Alena and myself during her birthday celebration last August 6th

Thanks for this beautiful picture of us. I feel pretty…so pretty…:)

I know that I had introduced her here in my blog probably last May, because we met last Easter at the park when our community had an Easter egg hunt. I was chasing my kids when our eyes met, I can’t be sure if we smiled at each other or something, but we did look at each other. Knowing me I won’t say hi first, and she didn’t either. But her husband Shawn approached me and asked me if I was Filipina, and when I said yes, then it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship between 2 families who happened to live not even a mile away from each other.

To make the story short, I encouraged Alena to open a blog since she is a stay at home mom like me and having a blog is just a sort of an outlet for her. I told her that she can write stories about her good life and about her being a super mom to her kids. After months of pagmumuni muni (what’s that in English?) she finally decided to open one and it was a hit! She loved it and enjoyed it that her husband Shawn also opened his own blogs.

The Blogger Couple

If you visit their blog sites, you will find great quality entries and informative articles about health, parenting, sports and life in general.

I hope that you would find time to pay their blogs a visit and you will see that I wasn’t exaggerating when I said quality entries. I was so amazed that Alena’s MY GOOD LIFE is already PR2 after only 3 weeks of being live. Shawn’s My Fitness Pointers came PR1. Isn’t that wonderful? And because they enjoy blogging so much that both of them added another blog sites for both of them. My Game Day and Kidz Grow Fast .

That’s all folks, I hope that you will find time to welcome both of them in the BLOGOSPHERE.

Way to go Alena and Shawn!!!

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I am so glad that you came to visit my blog. For a Stay At Home Mom like me, having visitors like you brightens my day. I hope that you will enjoy your visit, and I am looking forward to seeing you again soon. Have a great day. Take care y'all!!!
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