Grace, who had the baby shower

She is having a girl, can you tell? Goodluck to you Grace and Junior, I know that it will be stressful for you once Janine is out, but seeing your bundle of joy will tell you that she’s all worth it.

Julie, the hostess, and Jean, who helped a lot..

Julie, who worked hard to make this baby shower a success. She did a wonderful job for putting this party together. She will do everything for her best friend. Now, I want to get pregnant, maybe she will throw me a baby shower too..(or throw me out of her window..LOL!)

Kodak moment, before chow time! Of course, Filipina ini.. picture, picture, picture, that’s our trademark!

Let the games begin!

Being serious with the game.

Luzil, the winner of Guess the name of the Baby food game.

Yours truly, trying to guess how big Grace’s belly was. I lost though :(

Jannette, the winner of Scramble Baby words

The winner of Bible Names Matching game.

Being serious watching the awarding moment. :)

After opening presents..Just resting to prepare for our “to go” foods :)

Everyone who was there had big laughs that night. We had so much fun at this baby shower. It’s great to get together with good friends and newly found friends. We might be away from our loved ones in the Philippines, but when we all get together, we are HOME! Looking forward to more parties.

Guess who’s having the next baby shower!

Well, I have hundred more photos that I can post, but, I chose few that I thought would tell that we had a great time. Don’t you want to get together with your friends when you see gatherings like this. Or, don’t you get homesick when you see Filipinas relaxed and having so much fun together? For those who live in a place where there’s not a lot of Filipinas around, you can still enjoy yourselves by doing something fun with your family. Go out, maybe they are there, only you can’t find them. If you see one that looks like Filipina, approach them first, maybe they are just shy. Make friends, you don’t know maybe they can be your BFF someday.

That’s all Folks, have a great week to everyone!

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