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One day hubby and I were watching TV when he, out of the blue, said to me that we should get my siblings to come over to the United States. Coming from him, I was so excited. I immediately sent a message to my sister to gather all the documents that I need to submit to the USCIS. Gathering all the documentation takes time. I went online to check what do I need to prepare and how much money do I need. Filing fee is $420 per person. I am glad that I don’t need to file separate for my sibling’s family (spouse and kids) otherwise, I might not be able to file for all of them. My sister has a husband and 3 kids. My brother only has a wife to go with him. According to the USCIS website, it only takes at least 28 months for the initial processing time, once the application has been approved, the waiting for the available visa will be the issue.

Hubby and I were planning on going to the Philippines for a family vacation in 2015, but we have to cancel, since there is a big expenses coming our way once the approval comes out. That would cost us approximately around $20 thousand dollars, for visa, medical and ticket fees. I know that it is too much, but once my siblings and their families get to come here, I don’t have to worry about them, and they would have a better life waiting for them here. We also talked about them staying with us for a little while, but as soon as they can get on their feet, then, they would have to get their own place. For now, this is all we can do to help them be more comfortable. I know how difficult it is to live in the Philippines and if they have the chance to live a better life, then, that is what we will do for them.

I had submitted their application and it has been accepted and forwarded to California Service Center. All we have to do is wait for the approval. It might take a long time’s better to wait for something, than wait for nothing at all. I pray for the fast approval and we can’t wait for them to get here. Isn’t it wonderful to have all my families gather together on a weekend? I only wish for one thing, I wish that my father is still alive, but, oh well…I know wherever he is, he will help us to reach our goal. He told me before he passed away “to get my siblings” to live here with me.. And that’s what I started to do.

Have a great day to all.

My sister Kim of Kimmy Schemy did a blog post for my niece. They live in the Philippines and we are in need of assistance, be it financial or prayers.

This is what my sister wrote on her blog.

My niece Candid

This is my eldest daughter, Candid. She’s 17 years old taking up Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. Last July 24, she twisted her right knee in her Physical Education class. Though the x-ray, taken at the school clinic, showed no bone fracture, she was not able to go to school for a week due to extreme pain. But she finally managed to stand up alone and limp her way to class with knee support.

Two weeks after the incident, the school clinic released her x-ray result with an order that she see an Orthopedic surgeon. So, we went to see an Ortho surgeon. After checking my daughter’s knee, the surgeon wrote a request for MRI.

Last Saturday, I went to see the Ortho surgeon alone. With me was my daughter’s MRI result with the following findings:

1. Partial tear, anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments.
2. Complex tear, posterior horn of the medial meniscus.
3. Horizontal tear, posterior horn of the lateral meniscus.
4. Bone contusion, lateral femoral condyle
5. Minimal knee joint effusion.

The Ortho surgeon told me my daughter needs to undergo Arthroscopic Meniscectomy to repair the damage. The surgery, though not dangerous and would only take shorter period of time compared with major operations, is extremely expensive. It is about ten times my monthly salary in my previous job.

Right now, my daughter limps and her right thigh is already thinner than the left, probably due to minimal use. She can’t stand straight and she is in pain every waking moment. The pain intensifies when she gets tired, she walks up and down the stairs, she gets surprised or she feels cold. But sometimes the pain intensifies for no reason at all.

Nothing hurts a mother so much than to see her child in pain. And I see her in pain every day and witness her legs getting more and more deformed. And I began to think of the things she could no longer do like play football, run the marathon or even simply run around the park with friends. My heart aches and I desperately want to have her knee fixed. But we simply couldn’t afford it. We need help from friends.

So, I am reaching out to you. Please, help us. I know there are thousands of people out there who need help just like us, but I have to take my chance. I have to try..

Thank you so much and may GOD bless you and your family always..

*You can send your donations to Any amount would be appreciated. Let us know if you send something so we can thank you properly by featuring you in my blogs or in private, whatever you prefer.

Telephone answering service is ready to help. Sometimes when I call our doctor’s office, their answering service gets the call, to let us know that the office is closed. I am not really sure why offices use answering service if you have to go to the ER if it’s an emergency anyways. But, I guess, in some people, using an answering service works good. They can leave a message to them and the doctor can call back. Or, the patient will know when the office will open, that way they have idea when to call again. I haven’t tried calling a different office and got an answering service on the other end, only doctor’s offices. But, it surely is helpful.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Have I told you that I have four active children?. Although my oldest is now eighteen years old, he still acts like a kid and most of the time, he stresses me more because he doesn’t listen to what I tell him to do. Teenagers are mean. I have great children, don’t get me wrong and my husband is the best. So, I guess I can say that I can’t ask for more,in short, I have a great life. My everyday life consists of waking up early morning and do my one hour walk at the park. Hey, I am not getting any younger and I love to eat, so yes, I indeed need to walk off all these calories that was building up inside my body. I cook, I clean the house, do the laundry and make sure that my husband’s needs are met. Do I get stressed out too? Who doesn’t? Come payday, that’s is when I get more stressed, hahaha! That’s why, twice a month, I have my own personal moment. I relax and rejuvenate by taking time to take care of myself. Hubby gives me my “ME” time in the tub. I have some Whipped body creme – lotion from EdenFantasys that sure works and after my moment, I feel like a royalty.

Whipped body creme – lotion

If you want to take advantage of their 20% site-wide sale with coupon code PLAY20, now is the right time to go to and shop for great things that will make you smile. They have so many items and I can assure you, you will not leave their site without buying anything. They also have sexy costumes for bedroom play or Halloween that you and your wonderful partner will enjoy. What are you waiting for? Shop now and see what I mean..

Winn Dixie

We don’t have Winn Dixie where we live, so when we went to Orange Beach, AL last April, my son was so astonished to see that this store exists. He was funny when he said “Oh My Gosh! this store is real!” He thought it only exists in the books. He read something about this store in a book and since he has never seen a real store, he never thought that he will see one. This is the reason why I took a picture, I told him he can pose in front of it, but he said, he will pass he didn’t want to get out of the car to have a picture in front of the store. But, he was so ecstatic to see that Winn Dixie is for real.

I thought to post it since it’s too cute.

Pentair Kreepy Krauly ® Prowler 830 Robotic Pool Cleaner | Complete with Remote & 60ft Cable | 360032

When I asked my sister in-law if the kids can swim at their pool last week, she said, it’s being cleaned. I thought they just use a simple net to catch all the dried leaves and all, but they are using one of those pentair pool cleaners to clean the water. I never had a pool , so I am not aware of how meticulous a pool can be. Bacteria needs to come out of the water, and it needs regular treatment and such. Oh well, I am glad we don’t have a pool, otherwise, I need to learn how to clean it, that way, it stays clean all the time.

Oh My Gosh, this morning is one of the most exciting mornings of my life. Why? you ask, I received an email from the Fairy Hobmother, yes!…the famous fairy from the Blog World. I had been seeing posts about him (yes, he’s a HE) and so I asked my blogger friends on how he can visit me too? You know what he does?. He flies from blogs to blogs to spread more joy and reward to those hard working bloggers that deserved his visit. If you visit this post that I am doing, and you happened to make a comment and leave the link of your blog sites, he might come visit you as well, and if he likes what he will see, there’s a possibility that he will extend his generosity to you

Can you imagine my excitement when he offered to give me a $50 gift card to shop at that I can use anytime I want? and for whatever I want? With the fairy working at appliancesonline, he can grant my wish of a new washing machine. Everytime I do my laundry I always pray that my old one finishes the cycle before it stops working. Now that I am visualizing a Whirlpool 7kg Washing Machine my old washer can fall apart anytime, wohoooooo! I have a very reason to shop. will love me so much, I tell yah!

Well, what are you waiting for? I know that you are also anxious to receive a visit from the fairy. So, don’t leave my site without leaving a comment, who knows one day, he will pay you an exciting visit as well, and just like me, will post about his generosity.

If you have a twitter account, you can also follow him @fairyhobmother and leave another comment. If you believe in fairies, you know your wish will come true.

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