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1986 CAT, High School days

I used to carry this wooden rifle that was heavier than I was. I can’t remember if I even learned how to do the formation thingy, oh well..I passed my high school didn,t I? so I guess, I did okay on my CAT. Otherwise, my dusty shoes would be useless.. :)

Who wouldn’t remember CAT? I do and I always will. I probably didn’t Ace it, but I learned how to march, turn to the left and turn to the right. I can still remember our teacher Mr. Desamito, he’s nearly bald, but he’s funny and nice. He might be tough during our line up but I knew it’s just his cover so that we would be scared of him and do what we were told to do. I wonder if he’s still alive. It’s been 25 years now since I last saw him, and he was probably in his 50s during our CAT days. But anyways, I found this picture on my file and I decided to reminisce my old days, when money problem, bills, kids and spouses were never in our thoughts yet.

It’s so nice to look back and cherish those memories that only High School days can bring. I found some of my High School friends here on Facebook and it was so cool to keep in touch with them. Some I talk to, some added me and after I accepted, nothing, :( They probably just wanted to see how I look like now, or what kind of life I have, or how many kidsĀ  I brought out to this world, if I am fat or what not :) Oh well…

Here is the Saint Stephen’s Academy, Laur Nueva Ecija Philippines
Batch 1987

Ana Liza Agustin Barnett, USA
Married with 4 beautiful kids, jobless…stay at home mom..

Rhea Agnes Martin, UK
Married to June Martin with 3 kids and works abroad, my BFF. I miss her and hoping to see her before our hair turned gray (opps..mine is already gray,wahhhh)

Geraldine Alfonso Daniel outside the Philippines (I forgot which country)
Married with 1 beautiful daughter, and a happy wife..

Leonila Barrientos Jose, Philippines
Got married right after our High School graduation :) not sure how many kids she has right now.

Celia Bumanlag Narne, Philippines (Saudi Arabia)
Married with 3 handsome boys, have a beautiful mansion in the Philippines, rich and famous :)

Gloria Cordillon, Canada
Single and available, lives in Canada, getting more beautiful as ever.

Mina David Osi, Philippines
Married with a kid as far as I know, she is a teacher somewhere in Manila.

Jeniffer Dayao Garcia, UK
Happily married with kid(s) not really sure how many. I see her on FB from time to time

Virgilia Guilao Cordillon, Philippines
Married with 3 kids. 2 already graduated from college. Rich and famous in Laur, Nueva Ecija

Leilanie Gregorio Esteban, UK
Married to Oliver Esteban, with a son that they adore so much.

Laura Palara, Philippines
I think she’s still single, since she didn’t change her last name since our high school days. :)

Lorna Palarca, Philippines
I do believe she has a handsome son name Christian that I met when I was in the Philippines 2 years ago.

Elvie Panginen Anthony, Philippines
My kumare and cousin, who’s happily married to Rex Anthony, has 1 beautiful daughter, Gem and 1 super handsome son who’s my inaanak Roj :)

Teodora Parungao Acoba, Philippines
Married with children, we have the same birthday. A very quiet when we were young, not sure now..

Ma. Rosana Sabado Parumog, Philippines
Married with children as well. I believe she’s a teacher in Cabanatuan.

Ma. Cristina Tolentino Borile, USA
Happily married with 3 beautiful kids and lives in Seattle, Washington. We used to meet up at Mang Kiko’s comics rental, because we both love to read Tagalog, Pilipino, Extra, Lovelife comics. Those were the days…

Jessie Camus, Philippines
I really can’t say a lot about Jessie since we’re not that friends when we were in high school. He’s the ‘funny and friend of all” during those times.

Ferdinand Cayadong, Philippines
Andy used to be so shy, he would just smile and very quiet, I am not sure what 25 years did to him. He seems funny now.

Romano Leprozo Domingo, Algeria.
I was told that Domingos are our relatives, so all the time that I was at school, I believed that Romano or now Banjoe as what people call him is my cousin. We used to play “sipa” and Romano sometimes let me win. Now he’s married to Zoe and has 3 wonderful kids, I know that he’s very happy with his life now. He’s one of the quietest but funny person I have ever known.

Edsel Del Rosario, Philippines
Edsel wasn’t in my class, but I often saw him riding his BMX bicycle with other boys around town. He’s married to Aleli and they are blessed with 2 beautiful ladies.

Junel de Guzman, Philippines
He wasn’t my classmate, and he scared me during those times. He’s not a tall person but I was so afraid of him, I thought he’s a villain :) Now, he’s married with a handsome little man in tow.Don’t judge the book by its cover, I believe in that.

Lauro Gabriel, Philippines
Married, but not sure if they already have kids right now. I didnt’ realize that he’s funny, since before he’s just very quiet and had his own set of friends.

Ponciano Quinto, Philippines
He’s one of my close friends, Pons is a down to earth person, until now we can chat and we can laugh with our jokes. He’s married but no kids yet. He’s very kind too.

John Samuel Samano, Austria
He’s married to Maricel who used to be our classmate during Elementary days. They were blessed with 2 beautiful daughters and they live happily in Austria. Louie as we call him is one of the greatest person I have even known. So generous and a philanthropist, fun to be with and so humble.

Joe Agapito Samano, Philppines
What can I say about him? He’s very quiet during our Elementary and High school days, so I didn’t get the chance to really know him. I know that he’s happily married now with kids, and I am pretty sure that he is a great person too.

Well, these are some of my high school friends that I found online and I am still hoping that the time will come that I will be able to see all of them at the same time :)

My two kids take Karate lessons, and when I go to the studio, I don’t help but admire all those trophies that they have displayed there. Some are big, some are small, but they all pertain to Karate. I am wondering if one of my kids will be ready for a tournament, maybe, that way they can have a trophy that they can take home. I wonder where they buy sport trophies from. It could be from a big company. It’s nice to see a trophy on top of your shelves. I hope that one day Roan will say he’s ready to be on a tournament, or even Wrozlie. Although she’s only 5 years old and tiny, I can see the determination on her eyes. Maybe, then maybe, we will have trophy on our shelf.

Yesterday, I had been looking for something to give to my husband for Father’s day, I know it’s too late but I told him, if there’s anything he wants, I will buy it for him. I went and looked for an ipad for him because I know that he wants to have one. He needs a personal computer that he can bring to work with him, he needs something to keep all his work stuff. While I was looking for something to give him, I was also looking for something to give to myself, I didn’t get anything last Mother’s day, so I was looking for the best netbooks that maybe I can have. I love computing our bills and maybe this thing will help me get organized.

Every summer, we go to Knoxville, TN to pick up Kattie and Kelsie, since they spend summer vacation with us. Last weekend is no different, we went up there to pick them up. We used the RV so the kids would be comfortable during out trip. We were right, it was very comfortable for them. We only stopped couple of times to get some gas. Comfortable for travel, but uncomfortable when our pocket is concerned. We spent over $200 for gas. RV used up 7 miles/gallon. I was wondering how much are we going to spend when we go to Illinois this coming July since we are going to use the RV, It will create a hole in our pocket, but it’s OK, it only happens once a year and besides, we’re visiting my aunt and we will stop by at my sister in law Crystal.

with cousin Wade

on our way to Knoxville

girls having comfortable trip to Knoxville inside the RV

Roan while getting board inside the RV

Roan and Kelsie on our way back to Alabama

Wrozlie, AJ and Kattie inside the RV

We have been hearing our pastor at church about buying a new land to build our church. We are just renting right now and he’s goal is to have our own place for our church. He said, right now our congregation might be small, but maybe if we move to a new location, we might be able to grow bigger. All we need is to get the land and we can build our very own church. He is talking about steel buildings for our church, and I believe that if we pray hard enough, we will be able to get enough money to build our church. We are hoping that we can have more members to donate whatever they can to help purchase the property so we can start building, we are still praying for pew donations or anything that we need to start our church.

My friend’s husband is working hard to lose some of his belly fat to build muscles. He works out every day for at leas 2 hours and I think working out can be addictive. I know he means well, and he watches what he eats, he eats food with lots of protein in it, veggies and he avoids fatty food. I wonder if he is interested to buy testoripped to help him build muscles. Knowing him, I know he’s very much interested in having a wonderful built. I might let him know about his product. All he can say is no, but I know he would be glad to get to where he wants to be. His wife is supporting him hundred percent on his goal.

After AJ’s birthday party, my friends who came from Tennessee stayed overnight, and we decided to go to the fleamarket the next day. It’s actually a spur of the moment decision that we made. It was like 11am when we left the house, so flaming hot out there. We went to Lacon OUTDOOR Fleamarket. My friends who are used to having their make up on of course put their make up before we left.

I was just smiling, I thought it’s cute to see women wearing make up, carrying COACH purses, trying to buy stuff from the flea market, trying to bargain with the $3 broom and dustpan item. What’s important is, they had so much fun and I am glad they did. I hope that they come back again next time and we will go camping, wohooo!

Can you tell that we all had fun at the Flea Market? Wherever Filipinas go, their cameras take good picture. Wohooo!

Gosh! I am so huge..

This is what happens when I eat too much. I had been trying to lose weight for the past 5 years and yet I can’t. I guess because I keep eating rice and other carbohydrates. I do some exercise too, but I am only good for the first week, then I go back to being lazy. I have never tried any diet pills because I have this fear of having bad side effects if I take some. I am only under different medication for some medical issues. I was told to check out some lipozene reviews and see what do I think about it. many people take it to help them lose weight and there are numerous positive feedback. This is what I need, to learn about what I need to take, as a precaution, so it doesn’t complicate my already complicated health issues.

When you are a family man or woman, and you have kids, you can always think of negative thoughts about our lives in general. We worry about our loved ones everyday. We ask ourselves what’s going to happen to them in case we die and so on and so forth. My husband works and I don’t, so he’s the only one who has life insurance offered by his job for free. So he got me one from work and we pay it every payday. If you are one of those people who worry about what’s going to be your family’s lives once your gone, start looking for an insurance that’s affordable with the term that you will agree on. Check out compare prices and see which one works best for you and your family.

It was Friday the 20th when my girls had dress rehearsal on their ballet recital and my friend Alena took this picture at their house. This is the one and picture of me and my girls wearing their recital costume. They danced to the song School Days, and they did great.

Mommy, and the girls

Our Ballerinas

My friend's son Justin, and the girls

They play with Justin a lot and they enjoy it.

My beautiful Princesses.

I can’t help but brag about my kids. They both did a great job during their recital. Too bad they don’t want to dance ballet anymore. They prefer to get Karate Lesson instead. Oh well, whatever they want to do, I just encourage them to do it. As long as they enjoy what they’re doing.

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