It was my 41st birthday last Sunday. Do I feel like it? Nah! I know that getting old is inevitable, but, being old is only in our minds. If we are active and we don’t always think about our age, we will feel young and we will look young.

When I was younger, I thought that being 25 is old, then I turned 20, so I thought that when I turned 30s I was going to be really old. Until I turned 40, I realized that only when you think that you’re old, then you will be. I am young, and people do everything they can to look younger than their age. I don’t like drugs, I don’t like knife, so I will do the best I can to look as young as I can look.

Liz @41

Thanks to my friend Alena who captured this picture. Although I was only 40 years and 365 (this year is leap year) days old in this picture, I consider myself lucky for having good genes and of course I want to thank the Lord for giving me another year to be with my loved ones. My life is wonderful, I owe it to my husband who’s always good to me, and my being happy because of my loving children. I am so blessed to have great in laws, good friends and although I am far away from my families, I know that I can depend on them in case I need them.

Happy Birthday to me!

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2 Responses to “Me @41”

  • DesignerMom says:

    Oh! you’re 41? You look young at your age. You look like 35 to me. Well happy Birthday to you. More blessing and God be with you always.

  • payatot says:

    Mommy Liz,

    Belated happy bday sayo!

    Ingat lagi dyan.

    Alam ko naman na ok ka kaya di na kita kakamustahin….


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