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It’s not advisable to go grocery shopping while you’re hungry. You know why? You will buy a lot of food that you are not supposed to buy. It was Saturday when I went to Walmart and bought some stuff. Gosh, I guess I was hungry, so I ended up with numerous sweet snacks. Rice Krispies, Twinkies, Honeybuns, Keebler Chocolate cookies, Pop Tarts, Chips Ahoy, Swiss Rolls and I can’t remember the other sweets that I bought. I am not supposed to have any of this, because I am watching my diet, remember? But, it’s so yummy looking. As if it’s telling me to buy them so they can get out of the shelf.

Twinkies is my husband’s fave, same as Chips Ahoy. I like Snickers and now Twix. I love to eat, that’s why you can take a look and me and you can agree :) My mother in law told me before that don’t ever go grocery shopping with an empty stomach, otherwise, you will end up filling your grocery carts with junk foods. Oh well, most of the time I also buy Beef Jerky, and I will munch on it while driving home. I love beef jerky, it’s a little tough but I am addicted to it. I used to not like it, it stinks, but when I started eating it, now I love it.

There are a lot of food that I can’t eat due to my acid reflux issues, but, oh well, they’re stinking good and I am ready to suffer the consequences.

Have a great day ahead of you!!

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Don’t we all want to make sure that our loved ones are taken care of in case we pass on unexpectedly? If you are thinking of leaving your family in good hands, it’s about time you get a term life insurance for their best interest. Life is short and you don’t know when is your time to meet with the Creator. There’s a lot of companies that offer life insurance, but you need to be wise and smart to choose the one that best suits your need. Compare rates if possible. Get the one that has better coverage and has the fixed the monthly payment for a limited period of time. Some life insurances increase payments every year. It’s better to be prepared than burden your loved ones with paying debts once you’re gone.

Well, I guess, I should say..I am blog hopping now! wohooooo!!!! You know how you’re a blogger then you expect people to come visit your blog sites, and yet you never go visit theirs? Then you get annoyed with Google when your PR goes down to 0? I believe that your PR will be based on your traffic. How can you expect to get big traffic if you don’t give it in return.

My friend who is also a blogger told me that her site gets 100 visitors per day/blog. I was so impressed, and I want that too, I guess because I want my PR to go up. Google will be updating PR again soon, and I want all my sites to get a good PR. Is that too much to ask? Blog hopping is not easy I tell you. With seven blogs that I maintain, it takes me half a day to visit back the people that came to my sites. I was having hard time doing it, until my friend taught me the convenient way to do it.

Now, I love it, it’s not stressful and I enjoy doing it. I feel good that I am able to return the favor to those who never get tired of coming to my site. Life is a give and take situation, not just take, take take.. If you want to have lots of visitors, you have to do visit them. Some people join weekly Memes to gain traffic, some hold contest for the same purposes. I used to join Memes, but for some reason, right now, I don’t have the urge to do it.

Well, I will have to get going, I am blog hopping and will visit more friends who came to my blogs while I was asleep. :)

Have a great day to all!

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medical scrubs

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Hubby wants me to get him a Saints Jersey shirt, it’s the New Orleans football team. I went to Martin’s, Academy and Walmart but unfortunately, they dont’ sell NFL apparel. I believe that I will be going online to look for a jersey for my fanatic husband. He already has an Alabama jersey, and his boss gave him a Green Bay Packer jersey last week. Isn’t he getting spoiled?

Outside a broad downright rots the laughing luxury. This is what I think whenever I get him something that he wants. I am not fond of any sports, so I don’t buy anything with specific picture or sayings on my outfit.

So, can you tell me who sells Saints jersey? So I can make my husband happy…:)

Although I already posted the wedding of our friend, I am now posting the bridal shower. I think, it’s the first time I ever attended a bridal shower. I was expecting some strippers (male of ocurse :) )When the bell rand, I thought it’s one of those guys who dressed a a cop then all of a sudden he will strip his clothes off and will dance, hahahaha! movies can really influence your way of thinking. Well, it’s the pizza guy from Pizza hut who delivered pizza, whew!

But anyways, we had fun at the shower. And you all know that when there’s a party, we should have bunch of pictures and lots of food. So that’s what happened. We had Kodak moments and eating moment. I feel like every week I had been eating, no wonder my belly won’t shrink. But, it was fun to be with friends, it doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it’s a PARTY!!!

Liz and Sunshine

Julie and Liz

Me and my the Bridal Shower

Grace and I

Eating Time at the Bridal Shower

Before leaving the bridal shower

We gave Jannette her bridal shower presents, we ordered from Frederick’s of Hollywood, a nice sexy lingerie, wohooo!
I wonder if we will ever have another bridal shower. All my friends here are married . Maybe if someone comes over that’s getting married..:) We will see..Have a great weekend to all and have fun!!

I love Kmart, so I shop there when I need something for my kids, for myself and for our home. I got Roan his book bag there and he was happy. When we go shopping, don’t we like getting it on sale? When we go to the store, the first rack that we attack is the one with a sale toppers on top. We always make sure that we go to a section where we know there are red SALE signs on it, or we wait the sale paper or flyer through the mail to get coupons and all. What if we don’t have to go to the store nor wait for the mail to get coupons. We can just go online and get Kmart coupons and print it and voila, we can save big bucks. Won’t that be wonderful? I think so.. Kmart has variety of coupons for their variety of department. Get one and maybe you can use all the coupons for all your shopping needs.

Late Honorio B. Agustin

This is my dad, Honorio “Nor” “Mang Nor” Agustin. He was known to be the billiard owner in Laur Nueva Ecija where he was born and raised. My vivid memory of my father was his playing guitar while singing to Yoyoy Villame’s “Nayong Filipino” My dad was a joker, he can make people laugh with his jokes. He might be a little strict due to his being a policeman during his younger years and being in the military before he became Secretary to the Mayor during the 80′s.

He was a very organized person, all of his things, from pens to used shirts would be in perfect place and nothing was disorganized during his days. If you see his financial book (as if there’s something to write down and compute) you can’t imagine how everything was so detailed. My dad was a simple man, with simple needs and simple dreams. He did the best he can to give us a better life. But, he can only do so much.

His biggest dream was to come to the Unites States to see snow. He did in November 2002, and he was happy. But, life was not fair, he got sick (colon cancer) and went home to the Philippines after being here for almost 2 years. He passed away in October 2004 without me on his side. That’s my biggest regret until now, everytime I think about his death, I still feel so guilty of not being able to tell him my last goodbye. But I know that he understood.

My Mom, Dad and Myself during my vacation in 2000

I wished that he had more time in this world, I wished that he’s still alive by now so he can see my kids, so he can cut our grass outside, to water my dead plants, to enjoy his life. As I was writing this entry, tears were rolling down my cheeks for I don’t understand why he can’t stay longer. I can’t believe that 7 years cannot ease the pain of losing your loved one. I wished that he is with us right now enjoying the weather, I bet we won’t have any ivies out the front yard if he was here. I know he loves to clean yards and all. We won’t have any dried leaves anywhere if he was here..I wish… I wish…

But I guess, life is too short, and I am glad that he lived his life to the fullest. I was not able to tell him, but I know that he knew that I loved him and if I can do something differently, I would turn back the clock to have him tested for colon problem during his 50′s, but I always pray that wherever he is, he won’t have anymore pain and sufferings. I also know that he’s happy looking down at me, he told me one time that money isn’t everything, as long as I am happy with my life, that’s what counts.

Treasure your parents while they are still with you, once they are gone, you can never have them back…

It was Father’s Day 2002 when my husband received a watch from me, well..I told him it’s from the kids but he knows it’s from me. That means, it’s been nine years since he received his watch. He still uses it because it still works. And because it’s stainless, it doesn’t rust or anything. My husband takes care of his things unlike me who is not very good at keeping my stuff in a hidden place that’s why you would see my make up kit all over the place when the girls get a hold of it. I had been wanting to get my husband a new watch but he kept telling me that he doesn’t need it right now. I bought batteries for his watch three times for the whole nine years that he has it, pretty cool huh.

Vuarnet H2o Gent Mens Watch

I am planning to surprise him this Christmas with a new watch. I went online the other day and I found this website that sells watches. Men’s Watches is one of their specialty, where you can find good looking watches for men. Kenmar Watches is one of the most popular store for watches of any gender. They have top quality name brands and durable and of high quality. I bet my husband will be so happy to receive another watch from me. Although he keeps saying that he doesn’t need any, I know that he won’t be able to refuse when I present him this beautiful Vuarnet H2o Gent Mens Watch. We will see.. I can’t wait..

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