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Yup, that’s us.. Players that lose all the time :)…my mother in-law and myself play BINGO from time to time. I told her not to bring me, since I jinx her all the time. She never wins when I go with her, and she wins when she’s with somebody else.

Last night, we went to BINGO and I was one number away from winning the $300 jackpot. But, I guess, it’s not my lucky night. I had never been lucky to any gambling, raffles or what not. No, I will take that back. The very first time that I went to Casino, I won few dollars, they said it’s beginner’s luck. and it never happened again :)

Playing BINGO is fun, most of the players are seniors, you can see their BINGO bags with 10 different colors of daubers and they are funny. Some spend so much just to play, maybe because the last game can give you $1000 and it’s a big amount of money. I only want to win a hundred, but I guess, it will just a wish.

I cannot afford to go every Saturday and Monday, since it costs at least $20 everytime I play, then I buy food too, so my mother in-law will have to play BINGO next week without me. I will drop her off, and my husband will pick her up.

We have 3 small children ages ten, six and five, and believe it or not, all of them are computer wizards. So, what do they do? They fight over my desktop computer and argue every single minute. It’s sickening. and because it’s summertime and they stay home all the time, they drive me nuts. They all go to their Facebook pages and play some games. I told my husband, I don’t want them to touch my computer since I use this for my blogging and what not. He told me to find a used pc online that way, he can get one for the kids, yahooooo!

Can you believe that even if you deleted some of your important information on your computer, it can still easily be read and recovered? I know I have heard that before, that’s why it’s very important that when you are ready to toss your old computer because it became slow due to old age and such, don’t forget to erase hard drive by using a DriveScrubber power. It can permanently erase anything that was left on your hard drive. This day and age, people can do everything especially when it comes to computer, they can steal your personal data, business information and so on and so forth. And it can be used to our disadvantage. Be cautious.

I never thought that one day I can have a van. We had been talking about getting one because with the number of kids we have, we need something big that can accommodate all of us. We did get a Jeep Commander late last year, but it didn’t work. The kids were so uncomfortable and there’s not enough room for all our stuff. We don’t travel very often though, so we really don’t need a big vehicle, but there are times that we go to family gatherings and we only want to use 1 car.

2010 Chrysler Town and Country Touring

Why didn’t I want a van before? It’s too long for me. I am having hard time backing up my small Suzuki, how much more a longer vehicle? I had been scared that is why, it was just recently that my husband traded our Commander with this Chrysler Town and Country van at Carmax where we got our Commander. Last week I had to drive it to Chuckecheese with all the kids plus my mother in-law, there were seven of us in the vehicle. I was scared to drive it but once I was behind the wheel, it feels like she belongs to me already.

Now I am comfortable driving it, as long as I park it where I only need to go forward leaving the parking place. Two cases of fender bender is not good for a car :) Well, that’s what my Suzuki has now, 2 minor scratches, because other motorists decided to back up the same time I was backing up..(yup, blame it on the other driver..) And yet I still haven’t learned my lesson.. I still park where I need to back up to get out. Whew! how many more scratches and fender bender shall I get before I say “I will start parking in the back of the parking lot to avoid other people..”
Oh well, knuckle heads sometimes need to hit their heads on a concrete to wake up..Everybody wants a close parking spot, I don’t like to walk when its hot or cold. yep, laziness is not good for the car, I tell yah!

A lot of times, we hear bad feedback about lawyers, they say they lie a lot and can make an innocent man go to jail. I cannot tell you a lot about them since I never had any experience needing for one. But, as I can understand to the best of my knowledge, lawyers are who we go to when we are in trouble or when we know that we need advice about something. I had been watching movies and some prime time TV series or what not, and I can tell you one thing, lawyers are our friends. They represent us when we cannot speak for ourselves. There are many different kinds of lawyers such as company, family, criminal, divorce, or custody lawyers. I know of a group that you can trust when needing a lawyer comes to mind. Rutherford Mulhall, P.A. has been providing quality legal services since 1990 having offices in Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Their lawyers have a mission to help their clients achieve their goals through innovative and creative solutions while maintaining the individualized service that their clients expect and deserve. If you ever need a service of a lawyer, don’t go any further, if you search for Lawyer Boca Raton you already know that you are in good hands. There shouldn’t be any fear of not getting any justice, since once they take your case, you only have to believe that justice is served.

Roz nail art done by Tita Christy

My 6 year old daughter had her nails done today. Well, my friend Christy did her nails because she was begging. Christy is a nail technician and this is what she does for a living way back in Abu Dhabi. Now that she is here in the United States, she does nails but right now, only friends and family. She comes to our house from time to time to do nails since I know more people that she does. I have my in-laws that are now her clients, and some of my friends.

My mother in-law's nail art.

Everytime she comes here, she always does my little girls nail, otherwise, they won’t leave her alone. Out of her good heart, she gives in to their request. She is good at what she does and I love her work. She does mine for free, I am the sample, for the nail, hair and eye brow threading. I love freebies :) Isn’t it great to have a friend who can make you beautiful? I am lucky and blessed, now I don’t have to spend so much money to go to the beauty salon to have my nails, hair and eye brows done, I can have it int he comfort of my own home.

If you want your nails done, let me know and if you live closeby, Christy and I will come knock on your doors? Have a great day to all!

The other day, I was talking to my aunt who owns a business in Illinois and for some reason we talked about problems with having your own business. Although she enjoys what she does, she also have issues when it comes to ensuring that her business is safe from complaints, lawsuits and all. She said that business owners have professional liability insurance for consultants to make sure that if in any case their employees didn’t satisfy their clients in any way, or if there were errors made, they will be protected. We all think that being an entrepreneur is as easy as that, but we don’t know, it’s a lot of headache and if you don’t know what you’re doing, most often than not, the business will not succeed. No wonder there are a lot of small businesses that didn’t make it within a year. I am no businessman, and I don’t think I will ever be.

Mother and I

Yes, my mother is back in Alabama. She stayed with my aunt in Illinois for over a year due to her medical issues. She is diabetic, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I hope that I can find a way to apply her for discounted medicine and doctor’s visit. She’s only 64 and can’t apply for medicaid yet. It’s so nice to have your mother live with you, I don’t have problem leaving the kids with her, or I don’t have to do laundry anymore, wohoooo!

I wish to God that He may grant her a longer life. We lost our dad in 2004, and hoping that we will have our mom for a lot longer.

Have a great week ahead of you guys, enjoy the day.

Before my niece’s 12th birthday, I had been looking for natural gifts for kids, well, actually, she is almost a teenager and I know that she won’t like anymore dolls, or something kiddy looking. I was thinking of giving her flowers, or jewelry, food or something that will tell her that I remember her birthday and I care for her. Kids with this age, it’s hard to please them, but with the right present, you can make them happy and their special day will be memorable for them. I didn’t realize that it’s so much fun picking a present for a 12-year old niece, I used to give cash and that ain’t fun :)

When we say acorn nuts, what do we have in mind? At first, I thought it’s the ones that drop on top of my car everyday, the ones that the little chipmunk chases in that movie Ice Age. Oh well, this is a different nuts. What do I know about acorn nuts? Not a lot that’s for sure, but, if you ask my husband who is a handy man, a mechanic and an aircraft manager, he will tell you all about it and maybe he will enumerate how many types of acorn nuts there is out there. He said that although they all look alike, they have different sizes and function. Oh well…

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