This is Ailyn and she’s been my friend since I was in High School. she is a cousin of my cousins on the other side of their parents, that’s why we met. We were very close way back in the Philippines. She’s my oldest son’s godmother. I came to the United States and she stayed in the Philippines. We kept in touch though, Whenever I go visit, I made sure that we get together. Several years ago, she came to the United States and we met again. Now, here’s the photo of us.

I want to introduce Lorna, she used to be my Manager when I first worked in this country. I am so blessed that she’s a Filipna and a Manager at the Department store where I applied and she hired me as a seasonal associate. I worked with her for a long time until I left the company. We kept in touch and we’re still friends. When we go visit my aunt in Illinois, I see her when she’s available. She is a great person and fun to be with.

Now, this is my BFF..What can I say about her? I am not going to say a lot, it’s between me and her. We live close to each other. We depend on each other during those times of needs. We share laughters and tears. Need I say more? Our kids are best friends too. I pray that we remain friends until our hair turns all gray.. (I have few more black left..)

This is my BFF Mariz, my daughter AJ’s godmother. She’s my very first friend in TN when we moved there. Mariz is one of the greatest person I have ever met. Down to earth, God fearing individual and so on and so forth. She is a US army and now stationed abroad. She deserves everything that she has right now. I have seen her accept whatever life God gave her and she accepted it with smile. I am so glad that you are my friend Mariz.

I have more pictures of my friends with me, but I can’t find them on my file. I guess, I will do another batch next time. Well, Folks, see you again next time with my other set of friends..

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