Wow! What kind of resolution is this? I am known to be lazy at home.

Since I don’t work outside our home, I will consider being a stay at home mom to be my WORK. I guess what I can promise as a resolution are  as follow:

  • make sure to change our beddings every week.
  • mop the kitchen floor every single day
  • clean the living room every 2 days, hehehe..
  • check downstairs at least every week.
  • give bathroom general cleaning every week
  • limit my grocery shopping to once a week to save money
  • put away clean clothes as soon as it’s done.
  • make sure the kids have their normal food before I cook ours.
  • take a shower every night (hey! it’s part of my job..:) don’t you think?)
  • make sure Roan is done with his homework before he can watch TV.
  • Let my mom do the laundry since it’s her exercise.

I guess, this is it. This job description belongs to a “HOUSEMAID”  what d’ya all think???

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9 Responses to “GT: Work Resolution”

  • anne says:

    Ang dami Hehehe wish you luck girl, visiting here through Bloggers Exchange and my entry is at

  • genny says:

    you are right, this resolutions mostly for mothers who are dedicated to stay at home and take care of the family. cheers!!

  • Shawie Girl says:

    Wow!love your resolutions,so specific and very organized! and you call yourself lazy? i think your work is synonymous to being super mom!! am your new follower,have a great day!!

  • casseydab says:

    WOWW dami nmn sana m tupad haha…enjoy reading your blog

  • kim says:

    hehehe… sipag sipagan….

  • Rossel says:

    natawa naman ako sa comment ni Kim.parang ayaw maniwala a. =D e kung ganyan namang nagi-snow dyan parang mahirap magshower every night.

    have a great weekend, Liz and good luck on your resolutions!

  • Omg.. Hoe do you deal with all of this? hehehe…
    After coming home from work, I can barely do any housework.. its incredibly tiring! I take my hats off you! :)

  • AC says:

    ang ganda naman ang ate liz ko dito…

    teka… akin atang resolution ito dapat… hehe…
    grabe naman ang once a week na change ng beddings… waaah! di pwede yun samin, ang hirap magpatuyo eh… walang sampayan, winter pa… once a month ako… kadiri dba? LOL

    yung cleaning every week, gusto ko rin yun ate lize eh.. kaso after a week, manilis pa… kaya di na ako naglilinis… hanggang sa dumumi na ng todo… so sige, gawin ko akin, pati banyo, every 2 weeks… (naku po! ang bilis ng araw! waaah!!!)

    at isama mo nadin po ako sa paliligo… hanggang ngayon every other day lang ako nagshshower… YUCK! talaga… eh ang lamig eh… nung summer nagbago na ako, kaso nag winter na ulit… back to normal… wahahaha!!!

  • K says:

    my gosh, those should be my (our pala. hehe) resolutions too! our house is always chaos, nakakahiya pag may surprise bisita. hehehe

    good luck with sticking to your resolutions, and more opps sana for all of us this year!

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