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Yes folks, we have a new addition to the family. My sister in law Wendi had her little girl on December 29th. Olivia was born 7.2 lbs and 20 inches long. She is so beautiful. Wendi is my husband’s youngest sister, and she and her husband Phillip were so excited about the arrival of their new baby girl. It was just last December 11th when we gave Wendi a baby shower. Now, she’s a new Momma.

Here are few photos of baby Olivia.

Baby Olivia

Mommy and Baby

One day old baby girl..

I bet that she is going to be a pretty little thing when she grows up. For the meantime, we will just enjoy her.Mwahhhhh!

Nowadays that online banking is used by people like me, ach payment is also preferred by many. I do banking and payment online and it’s easier for me and more accurate. I would go to the website of my credit card company then schedule a payment through their website. My payment gets credited the next day. I also do bill payment through my bank so now I don’t use my checkbook very often. I find it more convenient and less stamps to lick and stick..

For those who doesn’t know how painful migraine headache is, I am telling you, it’s something that you don’t want to feel. I had been having migraine headaches for a long time now and when I’m in pain, it’s indescribable feeling, only in a negative way. I would have to stay in a dark place, and I cannot to bear to hear any sound. My head would be throbbing due to pain and I feel nauseated. Until now, I am still looking for the best migraine treatment although my migraine doesn’t attack lately. Pain free living is what we always wanted, isn’t it?

Congratulations to our Holiday Giveaway Winners!
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Thanks to everyone for participating in our giveaway! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

When I think about my first memories of Christmas, I find it so amazing and I wished that I can turn back time. I believe I would have been 5 or 6 years old that time and we lived in Tanay Rizal. I still have this vivid memory of my parents saying that Santa Claus existed. If we were good, we would get one present per child. So, we tried to be good (even if it’s hard..have you met my siblings?) I cannot be so sure, but it’s Christmas 1977 when we had a nice Christmas. My parents came home from I don’t know where and they had with them 3 boxes of wrapped presents. They said that they went to the market and happened to see Santa Claus there, and because we were all good, each of us was going to get a box. That was when I got my very first doll (Pollyana) and my sister got a smaller box and she got her Little Poly. I wonder what happened to that doll. I know that her arm came off one day (the rubber that connects both arms got cut) and for some reason I stopped playing with her. My brother who was probably 4 or 5 that time got a helicopter. We were static and so happy..


But, what is Christmas without the famous Christmas tree?. I can still remember our first big tree, my mom and probably us kids used to decorate the tree and it was fun. We had those ornaments, maybe cheap but we were happy putting them out. I believe that when I turned 16, that tree became so little (every year the height got reduced, until what had left was the very top) that I ended up putting it on a pail with lots of rocks so it stands up. Then we would only have to put few ornaments, otherwise, we won’t see the tree, only the Christmas balls :)

The famous symbol of Christmas

What I miss about Philippine Christmas is the making of “parol” I remember when I was in elementary that we had to make them at least 2 months before Christmas, so that we can hang them outside our classroom. Whoever made the most beautiful would get a reward of seeing their “parol” being displayed outside, and the ones who didn’t make it to the judges standard, was going to be sent home and only the parents can view it. I wasn’t good at making anything, I am poor when it comes to art, so every year, we had “parol” inside our house :)

Parol on Christmas

Image from: Google

Did you know that during my childhood years , the only time that we can eat apples was during holiday season? They just didn’t sell them all year round until the 90′s I guess. Yep! we weren’t exposed to apples and the price of an apple was like gold. Can you imagine eating an apple that already taste like cotton (since it’s already been picked for so long..) and yet we thought it was the most delicious fruit in the whole universe?


During my younger years, we were excited about Christmas, you know why? So we can eat delicious food. For an average family like us, having Pancit, Sopas, gelatine and tasty, we were good to go. We didn’t know what ham tasted like, nor “queso de bola” we didn’t know that grapes existed, nor candy canes. We were just a normal family who get by everyday. We didn’t have the luxury to eat what rich people eat during Noche Buena, but you know what? We were so happy. Those were the times that I really miss during this season. Being happy and contented with small amount of food that we had on the table..

The very memory of Christmas that I will keep in my heart forever was when we used to hang my “dad’s socks” during Christmas eve. We knew that when they wake us up at midnight for Noche Buena that it was going be filled with candies and if we were lucky, it would have money too. We didn’t know that there were such things as Christmas stockings, we used to go to my dad’s sock drawer and get a clean pair of socks and just hang them with a thumb tacks. We needed to make sure though that we get the ones that didn’t have a hole, otherwise, we could lose 5 cents or 10 cents :)

Modern version of Socks.

Every year for 7 years now, I only had one wish in my heart, that I know I won’t get..I had wished that my dad still be alive now to celebrate this meaningful occasion with us. I have everything that I need, I have my family with me, although my brother and my sister with their families are in the Philippines, we get to talk to them from time to time, I didn’t realize how much I was going to miss my dad when I see socks hanging on the fireplace. I wished that he is with us and he would see his grandkids running around the tree and saying “Lolo, I got something for you!”

My dad, during his Secretary to the Mayor days..

Have a Merry Christmas everyone, and Have a Prosperous New Year too!

Our neighbor has a big RV parked in front of them and I always see it whenever I pass by their house. Lately I don’t see it anymore, so i told my husband one day if he knows about them going on vacation or something. I know that they normally have it parked outside with green cover. The other day my husband was cleaning our driveway and happened to see our neighbor so he asked about their RV, Mr. Heron said that it is at the shop where they do an rv repair since the last time they went on a trip, it gave them a little problem. With the size of that vehicle, when problem arises, it needs to get fixed. We just sold ours 4 months ago and I know that it would need a lot of repair, that’s why we needed to get rid of it. Once you have that kind of vehicle, need to get an insurance to it, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money out of pocket.

Next year is going to be our 8th wedding anniversary and I wonder what my husband is going to give me. I remember last year he gave me a Mother’s Day picture frame and a snicker bar. I might need to give him a hint, maybe show him a brochure of anniversary rings or anything nice and affordable. I know my husband, he can be the cheapest, but when it comes to me, he can go all the way. I had been wearing my wedding ring for almost 10 years now, so I guess, I am due for a new one. What do I need to do to make him buy me what I want? Probably a nice candle light dinner, or a warm massage….Let me make the plan and will let you know which one worked well.

We were invited to a birthday and a house warming party last Sunday (12/04) I guess this is the reason why I can never lose my unwanted fat. I had been trying to lose weight, and yet everytime I step on my weighing scale, instead of the hand goes down, it keeps going up. I know it’s my fault, since I cannot control myself, but what can I do, the foods are all scrumptious and it’s hard to say no to them.. They’re like inviting me and screaming at me, so I don’t like rejecting them :)

Marice's Birthday in Huntsville on 12/04

Filipinos are known to have so much food whenever there is a party. The “to-go” moment after the party is over, is a tradition that lingers wherever we go. It doesn’t matter which country we are  in, our culture stays  with us. We call it “balot” and it’s no fun if there is no to go plates when it’s time to bid good bye.

Baby Karl and myself

If there is a baby at the party, it’s also customary that everyone needs to baby sit a child that doesn’t walk yet, so that the mom of the child can eat and have fun too. That’s what is good about not having a toddler to chase around, you can just eat and relax. All I did was feed my kids  first, and then that’s it. I only had to borrow a baby and when my arms got tired, I gave him back to his momma.

Hubby and Myself

At last, I had a picture with my husband. It rarely happens that I have a picture with him. The only pictures that we have most of the times are the one that either I took or he did, and we always end up missing an ear, half of our face, or the head would be cut out. I am so glad that someone at the party thought of taking pictures of every  couple, we were lucky to get noticed as a couple and voila! we have a beautiful picture together. I might have it enlarged and put in a frame to hang on the wall in our room. I look nice and a little decent on this picture, don’t you think?

Singing with Luzil and Christy

And of course, because we are Filipinos, sing along (karaoke) is always present at the party. Without singing, it ain’t a party, I tell yah! I did sing few songs, I prayed that it won’t rain, because I do know that I love to sing, but the song doesn’t love me. I heard couple of dogs barking outside the house after my turn :)

Hubby and Rance

My husband and his friend Rance (Christy’s husband) were at the party and I believe that they both enjoyed being surrounded with Filipinas..They have no choice, they married us…so they have to deal with it for the rest of their marriage lives :)

The girls and I

Kodak moments: this is something that we are not going to miss at the party. If you happen to be around us girls, you have to expect that we are going to ask you to take our picture. You might end up having 4 cameras in your hands. Each of us bring camera at the party and an hour after we are gone home, you will see it on Facebook, if you are on our friend’s list.

Well, so much about our Filipino traditions, cultures and beliefs. Now, it’s time to say, see you again next time and have a great week to all!!!

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