Photo Courtesy of: Mykel Dizon 

I had been on Facebook for quite some time now, and few days ago my sister Kim of Kimmy Schemy added me to this group called “ALAM MONG TAGA LAUR KA KUNG” which I thought so interesting and lots of fun. I spend so much time going to the group page to wait for people to post some memories of our hometown in Nueva Ecija. We, for some reason dug out and still digging out some of our childhood memories, things that happened in the past which most older members know. We reminisce our school days, food that we used to eat, places that we had been, people that we mutually knew, some passed on and some still alive, teachers that I believe most of us respected. We always go back to the past and realized how simple life was when we were kids and when modern technology hasn’t been introduced to us, when the road hasn’t been cemented and when we weren’t aware that “internet” exists.


Municipal Hall of Laur

Photo courtesy of: Albert Bacsa 

First and foremost, when Filipinos find each other whether on Facebook, My space, Friendster or Twitter, as long as they came from the same place, town, or province, they will be adding each other. This is the thing that my husband doesn’t understand. I had to explain to him that this is how Filipinos are. We get excited if we see someone (online) even if we weren’t close back then as long as they were from the same town. And this is what happened to this group. The pioneer of the group is Mykel Lacuesta Dizon, (who works in Dubai at the present) he created this group for the enjoyment and unity of Laureans. He said it started with only 22 members a week ago, last time I checked, it’s close to 700. Cool huh?

Matatalahib area

Photo courtesy of: Marisol Reofrir

Now, lots of members give their share of old memories, from typhoon, exotic food (then you start salivating..) to legendary people that when you think of them, you can’t help but smile. Isn’t it great to talk about something or someone that lots of people react and share their thoughts about them? When the commenting starts then the fun never ends. When I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed (when I get the chance), I check this group page and see if someone posted something that I recognize or familiar to me, then I butt in :) But anyways, something else had happened when this group page was created. And this is where I am getting at……..

Are you willing to do something back to your community? The place where you had your first smile, first step. Have you looked back lately and what did you see? A lot of things probably had changed since the last time you were there. Many members of the group are living abroad, be it USA, Canada, Dubai, Riyadh, UK, Italy, Australia and anywhere else, and yet they still remember and appreciate where they came from. Isn’t this what we’re supposed to do? Look back and see where we came from, so we can get to where we want to go? (It’s a matter of choice though).


Pakbet with Himbabao and Hagod

Photo Courtesy of: Nueva Ecija 



Photo courtesy of: June Beth Mil 

France Panginen made a post about doing something good for our community. Members will give donation in the form of cash and use the money to help people from our beloved place. The post was a big hit and had over a hundred comments from a lot of people including myself. We, then realized that many people want to help others. We thought that it was a great plan. Will it materialize? I don’t know. As of today, we, as a group are trying to establish a legal organization so we can do legal projects to benefit those of needs. Share your blessings is what we are getting into. We are planning to help the less fortunate people to be able to be self sufficient. As what Ferdie Gamboa posted on there ” You give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, you teach him how to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime” author: Unknown.


Elementary teachers and Principal 1982

Photo Courtesy of: Liz Barnett (me) 

For the meantime, we are all figuring out how to form a committee to work out a plan so we can begin our mission. We do hope that things get settled in a timely manner so we can start our journey to help our “Kababayans” soon enough. We pray that all members of this group cooperate. Helping others can make you feel good, helping people from your own place can make you feel better.

I would like to acknowledge the people who are doing everything they can to expedite the process.

Joseph Ordonez
Ferdie Gamboa
Jessie Camus
Erick Dizon
June Mil

If I missed a name, please pardon me for my memory is not as good as when I was younger.. We just ask everyone to be patient and we will get there when the time is right. I borrowed some of the pictures that others posted on the group page, hoping that I won’t get sued for Copyright Infringement :(

Have a great day to all!

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