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Have you ever tried to look for someone, or something and you need to do it online? Before it would be really hard for you to look up for a certain business, or restaurant, or place where you want to go. Now, it got made easy for all of us.  is very helpful. Local search is the most helpful search engine that I used. You can find coupons, events and whatever you need to look for.

Local yellowpages is also part of and you can search any business establishment, driving direction and all that you want to know. You can look for your favorite shopping place, restaurant, it could be your favorite theater and all kinds of commercial places. Isn’t that great? It’s like a one stop shop for finding local businesses and services.

When hubby told me that I need to look for a restaurant where we will go when his boss took us out to eat, I had to go to and look for local restaurants and without any difficulty, I found what I was looking for. It was the Sakura restaurant in Mobile and the direction was so easy too. We had a great time. I am so glad that I used the local search and I was successful. That’s to the use of internet, everything is getting easier for everyone. If you need to look for anything in general, local search works great.

There are some people who get tired of working for someone else and decided that they want to have their own business. But, do they know how to open a business without knowledge about it? Opening your own business is a risky thing to do. It  involves money so it needs to be thoroughly planned to able to make if profitable. Who do you talk to when you need some ideas on how to open a business? There’s this company that can help you if you need some ideas and suggestions when you are planning on having your own business. It’s called SMC and it’s been around for a long time now.

They have helped a lot of people who are trying to get away from being employed and wanted to start their own business. Specialty Merchandise Corporation will teach you how to run your business, it will guide you with thorough how to make sure you sell more and you earn more. Though there’s a lot of people who take advantage of SMC’s benefits, there are some who claims that there’s an SMC scam going on. There are also some SMC complaints being reported. those people who were dissatisfied with the result of their business outcome. Those who don’t follow the steps, and try to blame it to the company who is trying to help them earn some profit. I believe it’s human nature to blame their failure to others. But, they don’t know those thousands of people who were successful on their business because they took the time to study the packet that SMC sent to them.

There are some who research first before going to SMC but not  satisfied with just what they heard and learned from SMC, so they turn to Better Business Bureau. Corporation can’t just have positive feedback, and you cannot decide if you’ve only seen negative result. You have to weigh the positive and negative and go from there.  Specialty Merchandise Corporation BBB might be unflattering at first due to lower rating, but you have to consider the fact that, some people who have complaints about the company can affect the ratings of SMC. As an entrepreneur, you have to decide and look at the brighter side of the tunnel and look at the many successful stories of business owners who are now making a great deal of profit due to the help from SMC. Every business is a gamble, and you want to win, but you have to be wise and know what steps you need to take. It’s your money and you have to decide who to trust.



I believe that I already introduced to you my new found friend Julie, who I met at the mall early this month. Anyways, the girls and I went to her place today and had lunch. She called some of her friends so I can meet with them. She was unable to invite all of them due to the last minute call, but luckily she was able to talked her 2 friends into coming over for lunch. Ate Ellen has a 16- year old daughter and she came with them too.


They are very nice people,humble, warm and although they were talking in a dialect that I hardly understood, I didn’t feel left out. Well, I didn’t hear my name being mentioned, so I assumed that they weren’t talking about me :)


Julie made Mongo, ribs, egg rolls and Okra stuff, I can’t recall what’s the name of the recipe. I brought pansit and leche flan for dessert. We had a blast. Too bad they had to leave early, ate Ellen had to go to work. And because we instantly became friends, we talked about them coming over to the house so we can get together and probably spend more time together, get to know each other and  play cards of 41. I think I used to play this game, but I can never be sure.

100_6357 But anyways, I am so glad that I found some Filipina friends here, I am getting so lonely, with my mom being in Illinois, I have nobody to talk to in Tagalog.  I know that we are going to get along very well, they are so down to earth and seem happy individuals. We can talk about a lot of things, as long as it’s not about sports, I am good :) They love to shop, and they speak of my favorite words,  “SALE and DISCOUNT”, wohoooo! That’s why we’re on the same boat.

100_6363 Wrozlie and AJ made a new friend too, Samantha, Julie’s 5- year old daughter. I also had met Guen, Julie’s husband, and same as Julie, Guen is a wonderful person, easy to talk to. I am indeed lucky to have found new friends.

I am so looking forward for them to come over, so we can hang out. I am already invited to a birthday party and baby shower, isn’t that cool or what?

Well Folks, that’s all for today, and I do hope that you are enjoying your weekend.

I am just wondering if some of you still check your FS account. I did a couple of weeks ago and it still works. Same as My Space. I looked at my space because I was looking for some pictures of the kids that I posted. I guess, Facebook rocks huh!


I used to be addicted to FS, since that’s the only thing that I knew that time. I had found a lot of old classmates, neighbors and people from my town that I don’t normally mingled with while I was in the Philippines. Although I was not close to them, I was still excited to have found them on the net.


Then Facebook came into my life, and until now I still use it. I had found a lot of people from my high school, elementary and all that. Friends and family, we found each other here on FB. Although there are a lot of things that I don’t know how to do here on FB, I manage. I love it that I am a member of some groups and we can talk about someone behind their backs, bwahahahaha! just kidding. I can chat with my sister all the time, my nieces and my sister in law and all of them.


I wonder if Friendster is still popular?

Well, I m not an outdoor person, I would love to, but my allergies to the grass, weeds and other stuff prevents me from doing anything outdoor. I had wished that one day my whole family would go camping out in the wilderness, observe the animals from afar using vortex binoculars then take lots of pictures and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, I can never do that, I could if I want to, but I will be miserable, blowing my nose, wiping my teary eyes and all. Then, there’s no joy in having allergy attack while the rest of the family is having a blast.. What about you? are you an outdoor person too? Want to do some mountain climbing, camping, or something to get you out of the house?


Yes Folks, that’s me and my arm that got pricked by needles 11 times. It’s for my allergy test. Last week, they did a different test, but I cannot take a photo because I was not supposed to move.

This time, my 5 year old daughter took this picture. They were watching me while I was having my arm poked, and they were so amazed that I wasn’t crying or screaming. I guess, because they they get their vaccination, they were screaming on top of their lungs, so they thought that mommies do that too.

But anyways, I found out that aside from being allergic to dust, cats and dairy food, I am also allergic to weeks, grass and molds. Wow! I am glad I am not allergic to humans. :)

I was prescribed another set of medicine (again..) Maxifed, an oral pills and Patanase, it’s a spray for my nostrils.

image I hope to feel better soon. Next month will be my long term treatment which will be an allergy shots. Oh well…more shots huh!

Have a great weekend to all. Take care and enjoy your days off..

Credit card rules! Well, not everybody can get a credit card. Good credit standing is very important to apply for a bankcard. And how are you going to get a credit card? You can start from applying for department stores, gas or any kind of cards, then keep up the good standing and you will start receiving some pre-approved offers from various credit card companies. Having a high credit score will help you a lot when you need to get a loan for a house, or when you need to buy a car.  These are the major purchases that you need in your life, so  you better take care of your credit history.  The secret to keeping a high credit score is not to miss a monthly payment, always pay on time. .

Did you know that you can monitor your credit history by checking free credit score online? People nowadays can steal someone’s identity, so if you are careful, you would want to make sure that nobody is using your name and social security number to get a credit card for their own purchases. There’s a lot of instances that someone is using someone else’s information to buy a car or a house and with that being said, no one is safe. There’s a lot of bad people out there who will take advantage of their knowledge in identity theft to do harm to others.

If I were you, I would always check my credit score, and because it’s free, you don’t have to spend a penny. For your peace of mind, go online and check yours. It’s good to know that you can apply for a loan at anytime.

I have another appointment with my allergy specialist today, I don’t know what kind of test, but hopefully they will find out something else. Last week, I found out that I am allergic to Dust, Cats and dairy products. Now, I don’t drink milk, nor eat cheese. I can’t even have yogurt.  Isn’t that sad? I love to eat cereal during night time.

This day is going to be a little busy for me. At 10pm, doctor’s appointment, then take Dan to American Thrift Store, he is turning in his application, then at 430pm, it’s Roan’s Karate class. Whew! everything should be alright, except I have the 2 girls in tow, now that Lola is in Chicago.

I cannot go anywhere without hauling these 2 girls and everytime we go to the store, they are wanting something, grrr! But, I know I can make it. I do more when my mom is not with me. I tend to be too lazy when I know that I can rely on someone. I am a big girl, and I know that with the help of my hubby, I can do it. Wish me luck though.

If you are a blogger like me, you visit other bloggers’ websites that way they can pay you a visit as well. When I blog hop, as what we call it, majority of the posts are about weight loss pills and a so on and so forth. Does this mean obesity is everywhere? When I go to grocery stores, I see heavyset people riding the handicap ride  because they cannot walk while shopping. When I go to the restaurant, I see a lot of heavyset people eating. I am not the skinniest gal in the planet, but I am so glad that I can maintain my weight. I gained weight after 3 pregnancies within the span of 5 years, but I lost the pre pregnancy weight. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

As an old fashioned person like me, without knowledge when it comes to modern technology, I guess I don’t know what pci compliance hosting means. As I was reading it, my understanding is, it’s some kind of protection for customers when they use VISA or to protect their information. This is for business owners who takes credit cards as method of payment. If you want to know more about pci compliance hosting, you can check it out. I am not much of a computer wiz, so i don’t really understand what’s the real deal. All I can say is, I can have a peace of mind since I know that when I use my credit card to purchase something, I am protected from fraudulent.

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