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Yesterday was Board Breaking Night at River City Karate, each student was supposed to bring 3 friends to break boards too. And since we forgot that it was yesterday, Roan didn’t ask any of his friends to go to the Karate studio. so, he ended up with his 2 siblings, Wrozlie and AJ. They were allowed to do some Karate stunts and the girls enjoyed it so much.

Wrozlie and AJ sitting with the other visitors

AJ being helped my Sensei doing her push ups

Sensei put them next to Roan

Roan doing his board breaking moves..

It's Wrozlie's turn to break a board..

wohoo! AJ broke her board into 3 pieces..

Listening position

I believe that the girls had fun. Wrozlie said that she wants to go to Karate class and doesn’t want to go to ballet anymore. Hmm.. We will see..

It will be my birthday in 3 days, and I don’t know if my husband is going to get me a present. I know that he’s not into flowers and all, but he can send me some with proflowers free shipping code he doesn’t have to spend money for the shipping and he would surprise me too. It would also be our 7th Wedding Anniversary in few days and with this double occasion, flowers is not a bad idea for a gift. He used to give me flowers during our first few years of being together, I guess, once been married for a long time, the sweetness fades although the love is still there. He would simply say that his love is stronger than those petals of roses..How can you argue to that kind of statement. What about chocolates? Dream on! is what I always tell myself..

I used to work as a sales associate for over 9 years, I helped the business owners to be rich, by selling their merchandise. There were times that I was thinking, when will it be my turn to become an entrepreneur and have my own business. I love to sell, although i am not as good as the others salesmanship wise. I can convince someone to buy an outfit and it makes me happy when I do. I was browsing online to find something about having my own business. I tried doing Herbalife, but it didn’t work for me, I didn’t have the luxury to call every person that wants to lose weight. Then I have seen this website while searching online and it made me so interested.With SMC promotions, I was able to understand what Specialty Merchandise Corporation is all about. I can have my own business while taking care of my family. It seems so promising. With a small investment, guidance from them, and hard work, I can be my own boss in no time.

Being a member of SMC is as easy as 123. If you have the will and determination to become an entrepreneur then you won’t find it hard to be one of the successful members of this corporation. SMC membership kits were given to all members, it contains excellent tips on how to start your business with them. It helps you to become a successful business owner. Once you signed up with SMC, you will have full access to their catalogs of thousands of SMC products that you can sell. New members can choose if they want to have their own website to promote their products and it would be for free.

Great thing about being a member of this corporation you can use SMC catalog to promote your business. Your customers will find thousands of products and of high quality and their main products are household, toys and games, garden supplies and electronics. With all these that people normally use, your can have a successful business in no time. If you are getting interested while reading this , check out their website now so you can start planning for the home based business that you will have soon.

What are you waiting for? Work at the comfort of your home. Sell specialty merchandise while feeding the kids. Let your customers browse on catalogs while you’re doing your laundry. Who says that being at home cannot put food on the table?

I am just posting some of my solo pictures while I am still in my 30′s. In few days, I will turn 40 and I will have more gray hair. I know that whenever I look back, all I see is my 39 wonderful years that had passed. I never had a comfortable life growing up, but I guess, that kind of life taught me how to be who I am right now. I grew up with my parents guidance, and lucky enough to be loved by them. We were lack of material things but we are one of those families that get along well.

Oh well, just trying to remember my image while I am still young. In April, I will be old, huwahhhh!

Before, I didn’t have any idea what web hosting means. I didn’t even know this word exist until I started blogging. I started with Blogger and was happy with it. Until one of my paid posting company said that they no longer accept Bloggger, every blog site needs to have it’s own hosting before they accept it. Otherwise it’s not going to get approved and it won’t make any money. My first goal when I created my blog was just for fun, to write what I think and to share with everybody how excited I am with my life as a stay at home mom. Until I got convinced by my fellow bloggers who then turned to be my friends to apply to some paid posting companies. So now, I am not only blogging, but I am also earning from doing what I love to do.

If you are confused like I was, you can always go to Webhostingfan and see what they have to offer. You can read everything you need to know when it comes to their prices, offers and terms and agreements. For you to be able to decide which host you will get, you need to see all the reviews of each of the hosts, and from there, you can choose which one you think would suit your needs. You can contact them too and you can ask them what is recommended. It’s better to understand what you’re getting into before actually being tied to anything that soon you will regret. I am happy with my host and I hope you do too with whichever you choose.

Happy blogging and good luck to you all.

If you see my kitchen, I have a spice rack, with 16 canisters of spices. Although majority of the spices are not useful for me. I normally use pepper, salt, basil, parsley, bay leaves, oregano and thyme. Having an accessible spice racks has advantages if you cook a lot. Especially they are labeled and it would be easy for you to just grab whichever you need to get while you’re cooking. In some households that I go to, they don’t normally have a lot of spices and seasonings, I guess because they don’t normally cook something that needs all the spices that comes with the rack.

Spice Rack

I believe that those people who love to cook, they at least have a wall spice rack for their cooking needs. Maybe in a restaurant they have it, I have never been in a restaurant’s kitchen so I am not sure what they have, but I do know that they have lots of spices and seasonings at hand. Spices add flavor to the food you cook. By the smell of the spices, you can tell if it’s Mexican menu, Chinese, Japanese, Italian or Filipino food. Those who have sensitive smell and taste can differentiate the spices in a food on the stove. They can tell if it needs more rosemary, or more oregano, or what not.

Wall Sprice rack

Why do people have kitchen spice racks? Is it just for accessibility purposes only? Or it can be or organizational reason too. It’s better to be organized when it comes to your seasonings, that way, when you are planning on a new menu, you can inventory your spices and you know what you still need. If all your seasonings are scattered around your kitchen, you won’t know what needs to be replenished. I love my spice rack, I can just refill the canister that’s empty. Simple and practical, isn’t it?

Kitchen Spice rack

Isn’t it wonderful to have one of these? Get one for yourself, and you will love it like I do with mine.

Sometimes the girls and I get bored at home and when the weather permits, we go out. This time, we thought of going to Cici’s Pizza. Then after we had lunch we went to the park and the kids played for a little bit.

Right now, the girls and I bond almost 24/7 and I am loving it. They do drive me crazy but these are the moments that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I am lucky enough to see my kids grow and I know that in few years time, they will have their set of friends and Mommy will just watch them from afar. I love them so  much that sometimes I want them to stay little, because growing up means, they are getting close to be on their own and that makes me sad just to think of it.

She enjoyed her chicken noodle soup

AJ eating her pizza

She's giving me her sweet smile

Finishing up her chicken noodle soup

Spending time with our kids regardless of where and when is always something that they will remember and cherish and in the future they will look back and thank you for showing them how much much they mean to you.

When you take any kind of drugs, don’t you go online and research about it? I do, I read all the drug information that comes with the drugs. I want to know all the possible side effects, so that I know what to expect. when I feel dizzy after taking the medication, i look for the information and see if dizziness is one of the side effects. Same way as diet pills. Whoever is wanting to use diet pills need to be aware of what’s the effect, the result and all that kind of stuff before actually taking it. That’s why there’s sensa weight loss reviews for people who would like to take this diet pill would learn everything there is to learn about this drug. It’s better to be educated about the pills that you’re putting inside your body. Besides, it’s your health that would be at risk.

I know that it’s easier said than done, but oh well, with will and determination, it can be done. Exercise, diet, fasting, work out, if everything else fails, turn to cla conjugated linoleic acid and those unwanted stubborn fat will be gone. It’s proven to burn fat and been around forever. If you are one of millions of people who are trying to get rid of their fat, well..I am one of those too, so I believe that this is the answer to our prayers. But we still have to do what we normally do, stay away from fatty food. Being gorgeous needs a lot of work, and sacrifice. You can still have ice cream in the middle of the night, but it needs to be controlled. Everything needs to be small portion. Don’t starve yourself because it’s bad for your health.

We are invited to attend to a kid’s birthday party this coming Saturday in Tennessee. I was planning to go, take the 3 younger kids. Rodney has to work OT so I have to drive. Everything was set, but, the weather report is trying to stop me from going. It says that there would be thunderstorm, rain and would be cold. With an inexperienced driver like me, it should tell me not to go. I do want to go and see my friends but what it it’s too dangerous to drive? Agh! I guess I would have to wait and see what is it like that morning. Or I will see if Rodney will let me go despite of the bad weather report. We will see. Weather’s been good for so many days, 80 degrees is so nice, today was 53 and it’s a little chilly. Spring is always the best time of the year. Not too cold and not too hot.

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