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My mother-in-law called yesterday and her first words were “Just so you know, dad’s OK” and I said, “What happened to Dad?” Then she told me the story. My father in-law had a vehicular accident, but luckily, he was only sore, but he’s not hurt badly. As I understood, he was driving on a snowy road (they live in Camden, NY) and all of a sudden, his van ended up in the middle of a vacant lot, and he was upside down. I can’t imagine how it happened. The picture below showed that his car was upside down. He cut himself loose and got out of the car and waited to be rescued.

Accident Happnes

Isn’t this a miracle? he flipped his car upside down and yet he was fine. Thanks be to God for keeping him safe and alive. Now, my husband is having a change of heart of going there for Christmas. He said, we might as well go there this summer :) Driving on a snowy road is dangerous, but for some people who live in the states where snow is normal during winter time, they have no choice but to drive while it’s snowing, because they have to go to work and make money. I am glad that we live in the South, it snows very little.

Drive Carefully On A snowy Road

We are so glad that my father in law is doing great.

Be careful on driving, even if it’s not on a snowy road, being cautious can save us from hurting ourselves and others. Have a great day to all…

We were invited to attend a party last week, it’s Jannette’s 38th birthday and we went. It’s a little far, over an hour drive, but since she only has her birthday once a year, I thought it’s OK, since she comes when I invite her to my party. It’s a give and take, right? We did enjoy her birthday. So much food, as usual..Filipino party is always the best when it comes to food.

Jannette, the Birthday Girl

The Gang!

Us again

Being Kodak addict

If I would post all the photos that we had during the party, this entry is going to be so long. So, I am going to just post 3. The other photos are almost the same.

Among my family, my mom and I are the ones who don’t know how to play musical instrument. My dad, brother and sister used to play, although my brother still does, it’s fun when I see them play together long time ago. My brother used to teach me some easy songs for guitar but when my fingers started to hurt, I stopped. I then realized that I shouldn’t have stopped. I could’ve kept learning, that way I can teach my kids how to play. Too late now, but my children are still young, they can still learn on their own. If I see an indication that they want to learn, I will encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Point Mallard in Decatur is having their first Ice Princess Pageant and I received an email about it for Wrozlie. My daughter doesn’t know how to ice skate, but according to the email, a child doesn’t need to be an ice skating expert. Registration is $40 and if the child will be taking lessons, the fee will be waved. Point Mallard is located in Decatur, Alabama, probably 8 miles from where we lived. They have golf course, water park, campground, ice skating rink and so on and so forth.

“Point Mallard Park offers the great outdoors like you’ve never experienced it before! Hidden among North Alabama‘s wooded pines, the 500-acre family park lets you stay in tune with nature 365 days a year. Come play 18 holes on one of the South‘s best golf courses, stay in our 25-acre, wooded campground, visit America’s first wave pool at our seasonal Waterpark, and/or cool off in the year round indoor ice skating rink!”

If you are looking for a place to go to, this is the perfect place for you and your family. It’s a friendly environment and you will definitely enjoy your stay. Check it out and see what I mean.

When people say time flies, they are not kidding. It does fly so quick that sometimes you won’t know where it went. Or, how did you spend it? Over four years ago, my girls were just little, looking at these photos below, I can’t believe how we all progressed. My oldest girl just turned 6 years old yesterday, and my youngest one will turn 5 pretty soon. Gosh! I didn’t even feel all these years that had passed. Where was I? Busy blogging, or Facebooking? Maybe, I was occupied playing Farmville, or just been busy hanging out with my friends who I met last year (2011)

Not to sound like bragging but I can tell you that my girls are so smart. There are times that I can’t seem to figure out how did they become the way they are. Their way of thinking is out of this world. Just like the other day, my 4 year old told me why she hates rock and roll. Although we don’t allow them to say the “hate” word, I was so puzzled about her statement. So, I asked her why.. She simply said “Because them too loud” Woa! how did she know that rock and roll is loud? Has she ever been to a rock and roll concert that she can say it’s too loud? Yesterday she told me that she will love me whatever I look like (fat or ugly) even when I am old. That made my day, I tell yah! How many 4-year old will tell you that they will love you regardless of your looks. I do know that when they turn 12 or 15, their perspective will change, especially when I start telling them that they cannot hang out with their tattooed friends at the mall :-)

But know what? for the meantime, I will enjoy hanging out with my kids, I will make the most out of our daily conversations. I will cherish every nice words that they say about me. I know that in few years time, the words “you ruined my life” will come out and “I can’t wait to move out of this house” will come second. I have to remember that I am raising my kids in this country, and they will get influenced by the outside world. Even if I raise them the way I was raised, I cannot control their behavior once they get out of my door. My husband and I will just make sure that we give them all the love that they need and all the support that will lead them to live a better life.

Taken September 2007

Having kids is not a completion of our being parents…Loving and guiding them to the right path will somehow define how we are as their parents. Giving them everything that they want, is not the measurement of our being great parents. I heard one time that if our kids never hate us at least for once in their lives, we are not doing a good job. (not sure about kids who got raised by those religious people) I am only speaking for myself. I know that there are a lot of kids out there who don’t feel any anger towards their parents, and I don’t know what they do or what they have done.

Taken November 2011

When my 6 year old was asking for something and I didn’t give it to her, she wrote on a paper that she hates me..Why? because she said that I didn’t give her what she wanted. I told her that in life, no one can get everything that they wanted at any given time. Just like, losing is part of life. We need to teach our kids that we cannot win all the time, and that we cannot get everything that we wanted. Life sometimes won’t turn out the way we planned it. Our kids need to feel disappointments that way, they know how if feels when they did it to others. They need to accept the fact that life is not fair and they have to anticipate heartaches. This is the only way that we can shed them from pain. They need to fall and get up on their own. We need to let them know that pain is good, but when the pain is gone, it will make us a better person.

I hope that what I say here help us understand that being a parent is not easy. How they treat others reflects to their parents. How they behave will come back to us, their parents. I know that most of the time I am not a good parent to my kids, since I do more FB than preparing their meals, and I feel bad about that. Just like what they say, nobody is perfect, so I guess, parenting and FBing can be done at the same time, only, we need to know that our kids are more important than commenting on someone’s status, or if we lose on Words With Friends is nothing compare to our kids starving to death :-)

That’s all folks, I just get emotional when it comes to my children. Have a great day ahead of you guys, and Happy New Year!!!

Don’t you wonder why we feel pain? For some people, pain is normal due to their lifestyle, but when the pain is persistent and we know that there is something wrong, seeing a specialist is a must. There are different factors why we feel pain. I, for example have pains after working out, so I do know that the pain that I feel in my body is due to my inconsistency of exercising which I can justify. Muscle pains are normal for athletic people, joint pains can also be expected from older individuals, painful joints mostly relate to old age, if you know what I mean. Inflammation is the leading cause of pain. Although inflammation is the process of healing, once we’re in pain, we feel miserable and we do what it takes to make it go away.

Have you heard of Nopalea by Trivita , Inc. This company has been around for 12 years to help people pursue physical, emotional and spiritual health. Nopalea is an anti inflammatory wellness drink that if you use daily, it will help your body reduce inflammation. It has nutrients and contains rare antioxidants (Betalains) that have been scientifically proven to cleanse your body of daily toxin. Can you believe that because people who are in pain drink Nopalea, there were now over 3 million bottles sold? It only proved one thing, it really helps people, otherwise, it won’t go that fast. One of the best thing about this company is, their mission is to help people everywhere achieve greater wellness and create wealth for their life purposes. I believe that this is good enough reason to start using this product since we all know that it’s for a good cause.

You can avail this product for free by calling 1-800-203-7063. You only have to pay $9.95 for shipping. Be in less pain for the rest of your life by using this anti inflammatory wellness drink. Life is precious, let’s enjoy living, while we can.

This guest post from Doris Dillon

Mom and I have the hardest time with my dad. He’s a great guy, don’t get me wrong, but in his old age he’s gotten really crazy with all his hairbrained ideas about where and what to do with his retirement. Obviously my mom is along for the ride and it’s been challenging for them! I helped them move all their stuff to Texas last year since dad had this new notion of being a cowboy. I was excited for them and even helped them go to and get all kinds of utilities set up before I left because I thought they’d finally settle down. Nope! Dad’s still loving the ranch thing but he’s also all about international travel right now. I mean seriously, international travel, at his age? So he and mom are going to Alaska later in the year and then headed from there to Japan. I can’t really imagine them in such a foreign environment but you know whatever makes them happy is good enough for me I guess!

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