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Grace, who had the baby shower

She is having a girl, can you tell? Goodluck to you Grace and Junior, I know that it will be stressful for you once Janine is out, but seeing your bundle of joy will tell you that she’s all worth it.

Julie, the hostess, and Jean, who helped a lot..

Julie, who worked hard to make this baby shower a success. She did a wonderful job for putting this party together. She will do everything for her best friend. Now, I want to get pregnant, maybe she will throw me a baby shower too..(or throw me out of her window..LOL!)

Kodak moment, before chow time! Of course, Filipina ini.. picture, picture, picture, that’s our trademark!

Let the games begin!

Being serious with the game.

Luzil, the winner of Guess the name of the Baby food game.

Yours truly, trying to guess how big Grace’s belly was. I lost though :(

Jannette, the winner of Scramble Baby words

The winner of Bible Names Matching game.

Being serious watching the awarding moment. :)

After opening presents..Just resting to prepare for our “to go” foods :)

Everyone who was there had big laughs that night. We had so much fun at this baby shower. It’s great to get together with good friends and newly found friends. We might be away from our loved ones in the Philippines, but when we all get together, we are HOME! Looking forward to more parties.

Guess who’s having the next baby shower!

Well, I have hundred more photos that I can post, but, I chose few that I thought would tell that we had a great time. Don’t you want to get together with your friends when you see gatherings like this. Or, don’t you get homesick when you see Filipinas relaxed and having so much fun together? For those who live in a place where there’s not a lot of Filipinas around, you can still enjoy yourselves by doing something fun with your family. Go out, maybe they are there, only you can’t find them. If you see one that looks like Filipina, approach them first, maybe they are just shy. Make friends, you don’t know maybe they can be your BFF someday.

That’s all Folks, have a great week to everyone!

I don’t know how to swim, I never learned, and none of my kids know how to swim either. That’s why when we were looking for houses to buy, we didn’t buy the one with swimming pool at the back yard. I asked my husband why, and he simply said because the pool didn’t have safety pool fence to keep our kids from falling to the pool. We have 3 younger kids that can get harmed if we bought that house. Private swimming pool has to have fence for safety and security reason. Our friend who has a pool, built a fence around their pool, that’s why when we went there last week, we didn’t have to yell at the kids because the gate was locked and they can’t get in. Smart move on their side.

Some people like their shirts personalized or custom made. Although I am not one of those who likes a lot of sayings on my shirt, I know of many people who do. I have a friend who loves custom tshirts and he enjoys wearing it. We all have preference when it comes to what we wear, and he happens to enjoy wearing all his shirts proudly. Don’t you want to wear something that will scream your personality? I love solid color and style, although I have few that says the name of the store that I bought it from, or the name of the maker of the shirt. I guess, because I am older that it won’t look good on me to wear something that most of the teenagers wear.

Last weekend was another Filipino gathering, there was a big birthday celebration for three birthdays and of course we attended. My friend, Luzil ordered some food from me that way she doesn’t need to cook a lot. I enjoy cooking, it’s my pleasure doing it and I am so glad that they like my cooking. There was Pinata for the kids, some singing for the adults which I didn’t join this time. Why? There were 2 ladies there that sounded like pros and I got intimidated. My “shower voice” just kept hiding and I guess I will just sing when in the shower.

We had fun, especially the kids and I am glad that the kids get along well. I met a new Filipina named Annie, and she got added to my list of friends. She seems nice and simple. I invited her and her son to my son’s birthday and I hope that they will come. Going to gatherings is always great when people get along, when friends understand each other, when we know that we can see and enjoy each others’ company. We are a small Filipina group here in our area, and I pray that there wouldn’t be a reason to make it hard for us to enjoy each other.

I had some photos that I gathered from those who attended the party and tagged me on FB.

Luzil, the birthday girl

(From L- R) Jean, Jannette, Liz, Sisa, Julie and Annie

Back L-R: Annie, Julie and Liz; Front L-R, Gemma, Sisa, Jannette and Jean

While the kids were hitting the Pinata

But of course, Kodak moments while munching on some great foods.

Luzil's cousins who are not only very slim, but also have gorgeous voices. Sorry, I can't remember their names.

One more Kodak moment while having casual talk after having delicious lunch/dinner.

More photos, but it showed my bulging belly, so, I am only showing the ones that I don’t look so chunckie (although in some photos I do look like eggrolls) Well, like what I said, it’s fun to go to gatherings especially when there’s a lot of yummy foods and it’s nice to laugh once in a while. Take a break from all the household chores and mingle with other people aside from your family.

I wish you all a great weekend and Take care.

Don’t we all like lower monthly bills? We always want to make sure that our utilities are being watched to the minimum usage. We tend to go hysterical when we get our bills and either our water or electric bills are sky high. I should know, I do the bills in my househol. I always tell my family to be conscientious in about everything, save energy. Money doesn’t grow on tress as what my mother-in-law used to tell her children long time ago. Thanks to New Jersey energy now we can make sure that our electric bill is affordable and within our budget.

Yes Folks, I will be a little busy today, in fact, I am already cooking Beef Caldereta for my BFF Alena. She’s having a simple party for her son’s 9th birthday and her in-laws are coming over for dinner. She asked me to cook Caldereta and Pancit. And of course, it’s my pleasure to share my expertise with her. All she has to do is ask.

At around 11am, we will take the kids to a birthday party, our daughter’s classmate is having a birthday party not too far from our house, so we will take them. I planned on dropping off the kids and pick them up by the time the party is over, but hubby doesn’t like the idea. I guess, he likes to make sure that the kids won’t go across the street. I don’t blame him, they can easily fall off the trampoline and can roll down the road.

Last night we spent time with Alena and them at CEC, the kids had so much fun, we didn’t leave until 7pm. I went to Victoria Secret real quick to see if they have good deals, well..they do, but not good enough for me. I need something cheaper than $6 a bottle of lotion or body spray. I am a cheap-o. Hey, if you send boxes to the Philippines for your family, you will also be looking for bargains. It ain’t easy to find money, as you all know :)

Well, I need to get off here, my food is boiling and I need to check it out..

My husband loves to do “fleamarket hopping” and he never gets tired. Everytime we go to Fleamarket, I had never bought anything, except veggies or toys for the kids. It was a little cold earlier when we went, and I didn’t really enjoy it. We had gone to different places, hubby was looking for some jacket that he can wear once he drives his motorcycle. Yes, he bought one.

Kids looking at some stuff

We were not able to find one that he likes, so we end up going to Honda Cycles store in Decatur and he got what he wanted.

My hubby, the Fleamarket lover..

Not very many people, it's too cold today

After buying my husband’s jacket, we went to Asian Grill and had lunch. Then we came home and the kids played, my husband worked int he garage and I chatted with my mom and aunt.

Father and Son

Came afternoon, the in laws came and visited, had a little chit chat with the mother in law and then, I made some Pulvoron and it tastes decent enough for me..

Still looking....

Time to go...

Another Fleamarket that we went to

This is my Saturday happenings, how’s yours?

Guest post written by Derick Burks

I signed up for this cool website using my clear mobile internet connection. A friend suggested that I sign up for It is a website that you use as a spring board when you do internet shopping. Almost every shopping site that you can think of on-line uses Ebates. They open a ticket for you and you get a percentage of the sale back. The amount depends on the special that they are running for that day and also the amount that the store offers back in rebates. So far, over the Christmas holidays I racked up fifty dollars in rebates. They offer you a rebate as a check in the mail or it can go straight into your PayPal account. I signed up to get the money in the PayPal account. They issue you the money once a quarter. It is really a cool site and you can save a lot of money with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. If you refer a friend you get even more money back!

We had a little get together last Saturday here at the house. We had few friends came over. The kids had sleep over and we had so much fun. It’s great to meet new people, introduce new friends to another friend and at the end, everybody gets along very well. This is what happened last weekend. I was able to introduce my friends Alena and Shawn to our friends Phyllis and Kathy, then I met my hubby’s co-worker and her friend. We had dinner and a little drink, and we had a great time singing.

I don’t have a lot of pictures since I didn’t take any pictures. Oppss… I did, one of Alena’s :)

Yours truly, singing End Of The World.

My Bff Alena singing.

I don’t have pictures of the others, but I will definitely post them when Alena manages to edit and post on her FB, I will steal them from her.

We will definitely do the Karaoke night again. When you are singing, the fun never ends…

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