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Our community gave an egg hunting event at the Veteran’s park for all the kids. We attended since our kids never experienced that big egg hunting event. I guess, it’s better if they do it at the yard, so that not a lot of kids and they get more eggs that way. :)

Wrozlie at the Veteran's park

After the park egg hunting, we went to the church egg hunting and they got more eggs there..

AJ and her bucket of eggs

Wrozlie with her bucket full of eggs

I had to look this way to hide my pimples on my other cheeks.

I do too.. I have this pre-menstrual break out that it’s annoying me. I want to find a way on how to remove pimples. I have suffered from it when I was young, and now that I am a little older, I want to get rid of this for good. My husband never had a pimple so when I have mine, he would annoy me by chasing me so he can squeeze it. It makes me really grumpy. I would really be glad to have a smooth and beautiful face..

Through advertising, people can promote their business and it does help. When own a business, yo have to think of ways to introduce your business to not just the people around you, but so as to the neighboring town or state. And when the business became big, it can go national and you would need a bigger advertisement. Some people use advertising flags with their business logo in it to attract more heads to get a second look. Other big establishment, hire big advertising companies and pay big amount of money to ensure popularity and of course profit. Wouldn’t you if you know that it will help the business to grow bigger and better? I would.

It made me sad that Google decided to take away my PR on this blog. I was receiving a lot of tasks from Blogvertise due to my PR3, but now that it is 0, I don’t think I will ever get anymore tasks from them. Oh well, I guess, this is how it goes. I got so excited when it went to PR3, but now, I am broken hearted. I don’t know what happened. I just decided to check the PR today, and this is what I found out. I am going to work on getting another PR, but I know it will take time. My 2 other blgos are still on PR2, and the other 4 are all PR0. I don’t blog hop more often? or I really don’t know. Oh well..

It’s not very often that I get a picture with the kids, so when there’s a chance, I grab it..:)

Mommy and AJ taken last April 1st

This picture was taken when we went out to eat on my birthday

Mommy and the girls..

This was taken yesterday 04/21/11 after coming home from Karate class. Wrozlie now takes Karate too.

Mommy and AJ again

Taken on my birthday celebration April 2nd.

2009 Philippines vacation

with my kids and nephew..

Having fun is not limited to going out to have fun outside your home. You can have all the fun you want in the comfort of your home and in front of your computer. If you can’t go out because you have to take care of your family, there’s always a way to play and have all the fun you want while feeding your kids. I know many who do it all the time. I don’t personally play poker online but one of my friends go to this site and she said that this is the best US poker sites and she loves to go there and play. If you are a poker player, this will be the best site you can go to. I have read an article about someone starting to have $40 as investment and turned into $2.5 million! Wow, that is awesome.

I cannot believe that poker sites USA is one of the most visited online gaming site in the US. From coast to coast, it’s the fastest growing online game that most people can’t resist visiting. They can win thousands of dollars daily. To those who are dedicated online poker players, there’s also dedicated online sites for them. If you are an online poker player, you can check the ranks for the best poker sites in the country.

For those who love to go to casinos, you can also do it at the comfort of your home. Online Casinos for USA players are available now for your benefits. I do love to play the slot machines before. I used to go to casinos, but now that I have 4 kids and 3 of them are little, I can’t have the luxury of going to casinos, so whenever I want to play my favorite slot machines, I would go online and play. I would have to limit my spending though, but if I am winning, I would just say, go girl!! Having fun is priceless. Having fun while taking care of your family is great too.

What are you waiting for? join me in having fun by playing an online casino and I will see you at the poker table.

Maybe you are like me that don’t know that difference between auto insurance and auto warranty. I didn’t know that there’s auto insurance until I read about someone needing a transmission. And it’s so convenient that she has auto warranty. So, I asked how does it work. As I understood it, when you purchased your vehicle, the dealer will ask you if you want to purchase an extended car warranty. What is it? It’s like a promise that if there’s a repair need on your car before the warranty expires, they will pay for the repair. Or if a major part of your car broke and it’s still under the warranty, they can replace it for free. Isn’t that wonderful?

It’s the same as when you buy some electronics, they ask you for warranty and you can choose how many years you want, the longer years, the more you pay for a warranty. When it comes to automobile, you can never tell when do you need to replace your transmission, engine or whatever you have. And with automotive warranty, you can be at peace once it happens, because you made the right decision when you bought that warranty in the first place.

don’t procrastinate, when you buy a vehicle, get an auto warranty, it will help you in the long run. If your warranty is about to expire, call Fidelity Automotive Solutions now and they can help you whatever dilemma you have. It’s better be safe than sorry. Out of pocket expenses can be a burden, better be prepared early.

I wasn’t even planning on having a birthday party for Roan, since he’s already 9. But, I talked him into going to CEC for a simple family birthday, it was just a walk in. Until the last minute, I ended up reserving a birthday party for him. It turned out great though, since my sister in law Crystal and her 11 year old son were here for a Spring break, they had so much fun. I thank my sister in law for helping me with the preparation.

The gang at the party

Gina and myself at Chuck E. Cheese

My sister in law Cris, myself and Gina, my friend

After the party, Alex took my picture

After the birthday party, we just stayed home and took naps. We were tired the whole week that my sister in law was here, we were out everyday doing some fun! Though it was exhausting, we will do it again if given the chance.

Health insurance is very essential to someone. Comparing health insurance can sometimes hard too. We have to make sure that we get the best insurance there is. If you or someone you know have some medical issues, it’s best to choose the perfect health insurance that would give you the best coverage. Blue Cross NC can be what you’re looking for. We also have Blue Cross and it is very satisfying. Though we have to pay deductibles, we are confident that it won’t let us down when we needed it the most. I have a lot of medical problems and I am having an immunotherapy and I am glad that our insurance covers it. Check out this NC insurance and it might be what is best for you and your family.

For people who work out a lot, having achy muscles is just a normal thing and they don’t even give a big deal about it. For beginners like me, I think I would whine and will decide not to continue working out. Everytime I start to work out and I start feeling the after effect on my bones and muscles, I have the tendency to back out and just quit. But, I do need to work out, it’s not that I am fat or anything, but working out can make me feel better, healthy and active. I might need muscle stimulators to take care of my aches and pains. I used to be so active in my work at home regimen, but now that I have 2 running toddlers at home, I just quit on my activities and started doing Facebook and blog, which don’t help me get fit.

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