For whatever reason, I haven’t joined GT for quite sometime, probably over a month. I don’t know why, but my valid reason is, I got busy and the most valid reason is, I got lazy. The only Meme that I was joining for the last few months was my own that I host at Couple’s Corner.

I have missed great topics for not joining GT. So this week, I want to join even if I know that I will be the 30th person in line. But, oh well, better late than never..

This week it’s about health. What do I need to write about my health? That I will stop eating a lot and try to watch my diet? Hmm..that would be a very common resolution because most people say that to themselves.

I know a good one for me. From now on, I will take my medicine everyday so I feel better. I have maintenance medicine for my allergy (Zyrtec) for my acid reflux (Nexium) and my Aspirin, so I don’t go into stroke. I had been having few medical issues that if I don’t watch and take care of myself, can lead to more serious one. My only concern now is my high platelet count which can cause me blood clot if it goes out of hand. That’s why I’m into Aspirin regimen, to avoid heart attack.

From time to time, I get a little high on my BP but, thanks God I don’t need medication yet, I just need to watch my salt and cholesterol intake. That is my Health resolution. to make sure that I take my meds everyday as I need it. I am only one body and  my kids are still young to be left in the world. Life is too short, so we have to really love and care for it.

I hope that Eveybody had a great New Year!!

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