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I have always dreamed of a wonderful and elegant house. I think every housekeeper does. It has always been one of my dreams to have a house of my own that I would decorate based on my taste. It must be classy and trendy. It must be decorated in such a way that reflects my personality that guests would say after each visit ‘it is so like her.’

Kodari Collection

It is so exciting to take some time to fix my house, paint it with my favorite color, adorn it with various chandeliers and figurines and put beautiful red rugs for the final touch. I am glad that The Rugs Warehouse is just one click away. I can shop for some rugs while sipping my morning coffee.

Palma Green Thumb

That would be the most exciting part, choosing the rugs. I love rugs. It gives character to the house that makes it different and stands out from other houses. Moreover, I want various designs. I would not settle for just one style and color. That would beat the purpose of putting the rugs in the first place, to give character to the house.

Scultured Collection

That would be accomplished by putting a different rug in each room: the master’s bedroom, my daughters’ room and my sons’ room. Good thing I am hands-on with my children. I know what they would like, making it easier to choose, which I think is the toughest part of the job

I don’t normally decorate for holidays, but we had Halloween party here at the house last year and I had so much left over ( I don’t throw anything away even those fake webs..) so I thought of putting them up this year. I didn’t realize how much plates, cups I have, I probably bought those after Halloween, when it was half off. I found some vampire teeth, those minis skull basket and pencils, socks and etc. I love shopping after the occasion, only most of the time, I really don’t need it. Oh, I take it back, I send them to the Philippines.

I am not artistic enough, so whatever I thought would match the occasion, my family ain’t that much critic anyways, they are happy with whatever I can do. The kids are always excited even if it’s not as pretty as other decorations. I bought my stuff at Walmart and Dollar Tree, those are the 2 stores that have affordable Halloween items.

Our Dining Room

I got lazy watching True blood today, and I didn’t feel like blog hopping, so I took the time to decorate our dining room, put labels on my stuff for Philippines, I am planning on sending a box or 2 by the end of November, I have so much stuff. I can’t believe how much we accumulated over the years. But anyways, we are so ready for the Halloween! Are you?


When you want to register for online dating, do you browse for the best online dating sites before you decide to register? or you just look at how many members they have and how many successful stories they posted.I was on my Facebook account the other day when I saw my friend’s profile picture and I was so happy, why? She was with this good looking man, and she looked so happy. I suddenly remembered when she was crying few years back, her long time boyfriend broke up with her, for a reason that she cannot understand. I told her that everything happened for a reason. She moved to Arkansas to forget her past relationship. After a couple of months of being in Arkansas, she messaged me and asked my opinion about a certain guy.. I was happy for her that after the painful break up, she started to move on. When I asked her about her love life, she said that she’s doing pretty good. She’s registered to a dating site online to meet her perfect match. I have heard about it and although there are some relationship that didn’t succeed, many have worked and lived happily ever after.

If you are looking for a dating site online, you need to check out and see for yourself which of the five best sites you would like to try. Online dating is a great way to meet people, especially those who are having difficulty finding their Mr. or Ms. Right. It helped so many couples and because it is so popular, now there’s a lot of websites about online dating. Sometimes it’s confusing, you only have to rely on other people’s experiences and successful stories, or from the commercial on TV. I should know, I met my husband in a chat room, 11 years ago. When I met my husband (then chat mate) online, I didn’t believe in online relationships. I was thinking, how can a man and a woman like each other without personal interaction. We started with chatting, exchanging emails, introducing each other, what were our likes and dislikes, followed by short phone calls, then nightly long conversations, until we decided to each other in person. Our story was a success, we’ve been married for almost 8 years now, with 3 beautiful kids, a mortgage and tons of monthly bills. Who can tell that we started as chat mates?

Regardless of what other people say, online dating has so many benefits, such as; you will be able to know each other and develop a rapport before deciding to meet. It’s safe, and one of the many incentives of being a member of an online dating sites is, you can meet someone out there who shares the same interests as yours. . You can join numerous sites and see which can give you the luck of finding your true love. He is out there somewhere, all you have to do is find him and he will be waiting for you.

I am a member of a non profit organization that consists of people from my town, Laur in Nueva Ecija Philippines. The organization was founded in order to make a difference in people’s lives. Luckily, we were able to have 260 members all over the world. I am proud to say that I was voted to be the Vice Chairman in the US chapter. (I probably did something right to be elected to be one of the officers).
When the Philippines was hit by the typhoon Pedring, our hometown suffered miserably, some barrios had flooded, houses got destroyed, and rice fields got buried in mud. People were devastated. We, the members of the organization decided to help out and reached out to all  our members for help. Donations came from different countries, USA, Canada, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Asia and Philippines. People who have something to give had shared their blessings to the less fortunate.

Donations were sent to the Philippines and used to buy goods to be distributed to families who have lost their homes, food and means of income. Our members in the Philippines chapter worked together to coordinate a relief operation. They helped each other to make our goal materialized. We made 140 families happy by giving them a bag full of goods. It might not be a lot, but for them, it was more than enough.

I re-posted here the article that I posted in our Organization website. The summary of what I said there was what I said above.

We want to thank all the good hearted people who were generous enough to share their blessings to others. We are still accepting donations and we are going to do another relief operation, but this time, a different barrio of the same town. We are hoping that we can raise enough money to help more people. This is only the beginning of our “making a difference” we are planning to do more projects in the near future. In God’s Will.

United Laureans is our organization and I am proud to say that we ROCK!

Tagumpay po ang unang relief operation ng United Laureans sa Betania, Laur Nueva Ecija. Nag distribute po ng goods ang mga members ng Laur Chapter sa mga pamilya na binaha at napinsala ng bagyong si Pedring. Maraming salamat po sa mga donation ng ating mga miyembro, kung hindi po sa mga tulong nyo ay hindi natin maisasakatuparan ang ating layunin na maglingkod sa mga kababayan nating mga kapuspalad.

Maraming salamat din sa lahat ng mga tumulong sa relief operation na ito, napakahalaga ng inyong role sa project na to, kung wala kayo ay hindi ito mag tatagumpay. Mabuhay ang United Laureans!!!

Betania Relief Operation

Pose muna si Chairman Jylen at si Secretary Nerissa

140 bags of goodies, ready for distribution

isasakay na raw sa Jeep ang mga goodies

On the way to Betania, Laur Nueva Ecija

Sugod pa rin kahit baha pa ang daan

Ang isa sa mga baryong malaki ang pinsala

Umpisa na ang distribution, si Vice ang handler

Sabi ni Chairman, " Uy, baba ka dyan"

Mga batang nakipila din para makuha ang para sa pamilya nila

Salamat po!

Naghihintay pa ng mga ibang pamilya

Maraming Salamat po!

Mga taong nagagalak sa tulong ng ibinahagi ng United Laureans Organization

Bata, matanda, may ngipin o wala, lahat sila ay tuwang tuwa

Sabi ni Inang, yehey! may hapunan na kami :)

Sabi ni Vice Jessie, lahat po kayo meron, wag po mag agawan :)

Dito sila nagpahinga ng mapagod sa pag distribute ng mga goods

Pagod ngunit super saya ng mga members ng United Laureans

Sabi ng tatlong gwapings, "Kelan uli ang distribution?"

Meron pa pong susunod na relief operation, abangan po natin ang iba pang mga projects ng ating organization. Ang layunin po nating lahat ay makatulong at makapagpaligaya ng kapwa sa kung anuman ang ating makakayanan.

Sa lahat po ng ating mga SPONSORS, sa Pilipinas, USA, Canada, Middle East, Asia, Europe at kung saan man, Mabuhay po tayong lahat!!

It’s a great feeling if you know that there are people out there who are happy because of what you did. We are all praying that our organization can grow bigger, so we can help more people. More power to United Laureans!

Aeropostale Sweater

It’s time to go shopping and save some bucks. Aeropostale is having a big sale right now, and I am so excited to see that those sweaters that I had been watching to go on sale are currently on sale. Hubby loves sweaters, and I do too. since Aeropostale carries mens clothing and their merchandise are to my husband’s taste, I believe that I won’t pass up the opportunity to save some money. My husband is a simple man with a simple taste. although he likes plain and solid color tops or outfits, I do know that he would love all the designs that Aeropostale carries. Now is the prefect time for me to get stuff for my teen-age son and husband, I love taking advantage of sale prices. I can also get something for all my male in laws, it might be early for Christmas shopping,but hey, if the price is right, why not?. Affordable prices and high quality merchandise, you can’t beat that.

If you had been to their store at the mall, or even on the website, you can see that all the merchandise they sell are of fine quality.the designs and styles are hard to miss. My husband might be on his late thirties, I know that he would look sharp wearing one of the sweaters that the store featured on their online store. If you need to shop for your loved ones, Aeropostale is the perfect store for you. For the men in your life, go check out their store and start saving money now. You have to remember, Christmas is just around the corner. Shop early so you don’t forget anyone.

This picture was taken probably 24 years ago, I can’t really remember. I saw it on my sister Kim’s FB pictures so I stole it from her. I can’t believe how young I was. I know that this was taken during our Christmas celebration in Guimba Nueva Ecija. I just can’t figure out the exact year. My aunt sent us those sleep wear and my husband was laughing at me coz I was wearing some kind of Garfield nightgown. Hey, when someone gave you anything and it’s from abroad you wear it no matter what. We were so excited receiving stuff from my aunt. Now, I am the one who’s sending boxes and it makes me happy to know that my nieces and nephew are happy to receive it. It’s so nice to see my old photo, I was so young and innocent. I was happy and contented with what I had. Now, everything’s changed. Aside from I am a lot older, I am a mom and a wife. Thank you God for giving me a wonderful life. Couldn’t ask for more, but good health and long life.

pop up display

When I went to my Team Leader Conference when Meijer was about to open in Illinois, we had to listen to all the guest speakers who had a lot of great things to say about the company. Each of them carried they own visual aids. Some had video player to show, some had projector and some had pop up trade show display to show what they have to offer. These displays help people understand what the meeting is all about. This is to show what the company has to offer. It helps a lot and it’s also form of advertising. Visual aids is essential to meetings, conference and such, so people who listen don’t get bored too.

No matter how many television sets you have, when you see this samsung lcd you would want to get one for yourself. We are planning to get Roan a new TV this Christmas, since his was the one that my aunt gave to us 4 years ago. He’s requesting for a new one, I guess he’s jealous that his sisters have their own flat screen TV in their room. If the price is right, why not? Besides, Roan is a great boy, but before we give him his TV, he needs to work on his grades.

There are people who often think that they deserved better. I do, I don’t have any regrets having my son at a young age, but I could have done better. I have four children now and by next year, my youngest will be in Kindergarten. I had been waiting for this time that I can do whatever I want with my free time. For the last six years, I had been a stay at home mom, I enjoy it so much, but there are times that I wished I have a better education so that when it’s time for me to go back to work, I don’t have to apply at the mall and work every weekend during holiday season. It’s not too late late. I can still go back to work,get a diploma and find a better job. I can go to college online and I don’t have to leave my house. I was browsing for online colleges and I came across Walden University and I started browsing for all the courses that they offer. Walden University’s online degree programs include Doctoral Degree, Educational Specialist (Ed.S), Teacher Preparation, and many more.

If you are planning to go back to school to get a degree for a better future, you need to check out and you fill find what you’re looking for. They offer affordable tuition fees, respectable educators, and variety of courses that will give you a chance for a promising career. Walden University is an accredited institution with more than 40 years in higher education. Good thing about online classes, you can take care of your family while getting yourself a diploma. Learn about Walden University online college and you know that you are facing a smiling future waiting on you in no time.

Winter is just around the corner, And since AJ stays with me all the time, wherever I go, she goes with me. What it it’s snowing and I have to get out of the house? I know that I will feel sorry for her but sometimes, there are some unavoidable circumstances and I have to go with a toddler in tow. I am glad that heated car seat covers are invented. No matter how cold my car is, she won’t be. It takes time for the car to heat up, so in case of a rush trip, I can depend on car seat covers that’s heated. Isn’t that cool or what?

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