This is what I always hear while growing up. I guess, my parents want me to either eat good, be aware of our health or just  so that we don’t get sick and spend money. But now that I am an adult and I have some medical issues, I understand why they were forcing us to be careful way back then.

One thing that we have to do to ensure that we are healthy and far from any sickness is , make sure that our surrounding is free of any chemical material that will make us sick. Asbestos when inhaled can make us ill, that’s why now they have what they call asbestos survey. It’s to check out the place where they suspect of some asbestos residue, that’s why they have asbestos surveyor.  They are well trained people that would check either your house or your work place for any asbestos residue. It’s very useful to have your place surveyed, that way, there will have a chance to catch whatever illness you’re going to have if exposed to those substances. Those products include roof sheets, plaster board, floor or roof tiles, pipe lagging, toilet cisterns, bitumen adhesive, artex and many others all of which may have contained asbestos up until around 1990.

Being exposed to asbestos can lead to a cancer and up until now, they haven’t found any cure to this cancer that attacks the linings of the lungs.  That’s the reason why the surveyor will most often take samples of suspect products and send them to a laboratory, for analysis. then the client will receive a report whether they are safe or asbestos were found.

I want to let my cousin know who lives in UK that over there, it is a law to have their work place checked for asbestos, although still optional in homes. For her, it would be to her advantage to have her home checked since she is expecting a baby. It would be better to find out before her baby comes out. Better safe than sorry is another phrase that I hear most of the time.

It is for our peace of mind to know that we are safe in our own homes and in our work place if we  hire a trained asbestos surveyor to check  our place. Don’t you think? It’s devastating to find out that we are living in  a place where we will get sick soon due to not having it checked. I will not wait any longer. I will call for a survey as soon as possible.

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