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Dutch Masters is one of the most famous great tasting cigars in America. For those who love to smoke cigars, this is what you had been looking for. I know of some people who prefer cigars that those of cigarettes, although my husband loves his cigarettes after dinner. In some countries, they have a tradition that if you have a newly born baby and it happens to be a boy, it’s customary that you give away cigars at the hospital. I have seen it happened, only I wasn’t related to them, so I didn’t get any :)

Sterling Silver Twisted Leopard Jasper Stretch Watch With Plain Face And Crystals

In few days is Mother’s Day. I had been thinking what to give my mother for this very special day. As you all know, she lives with my aunt in Chicago and I don’t see her very often. I wished that she can stay with me, but with her medical issues, she has to stay there. I thought of giving her some sterling silver jewelry which I know will be perfect. She is not a jewelry person, but if it’s from me, I don’t think she will mind. She’s been wanting a pair of watch, hmmm…

I remember when my husband bought his keyboard although he didn’t know how to play. I wasn’t home that time and when I came back, he had it in the living room. It looks so sharp and so new. He said that when he had seen my brother and his friends play in the band, it gave him an idea of getting his own musical instrument. He had all the instructions that he needed, he bought some books so he can learn. Although it was hard at first, he was able to learn few songs.

Keyboard Workstations

Keyboards and MIDI are very important when playing music, it gives melody and it makes the music sounds harmonious. Long time ago, even if someone only has a piano or guitar, they can make the music sounds wonderful. Now, each song has different musical instrument to make it sound even better. I know of some people who are really good at playing keyboards, unfortunately, I am not one of those who are lucky enough to have the talent. I am hoping that one of my kids will have the interest to play and it will be awesome to listen to either one of them play me a piece.

This year, I received the most gifts ever. For 40 years of my life, I have never received as much presents as I did this year. I just don’t. I don’t normally celebrate my birthday, although I did last year for my 40th, I only have few friends and they gave me presents too, but this year, I guess, because I had met a lot of friends last year, now that I had my birthday party with my son, I received a lot of blessings. Thanks to all who gave me wonderful and beautiful presents. I loved them all.

From my BFF Alena

From my friend Phyllis

From my numerous friends, Sheila, Ate Ellen, Lhiza, Nina, Tza and maybe I can't remember the others

From my friend Christy

From my other friend Sheila Terry

I can't remember, I didn't see the card with this present. :(

Cash from Sisa, Lhiza, Tza and Nina, Gift card from Brooke and Julie, plus an Olive Graden from Maricel

Beautiful dress from Grace Vinzon

Beautiful and meaningful cards from everyone

What did my husband give me? He said his LOVE, which is the greatest gift of all :)

Have a good week to all!

I am not a hiker, so I don’t know how hard it is to hike. I do a walk at home and it’s easy for me. Hiking though is different, and a lot of people love outdoor enough to hike on their free time. Due to my allergy to grass and everything, I need to stay indoor. Leki Poles are one of necessities when doing some hiking, trekking or what have you, it helps for stability and to take loads off your knees. Sometimes, no matter how stable you are, when you get tired, your knees can give in. No wonder when I watch TV about hiking, I see people holding some poles to balance themselves. I think it’s great to have one of these when hiking.

Slate Mosaic Fire Pit with Copper Accents- Stainless Steel Bowl

Hubby and I love to stay outside when it’s warm enough to just talk about our lives, future plans about vacation, kids and remodeling our home. Lately the weather’s been warm, but for some reason, it would be cold all of a sudden. I wish that we have fire pits for those unexpected days that way, we can still enjoy outdoor. It’s great to spend time with my husband, even if it’s just outside our home, while the kids are inside either playing, or watching TV. Bonding with your partner doesn’t need to be expensive, it can be a simple chatting while holding hands out in that yard.

My son and I celebrated our birthday last Saturday. I believe that we all had fun. I am so grateful for all our friends who came over to celebrate with us. We so much appreciate them coming over. My son had a great time opening his presents. He’s been looking forward for his birthday. You know how kids can be excited about their birthdays for the fact that they get presents.

Roan, Rodney and myself.

Thanks to my friend Jean May Hendrix for taking our picture and for posting this on FB.

Throwing a birthday is not something that I will do very often. The planning is stressful, the preparation is tiring, the cooking is exhausting. But when I know that my guests enjoyed and loved the food that I prepared, that’s when I tell myself, it’s worth it.

Although I keep telling myself that I won’t have another party soon, I know that before the end of this year, I will have another one. Might not be as big as this party, but just for a simple get together.

Thanks to all who came to our event, again, we appreciate your attendance. Have a great day to all!

What do we do if we don’t know the meaning of a word? We look it up online, internet is the best thing that ever happened to us. We no longer dust off our Encyclopedia to look for something, we can Goggle everything on the internet and voila! We get the answer. If we want to watch something like sterkly video all we need to do is type in and we will be able to search for a video that we need to see. Internet made our life easier and more convenient. Way to go!

It was my 41st birthday last Sunday. Do I feel like it? Nah! I know that getting old is inevitable, but, being old is only in our minds. If we are active and we don’t always think about our age, we will feel young and we will look young.

When I was younger, I thought that being 25 is old, then I turned 20, so I thought that when I turned 30s I was going to be really old. Until I turned 40, I realized that only when you think that you’re old, then you will be. I am young, and people do everything they can to look younger than their age. I don’t like drugs, I don’t like knife, so I will do the best I can to look as young as I can look.

Liz @41

Thanks to my friend Alena who captured this picture. Although I was only 40 years and 365 (this year is leap year) days old in this picture, I consider myself lucky for having good genes and of course I want to thank the Lord for giving me another year to be with my loved ones. My life is wonderful, I owe it to my husband who’s always good to me, and my being happy because of my loving children. I am so blessed to have great in laws, good friends and although I am far away from my families, I know that I can depend on them in case I need them.

Happy Birthday to me!

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

My parents are always trying to treat me like I’m still a kid. It’s so wild. I mean, here I am, a 32 year old woman with a Master’s degree in business, and yet they are still asking me if I need help paying my bills. I guess it is sweet, but it gets old. Just yesterday my mom called me up, and was going on and on about how worried she is about me living alone, and how she would feel so much better if I’d get one of the Alarm Systems out there installed in my home. It is not that I am against that at all, in fact, I may do that someday, but it is just the way she approached me. She came across as sounding like she didn’t think I know how to take care of myself, or that I am in danger in some way. Neither one of those ideas is even close to my reality. I tried to explain this to her, but she just doesn’t get it.

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