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Have I told you that my hubby knows a lot about cars? He used to work as an auto mechanic before getting a job as Aircraft mechanic. We don’t take our cars anywhere else unless it’s to change tires. He does almost everything, so we save money. I am not sure though if he had a chance to work on Infinite Fx35 Awd

image                                           2011  Infiniti FX50

If you are looking to get a new car, The Car Connection has everything that you need. It can be Toyota Sienna or Camry. They have all the new models at this time. They also  offer new models of Lexus be it Lexus CT 200h or Lexus HS 250h. Like what I said, when it comes to cars, they have what you need.

image                                           2011 Toyota Camry

image                                           2011 Lexus HS250h

Hubby is wanting to get me a Volvo V 50 and although my car is still good, how can I refuse that brand new car he’s wanting to get me. The only question is, when is he going to buy it, it could be on our 50th wedding anniversary.

image                                        2011 Volvo V50

These are all the new models from Car Connection, and if you are wise and smart enough, you need to go ahead and browse for the car of your dream right now.

Oh well, time flew so fast and I don’t know where it went. It was just Monday 4 days, and now, it’s weekend again. Whew! I passed by me and I didn’t even noticed.

Was there exciting thing happen to me this week? Hmm..aside from taking the kids to their Karate and Ballet class, nothing really. This Sunday I am driving to Tennessee, we are invited to a birthday party. Amanda, who’s Jen’s daughter is having her 5th birthday celebration on Sunday. We were talking yesterday about how the years have gone by. We were just both pregnant in Korea over 5 years ago, and now, both our girls are  now 5 years old.

Can you all believe that it’s already February? That is really fascinating. Good thing is, it’s tax time, wohooo! Hubby already got his W2 and I am still waiting for my 1099 from Payu2blog and Blogvertise. I know it’s going to make a big difference on our refund, so we will see what hubby thinks. I am hoping that he won’t ask me to quit doing my paid posts. It’s nice to get a paycheck every second Friday:)

Well, have a great weekend to all and Take care..

Are you one of those women who love name brands merchandise? Those who don’t care about the price, as long as they love the item and they can afford it, they will buy it. Bluefly is a place where where you can get these great items and you can do it at the comfort of your home.

I love shoes, and I know that I am not the only one who has a dozen pairs in their closet. Prada is one of the brands that women fell in love with. Not only because it’s being endorsed by celebrities, but because it’s good quality durable and fashionable as well. I have seen some of their shoes and I fell in love with them. Women are normally into shoes and because I am a woman, I guess, I am prone to become a shoe lover.

image Who won’t fall in love with these design? You must be blind not to buy this. It’s perfect, I hope they have it in my size.

Prada shoes is so popular nowadays that not only the rich and famous wear them, even the average woman like me can buy them. It’s because of its durability, design and quality. If they are great looking, gorgeous style and comfortable, it’s sold. Between men and women, it’s women that shop a lot, and women want to feel great about themselves. They want to wear something that will make them feel beautiful and desirable. That’s why they choose to buy something expensive, popular and branded.

image image

Now, tell me, shall I pass this up? Nah, I don’t think so. I do wish they have it in my size.. Now, I need the page for handbag and belt :)


I have never seen this movie, but I’ve heard that it’s a great movie and gave Natalie Portman a Best Actress award.

The first time I seen Natalie Portman was when she starred in the movie “Where the Heart is” with Ashley Judd. I thought she’s really good. Just recently, I learned that I have seen her movie before, I just didn’t realize it. She starred in the movie Leon:The Professional  in 1994.

I will make sure I watch this movie. I know it will be really great and I will love it.

Have a great day to all!


Wohooo! In two weeks time, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I asked my husband to get me something. He used to give me cards, flowers, chocolates and balloons,but after 9 yeas of being together, he seems to be less romantic now. I want to feel special and I want him to be more romantic. I need to show him this website proflowers and shari’s berries he might order me some flowers and I would feel special again. We will spend the night with flower petals on the bed, I can wear my nice lingerie and it might lead to something more romantic, hahaha!

Well, this week is the last week for Resolution. So I guess, we are talking about general resolution here.Hm… I think I already  have mentioned everything on my last 3 entries. But, well.. I guess I have few more left :)

I am not a very sociable person that’s why other people  think that I am a stuck up. The truth is, I am a kind individual, generous, helpful, but I am not good at saying hi to someone if I have to do it first. I don’t even say hi to my in laws who don’t say hi to me. Deadma baga hehehe.. I guess, I would have to change this attitude.

For now, this is one of the things  that I know I need to work on. Oh and also, I need to stop giving parties,’s getting expensive. I have to just take the kids to a kid’s place and spend less. :)

Hubby bought a flat screen TV last Christmas and said it’s for me. Duh! I guess he didn’t know that I know it’s not for me, but for him when he watches football. Since it’s sticking out in our living room, I told him we need a tv mounts so it’s safe and won’t get destroyed by our little kids.


The picture above is what I want to get to protect our TV. I know he will get me those, since  he loves the TV as well. We both love movies and wouldn’t it be great to watch movies in a big screen TV with someone you love? It’s so relaxing that I can sit on the couch while munching on my chips and watch my favorite Ghost Whisperer series.

Best time to buy thrift shop clothing: Soon after area dry cleaners make donations. Some of the best clothing available at many thrift shops is donated by dry cleaners. These are mostly high-end clothes that the dry cleaners’ customers failed to pick up.

Ask a thrift shop employee if the store receives donations from any dry cleaners and, if so, when those donations tend to arrive. Stop by soon after a donation is expected.

Best time to buy new clothing: About a month after you first see it. If clothing hasn’t sold six weeks after it appears in stores, the markdowns begin. Ask an employee how long an item has been in stock if you are not sure.


Best time to buy a new car if low price is your priority: October through December. Dealers often discount the current year’s models by as much as 20% late in the year to make room for new models. October and November are the best bets if you’re at all picky about what you drive — prices can be even lower in December, but by then very few desirable vehicles from the current model year are likely to be available.

Whatever month you buy your new car, shop on one of that month’s final days. Salespeople and dealerships become more willing to offer attractive deals late in the month because they often need to sell cars to meet monthly sales quotas or earn bonuses.


Bottom Line/Personal interviewed Mark Di Vincenzo, a journalist based in Newport News, Virginia, who interviewed hundreds of merchants and analyzed years of sales data and industry reports for his book Buy Ketchup in May and Fly at Noon: A Guide to the Best Time to Buy This, Do That and Go There(Harper).

How? Dieting is not the only way to lose weight and  be healthy, one of the biggest factor is exercise regularly and watch what you eat.  People think that eating once a day  can make them lose weight, they are wrong. It is actually bad for their health.  If you are one those many who are serious to be fit and healthy, check out FitClick exercise programs  and find out what type of exercise suits your needs.

image image

Cardio Programs              Strength and Cardio Programs

They have various types of exercises that you can choose from. Cardio, toning, Yoga, Walking, Strength and Cardio and Running Programs. FitClick is dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals. They would give you the answers you’re looking for. Losing weight should be hard if you know what you’re doing and if someone is guiding you to the right direction.

image image

Yoga Programs                   Walking Programs

Begin your exercise  now and start to be fit and healthy. FitClick exercise programs  can help you achieve your goal. Don’t procrastinate and choose the program  that would fit your need. Someone is going to work with you side by side. Feel good and look great!

The prices of certain products fluctuate by 10% to 75% over the course of a year. Some even vary predictably within a single day or week. Knowing how to correctly time purchases can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.


Best time to buy small appliances and electronics: April. Many electronics products are made by Japanese companies, which typically introduce new products and discount older ones soon after March 31, the end of their fiscal year.

Best time to buy a refrigerator: May. Merchants often slash fridge prices in May to clear space in showrooms and warehouses for new models, which arrive each summer.

Best time to buy a computer: August, during back-to-school sales. Prices often drop by $50 or more. Printers and other computer peripherals sometimes are thrown in as well.


Buy televisions in January, when discounts are common on units that were not sold at the holidays and on products replaced by newer models unveiled at early January’s Consumer Electronics Show. (TVs often are attractively priced during December’s holiday sales as well.)

Buy cameras in February. Most new models come out in January and February. Get a good deal on a year-old model at a Presidents’ Day sale.

Buy portable music players in August or September. These often are marked down in anticipation of the new models, which tend to arrive in September and October.

Best time to buy a lawn mower, snowblower or barbecue grill:Near the end of its season of use. Discounts can reach 30% to 40% on grills and lawn mowers between Labor Day and November… with similar savings on snowblowers in March. Merchants don’t want to store these bulky, expensive items until their next season.

To be Continued…


Bottom Line/Personal interviewed Mark Di Vincenzo, a journalist based in Newport News, Virginia, who interviewed hundreds of merchants and analyzed years of sales data and industry reports for his book Buy Ketchup in May and Fly at Noon: A Guide to the Best Time to Buy This, Do That and Go There(Harper).

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