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When I was on my heaviest stage.

I was blog hopping yesterday and saw one of my sister’s posts. I was kind of surprise to see my picture on it. Yes, she posted something about me. It wouldn’t be too bad if it was something nice. But it was about a trick we pulled up about decades ago. My first thought was, ‘how come she still remembers that?’ when I’ve been trying to do was forget about the incident. Needless to say, it was embarrassing. But in fairness to her, she posted an old picture of mine. And when I say old, it was during the time that I was still fit and slim. Well, that’s enough to pacify me. Imagine looking at a picture of your young self and then looking at how your body looks now, hmmm.. It’s not that I don’t like what I see, but, I guess I’m one of those people who should consider taking hydroxycut any time now, you know what I mean.. I might get my old body back.

My husband asked me if I want another TV for our room so that our small TV can be placed in our RV. I said, it’s fine, as long as we don’t buy it now, since we don’t have any money at this time. We are saving for our July Illinois vacation. He called me yesterday around 4pm and told me to write a check to our friend David for $125. I said, why? and he said, it’s for the used TV that he is buying from David. It’s a 46″ flat screen, used with a little defect that is not visible when you concentrate on what you’re watching. :)

Our newly bought Used flat screen TV

My husband loves electronics. He bought our flat screen that we have in our bedroom, for over $300 in 2009. Now he wanted a bigger screen, so he found me one. The one in our living room is a 50 inch that we bought for $300 from David also. He works for a company that repairs TV, I don’t know where he got the ones we bought from him, but his house is filled with big screens.

I am glad we have a friend who works for a TV repair shops, now we have big screen TV for a bargain price, wohooo!

I don’t use a clean up team, because I do my own cleaning up. Well, I am talking about normal mess in my house. But, what if natural disaster came through your area and your house got damaged, that’s is when the clean up crew would come to the rescue. If you live in Austin, TX area, you won’t have any problem about cleaning up any damaged done to your home. If there was a flood and your home got affected , water damage jobs Austin is ready for your rescue. And they do a great job too. It will look as good as new. They have a 24-hour water extraction and you will be in good hands.

The Steam Team has been around for 18 years and with their experience in cleaning up, they became one of the most popular team in the whole Austin area. They don’t only do disaster clean up, they also do household trouble, like sink overflow, or what have you. They have this 24-hour a day service that you can depend on. The water damage repair cost Austin team also gives reasonable price. They offer you great service with the price that everybody can afford. They know that water damage can be a big problem to every household. That’s why they offer a satisfying job.

Water damage to a home has a devastating effect to people. Most of the homes now is carpeted from wall to wall. What if the carpet got damaged by water? Carpets are not cheap. It would be so horrible if you just changed your carpet then got damaged by flood. That’s why the team of water damage to carpet Austin is there to help you recover your precious carpets. With the team’s expertise, you will never look for another clean up team. Their popularity came from their satisfying service to customers.

If you of someone you know had a water damage done to your homes, call The Steam Team and they will be in front of your door before you know it. Trust only the best.

Well, I m saying this because we are invited to a birthday party on the 29th, while I will be having AJ’s birthday party on June 4th. I guess, due to the fact that by that time, it would be warm, people can sit outside while chatting with friends or relatives. When I did Wrozlie’s and Roan’s birthday, they had it at ChuckECheese because it’s kind of cool during those times. But AJ’s birthday falls in June, so it’s pretty warm. I want the kids to have fun playing outside, the parents to bond and talk or sing videoke or just cause.

I love giving parties for my kids, and I love inviting people to come to my parties. I don’t mind the stress, the exhaustion, when they leave my house with smile on their faces, it’s all worth it. So, come on! let’s have some fun!!!!!


On second week of July is our schedule to go on vacation to Illinois. We are driving our RV finally, so we all can be comfortable for the long drive. Since we are not sure if the RV will make it to Illinois in one piece, we joined a roadside assistance club in case something happens to our vehicle while on the road. Having this kind of assurance give us peace of mind. We have 6 kids in tow and vehicular trouble in the middle of the highway under 100 degrees can be a hassle. It’s always great to have something to rely on when you leave your house. You can never tell what’s waiting for you out there.

Mariz and I

Mariz and her husband Gary went to Florida for few days vacation, and they decided to stop by here on their way home. It was last Friday when they did. It was so nice of them to bring me crabs, and shrimp. We took some photos coz it doesn’t happen all the time that we see each other. Mariz is going to be out of the country next month, so I really did appreciate her coming to visit us. We have been friends for almost 4 years now, and spending time together is always precious for both of us. Thanks to Friendster, where I met her..

AJ, Mariz and Wrozlie

Mariz is one of AJ’s godmother, because she is not just a friend, she is family. We will definitely miss her when she goes out of country. I am so proud of all Mariz’ accomplishments, and it’s an honor to be considered as her friend. She’s a great person, very friendly and warm.

Gary and the girls playing..

We will miss you Mariz and I do hope to see you here next month before you leave. I wish you all the best in your career..

Aging is inevitable, but majority of people deny the fact that they are aging and want to keep their smooth face and beautiful looks. Is there a way to slow aging?  Yes, there is, and most women want to know how.. Skin care products are one of the best way to slow aging and maintain your natural beauty. It only needs a commitment that you will do the nightly regimen or whatever ceremony you need to do to be able for the products to work. Apply it religiously and it would be great if your face won’t have an allergic reaction to the certain products. Acne is one of our faces’ enemies and I am glad that now, we can get rid of it by simply applying a particular product and it’s gone.

I used to have acne problem when I was younger, adolescence stage is always the hardest while growing up. My sister and I were having competition on who gets the most acne. We used to play dot to dot just for fun. We wished that there was solution by then. Acne products are now available in the market for someone who wants to get rid of their acne. Aren’t they lucky that they have solution to their problems? Lots of different products and you have to choose that one that would agree with your sensitive skin.

For someone like me who is starting to age, I look in the mirror and I can tell that I am getting old. I was told that there is a product that would get rid of your age spots and I was so excited to know that. I am not trying to deceive people about my age, but if I can look younger even if I am already at my forty years would be great. I don’t only feel young, but I feel good about myself. Though I believe that Asian people tend to look younger than their real age, it’s still nice to look younger and beautiful.

What about you? Do you care for your skin the way I do?

There are people who love to watch concerts, ball games and what have you and they do watch for reasonable tickets before they buy. Avid fans have no reason not to watch their favorite teams when it’s time for football. Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets are now available for you all out there who are avid fans of this team. The first game will be held on on August 18th @ Heinz Field in Pittsburgh PA, so better get your tickets now so you get the best seat. And if you are a big fan of magic, David Copperfield Tickets are also now available for purchase. I remember watching him on TV when I was younger. is the best place to buy tickets for whatever type of show or sports you want to watch.

If you are like my husband who’s fond of listening to country music, it’s time to check out Adele Tickets, before the best seats disappear. The first day of her performance will be on May 12 @ 7:30pm in Washington DC. There’s still time to purchase your tickets. I have never seen a live concert before and I envy those people who are able to take the advantage of seeing their favorite singers onstage.

My kids would love to see the characters of Sesame Street onstage, and if your kids are like mine, you better check out Sesame Street Live Tickets now to avail tickets for your whole family. May 13th @7:00PM will be the first night of their show at Portland Memorial Coliseum in Portland, OR. I wonder if my aunt knows about this show. And although football season is three months away, New York Jets Tickets are now available for purchase. First game would be on August 21st @7:00PM. For the fans of football, today is the best time to get your tickets so you can take advantage of getting the best seat.

What are you waiting for? check out and buy your tickets now.

Well, I met new Filipinas when we went to Nashville last weekend. We attended a birthday party and Grace who hosted the party have great friends that I met. So, here are some few pictures that I took from their Facebook account. I hope they don’t mind me posting their photos without their consent.

Lisa, Lhiza and Liza

Goofing around..

Liz, Nena, Nina, Nancy and Grace

Meeting new friends is great, and I love it. I hope that we can get together often, but the distance sometimes won’t let us do that. I invited them to come to AJ’s birthday in June, so I pray that they will be able to come too.

Even if it was only for a whole day, I enjoyed our short stay in Illinois. I had a chance to bond with my aunt and mom. My aunt and I love yard/garage selling. So, we of course ended up looking for garage sales and I ended up buying stuff, that I actually don’t need, but because it’s cheap, I still bought it. I bought some slightly used onesies fro my goddaughter Keisha, so hopefully before she grows out of the size, I can be able to send it to her in the Philippines.

We went to the mall and just walked around and ate at the foodcourt, cheaper than go to Old country Buffet which is now Ryan’s. The kids enjoyed riding the train which was so expensive. $3 per ride, yaiks..

@ Stratford Mall Bloomingdale, Illinois. Wrozlie being crazy

Wrozlie took the picture with my aunt, Richelle, my mother and AJ

Having wonderful time roaming around the mall

Lola and AJ back in each other's arms.

Though the trip was exhausting, it was worth it. We all had fun and we enjoyed it..

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