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Oh My Goodness, I cannot believe it’s 100 deg. F today. No wonder whenever I go outside, I can’t even breathe. Humidity is killing me. I always go out when it’s still a little cool outside. My mother woke me up around 6am because we talk together at the park. For 5 days now, she’s been walking with me. She might walk only 3-4 laps, but she does it anyway. I walk at least 7-10 laps and it takes me an hour to do it. I had been walking for over 3 months now. I started getting so conscious about my weight when I can’t fit my jeans anymore. For three and a half months, I lost 12 lbs. and I am happy with it. I don’t do most of my indoor exercise now, coz I am lazy, but I walk everyday.

It’s nice to do something about ourselves. I still have some unwanted fats here and there, especially on my middle part, but..I am glad that I decided to lose the weight that I had been carrying for half a decade now :) Having 4 kids can do some damage to your body. I used to say, it doesn’t matter, I am already married and my husband loves me whatever state my body is, but then, when I looked in the mirror and I saw what’s happening to me, that’s when I said, I have to lose it.I am not a big person to begin with, but I won’t let my weight go out of hand.

They say that summer will make you lose weight because of those sweat that will come out of you, well, if you are just inside the house, what sweat are you talking about? Go out, walk, run or what have yah, burn those will help, I tell yah!

Are you one of those people who are lucky to win prizes? I know of someone who always wins something, and sometimes it’s annoying. I get annoyed because I don’t have luck on any of those raffles, or anything for free. Well, I will take that back, I remember when I was still working, We had a Christmas party and I won the centerpiece (which was a pot of Christmas plant) for being the youngest on the table. I won once at the casino long long time ago. So I guess, I am not so unlucky anyways.

Birthday Freebies is great too especially if you get it on your birthday as a surprise from someone or just pure luck. There are lots of things going on online that if we are just in for the challenge, we can get a lot of free stuff. We can go to the Iwinners and we can get free items, yes, you heard me, free! It could be material things or services. All we have to do is try and see if we are lucky enough to win. I believe that if you are willing to take the chances, the chance is, luck will come to you. Although it’s not everyday that you will win. Hey, give others some chances to win too.. but, wouldn’t it be great if you win more than you expect.

They always say that there is no harm in trying, so don’t procrastinate, check them now and you and me are up for some surprises. I can’t wait..

Last Christmas I gave my sister the best ebook reader in the whole universe and she was so excited about it. She loves to read since the time she started reading the alphabet. If you go to her house, you can see mountains and mountains of books. I had been sending her books from different authors since I also like to read. My husband gave me an ebook reader two years ago but never had the chance to use it, so I sent it to my sister. Now, she has so many ebooks that she was able read and I am so envious. Oh well…I will probably get another one for myself.

For food lovers like my husband and myself, the best thing you can give us as a personal present would be food gifts and we will be absolutely thrilled. Steaks are our most favorite luxury food. There are people who eat at the steak house all the time, but because I cook my own steak, we stay home and eat in with the kids. So, if you ever think of giving us a gift on our anniversary, it should be something that we can share together. Food, preferably steak :)

When I realized how much weight I gained last holiday season, I told myself that I need to lose weight. Aside from I can’t fit my old jeans anymore, I don’t feel good about myself and it’s time to do something about it. I wanted to lose weight naturally. That’s why starting March 18th, I did walk at home, watch my food intake and blah blah blah.

My Friend Ailyn and I taken December 29th

This picture was taken in December 29th 2011, we went to Illinois and spent Christmas with my aunt and her family. I met with my long time friend Ailyn and had a snap shot. I was around 124 lbs. during this time.

Taken April 8th

We were on our way to Nashville to attend an Easter party. this was my 3rd week of losing weight, and on this picture, I was about 115 lbs.

Taken May 12th

Going to Nashville to attend my friend’s daughter’s birthday party, almost 2 months of doing my exercise and I was 110 lbs. the morning this picture was taken. Just don’t ask me what was my weight before I went to sleep that night. :)

Taken June 2nd

I guess, I got stuck with 110 lbs. I can’t lose anymore. This picture was taken during my daughter’s birthday party last weekend. I was told that it might be hard for me to lose more weight, since I didn’t have to lose much to begin with. I am still hoping to lose more, but, I guess, I will take whatever I can get. I am still doing my walk at home, but the eating habit, this is the thing that I can’t stop. I still eat whatever I want and I believe this is the reason why I can’t lose lbs. any longer. Oh well, at least I am not hungry :)

That’s all folks, and have a great week to tall!

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