your surgical hat.


And do you think that only women are fashionable? Nope, even men are now hooked into dressing up while dealing with patients. That’s why scrub for men are also being sold in the market today. And if you think that they would look ridiculous wearing it, you’re wrong, as a matter of fact, they look fabulous too. That’s why, they are pretty happy about it, not only they look professionals, they also look hot according to some older lady patients.  Hmmm..

image  image

Don’t these tops look gorgeous and neat?


See how beautiful we look? We will surely miss my aunt Dolor. Hopefully next year in June, we can spend at least 2 weeks with her in Illinois. Can’t wait…Ahhhh! what do I need to do to make my husband agree with me. Hmmmm…


Candid is in senior year now, and next year, she would be in college. Do you know what she asked as her Christmas present this year? A new laptop, wohooo! can  her mom afford a brand new one? Nope! I even offered to send her some money and she can buy  a used one, but she said, she wants it brand new. That’s why I had been looking for some  laptop deals online, and maybe she can have it by Christmas time. I can understand why she likes to have her own, because she has so many school papers that she needs to do and her mom’s laptop is being used for blogging and some other things. She will be ecstatic if she can get one before the next school year starts.

It’s bye bye time. My aunt and them  left for Illinois last Saturday at 1pm. Saying bye and not knowing when you’re going to see them again is not easy. From our house to theirs take 10 hours non stop. Who would like to drive for 10 hours every month? Not Rodney  and not me. So, we do alternate. One year, we go to them, one year, they come here.

100_5335 I am sure going to miss my aunt. And I know she’s already missing the kids. Although we talk on the phone for 2 hours almost 3x a week, it’s still not enough. Hmmm…

We enjoyed their short visit. I already asked her to come back next year for another Thanksgiving celebration, hehehe…She said, they haven’t gotten a chance to put away all their stuff out of their van…

sister lola Meet my mother Digna. She’s 62 years old, but does she look like she is 62? Hmmm.. I don’t think so. She uses moisturizer on her face after she takes a bath. I guess, Asian women don’t look like their age anyways, they look younger. Just look at me, hehehe! just kidding.

I have met a lot of women who look a lot older than their age, why?  I don’t really know. There are some women who take care of their body and face religiously that they cannot go to bed without applying some facial cream on their faces,  click here to learn more on how to keep a young looking skin like my mom. I have more wrinkles than she does, I need to look at her closely, maybe I will find some on her forehead.

OMG! I am so very late for my entry on Girl’s Talk. I am so sorry Marce K, I got so busy with the Thanksgiving, I had been cleaning and working on my butt off prior to my aunt coming over.

Heniways, when I go shopping for apparel, the shoe department is where you can find me. I don’t buy much, but I don’t miss their section. Just like when I went shopping last Black Friday, I didn’t leave the store without getting this adorable shoes that I told my aunt would be her Christmas present for me. Oh ha!


100_5326 A very affordable and nice looking Aerosoles dress boots. I love it, I wore it when I went to church today, and it’s so compy!

I also love going to the little girls area, just to look for some girly girl stuff for my girls, and also scan their shoe department for new arrivals for my sweethearts. I guess, I am obsessed with shoes since I didn’t have many growing up.

What about you? what do you mostly get when you go out shopping for apparel or accessories?

My son Dan is turning 17 in a couple of weeks. And because he’s a teen ager, he’s having problems with acne. He tried different facial cleanser, acne treatment but nothing worked.

danpic2 As of now, he still has several visible acnes and sometimes, it’s gross looking. Someone told me about this acne treatment, but does md clear work? How can I know if I don’t let my son try it, right? Companies would do a lot of good advertisement for their product, but only few would be proven effective. So, before you decide on buying one, make sure you ask a lot if it works for them. But, you know, the effectiveness of the drugs, ointment or what have you depends on the person’s reaction to the treatment.

After our shopping last Black Friday, we got excited checking out all our purchases, so here’s what my living room look like. I haven’t put out my stuff yet, only my aunt’s. You should’ve seen it when I put out some of my things for our Dirty Santa for church, and our family gathering..

100_5322 My aunt said, she’s still not done with her Christmas shopping yet, so I believe, she will still go and get some before Christmas. I will too, since we’re going to have Neighborhood Christmas gathering, another Dirty Santa thing going on. Hmm…

100_5307 I can see my fat arm from where I am sitting, grrr!

Since the beginning of November, I had been eating a lot, so I will not be surprised if I gained unwanted lbs. I thought to myself, there is no way that I will lose weight this  time of year due to the fact that food is everywhere. After Thanksgiving, it will be our neighborhood Christmas gathering, then Christmas party at church, then our family party, and so on and so forth. You think, I need to find the  best way to lose weight and keep it off? You’re right about that. Hopefully I will lose the weight fast enough to wear my sexy red dress for Valentine’s Day. Wohooo!

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