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I grew up in a house with neither front nor back yard. Consequently, I didn’t develop a love or passion for gardening. I can remember growing a pretty little thing in an old baby formula can, but it dried up and eventually died. So, I just settled on not planting anything until I have my own piece of fertile land where I can grow decent plants. More than that, I would like to have a healthy lawn, that would give pleasure to my eyes and to others’ eyes as well. It may be a tall order and an ambitious undertaking, but with fiskars reel mower to maintain the height of grass, I do believe that dream lawn would be accomplished even by an amateur like myself.

Our Family Portrait

Our 10 year- old loves to draw. I buy a rim of copy paper so he can draw whatever he wants. I know that he takes it from his dad. I am not good at drawing, coloring or anything that concerns art. I would cook all day but I will not draw. Our 3 kids are great at drawings, so if you see their rooms, you will find at least a bucket full of crayons of different colors, markers, papers and so on and so forth.

Every kid has their own interest, my son like to dance and to play video games, and he loves to eat as well. Other kids love to play sports,it just happens that my kids have their own wants. This summer I will just let them what they want to do, they might jump on the trampolin, they might just stay inside, and as long as they are happy, I am good with it..

This June, my father in law is going to start the Summer Online Art class, and my kids are part of it. Can’t wait..

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Yes, although I am not fan of Fleamarkets, my husband is. I don’t like the waking up early in the morning, walking and can’t find anything decent to buy. This time, the kids and I tagged along with my hubby just to get out of the house. The two kids got something, but the other waited until we went to the other fleamarket and bought her stuff. We always end up buying toys when we go thrift store. You can’t really find anything nice and worth buying at this kind of places. I don’t know how my husband can find good deals. He’s so patient and knows how to negotiate with people. Sometimes, I end up buying vegetables :)

The kids and I

Hubby being silly

@ the Fleamarket

Is it on sale?

What u looking for?

He was teaching me how to deal with people out there. You can’t just agree to their asking price, you have to give them your offer price, and if you’re lucky enough, you will get a good deal. Same as yard sale and stuff. Those are old things that they want to get rid of. Unless you really need it and the item still looks decent, then you can go ahead and pay the price they are asking for. Other than that, try to bargain with the seller. If they really are trying to get rid of their junks, they will give in :)

Do you go to Fleamarket, thrift store or yard sale? You can find something really nice there. Like what they say, your junks can be someone else’s treasure.. Have a great day to all.

We went to Orange Beach, AL last weekend to visit my niece and we had so much fun! It’s the first time the kids and I had been to a beach and we didn’t realize how pretty it was until we were there and staring at the beautiful, fine sand and clear blue water. The water was a little bit cold, but the weather was perfect. I wasn’t able to go and soak myself in the water because of the fact that I can barely dip my feet to the icy cold water. I was able to find some seashells for the kids, since they were collecting them.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to bring all 6 kids, Dan had to work that weekend, and Kattie and Kelsie are still in TN with their mom. Maybe one of these days, we will be able to bring everybody to have more fun. Besides, the beach is not going anywhere.

I just want to share some photos and all I can say is, we had a blast.

Us, and the kids @ Perdido Beach, Orange Beach, AL

My niece, her friends and us..


Hubby and myself

Super Wacky!

My niece and I on a perfect day at the beach!

Father and Daughter walking towards the wave

Father and Daughter planning the future

Father and Son, bonding moment.

Our Family, minus 3 kids..


There were just few photos that I posted, we have over a hundred, but I know it would be too much to post it here. I just wanted to share with you our fun time at the beach. If you are planning on going to the beach this summer, Orange Beach is a highly recommended beach, it’s clean and it’s close to pretty much everything.

We will go back again this month, with the 2 girls. I know Dan is still not going since he doesn’t want to miss work, he loves making money and besides, he thinks he’s not a kid anymore.

That’s all Folks and have a great day.

This is what I keep telling my husband when it comes to all his DVD collections. He keeps buying movies for the kids and I can find them everywhere. I got tired of putting them in order, so I told my husband that he needs to get a dvd cabinet where he can organized his movies alphabetically. We have dvd movies everywhere, and it’s sickening when I see some that are not even in their correct boxes. That is one of the most annoying moment in someone’s life if they were so anxious to watch a movie and all of a sudden, you found out that what you want was not in that box that you opened. Grrrr!

May is always a very special month to all the mothers to be, and mothers. We always look for something very unique to make sure that our moms will be so ecstatic to receive a very special gift for us. We want to see their facial expression when they opened their presents. This year is no different, I had bought my mom some pandora charms for this very special day, unfortunately, I won’t see her facial expression when she opens her present, because she lives far away from me. But I know my mom, she will be so happy whatever she gets from me. I believe and expect that she will keep it close to her heart,t hat’s how she appreciate things from me.

This is Ailyn and she’s been my friend since I was in High School. she is a cousin of my cousins on the other side of their parents, that’s why we met. We were very close way back in the Philippines. She’s my oldest son’s godmother. I came to the United States and she stayed in the Philippines. We kept in touch though, Whenever I go visit, I made sure that we get together. Several years ago, she came to the United States and we met again. Now, here’s the photo of us.

I want to introduce Lorna, she used to be my Manager when I first worked in this country. I am so blessed that she’s a Filipna and a Manager at the Department store where I applied and she hired me as a seasonal associate. I worked with her for a long time until I left the company. We kept in touch and we’re still friends. When we go visit my aunt in Illinois, I see her when she’s available. She is a great person and fun to be with.

Now, this is my BFF..What can I say about her? I am not going to say a lot, it’s between me and her. We live close to each other. We depend on each other during those times of needs. We share laughters and tears. Need I say more? Our kids are best friends too. I pray that we remain friends until our hair turns all gray.. (I have few more black left..)

This is my BFF Mariz, my daughter AJ’s godmother. She’s my very first friend in TN when we moved there. Mariz is one of the greatest person I have ever met. Down to earth, God fearing individual and so on and so forth. She is a US army and now stationed abroad. She deserves everything that she has right now. I have seen her accept whatever life God gave her and she accepted it with smile. I am so glad that you are my friend Mariz.

I have more pictures of my friends with me, but I can’t find them on my file. I guess, I will do another batch next time. Well, Folks, see you again next time with my other set of friends..

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