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Saving money with coupons previously meant carefully watching and waiting for the right coupon in your mailbox for either a local newspaper or one of the hundreds of mailers. One would have to wait for the store in question to have a sale, and then after that one would have to hope and pray that the right item went on sale. Thanks to the internet, the days, weeks or months of waiting are over.


Generally speaking, you can search for coupons in several different ways. First, you can search for coupons by the actual item itself. In this case, you’ll want first start searching for the general category you’re looking for. Starting with the general category helps in multiple ways. First, you can see if the specific item you’re looking for is in the list. Secondly, you can also compare the price between the original items with other comparable ones you haven’t thought of before. Finally, you can walk into the store, coupon in hand, and purchase exactly what you were looking for without any trouble.

In addition, many times you can find general coupons to your favorite stores. These coupons usually offer a percentage off one regularly priced item and often offer even a small discount on sale items. These coupons will serve you well if you like browsing in stores or in the mall. You can frequently find these general coupons from everything from clothing department stores to sporting good stores.

Then, finally, you can find special online deals and coupons. If you prefer shopping from home, this can provide a great opportunity to save some cash. Some of these coupons work for the online stores for traditional brick and mortar and some can work for online only stores and websites. Sites like have a wide range of latest offers and coupons listed on them.

Are you a wise shopper? Well, in times like this, or any other time, you should be. shoppingAnd wise shoppers buy only the stuff that they really need and not everything on sale, lol! Plus, if there are items that you regularly use, buy in bulk from the wholesaler instead of buying them one by one. If you think you’re going to use the stuff in the future, then buy a significant amount and keep what you’re not going to use at the moment. That way, you save not only money but also time and space in the car. With a big family like mine, I always go to a wholesale store to save big bucks.

Any parents out there with young boys know that shopping for school clothes can be quite treacherous! Luckily, through the miracle of technology, we can now turn what used to be a time of dread into fun thanks to the great hughesnet packages. All I have to do is fire up my satellite internet connection, which I got by looking for hughesnet deals, and my personal virtual mall is open! Instead of my sons dragging me through various stores.

nline shopping

I can now sit my sons down and shop online with each one of them individually. Not only does it make them feel special, but it can be a lot of fun. My oldest son has to have name brand clothes, so our first stop is going to be Not to many bargains at this site, but I can however save money on his shoes by going to They have a great selection of all the latest styles at prices that fit my pocketbook! My younger son could care less about name brands, and we usually start our journey at

Not only do they have an awesome selection, but they are always running specials on extra discounts and free shipping. Not only does shopping online save me money, but it also saves me a bundle of time. Say no to traditional shopping this year mom, and enjoy the convenience afforded by online shopping from home!

If you’re thinking about starting your own business or you’re just sick of slaving away every day for somebody else, then it’s time to consider what it means to be your own boss. There are many benefits to being self employed and while it’s certainly a challenge, having your own business means really reaping the rewards of your own hard work and dedication.


Be In Control of Your Own Success

When you’re running your own business you get to take charge and make real decisions. You can choose to take your business in whatever direction you think will suit you the most, giving you control over every facet of your company. You control your workload, your earning power, your clientele, the size of your business, when and how to expand, short and long term goals, you name it.

When you’re working for somebody else it’s not you who gets to decide whether you get a promotion, a raise, a bonus, branch out into other areas of business, take on additional or fewer tasks – everything about your work is usually dictated by somebody else. As your own boss all of these things will be entirely up to you.

Choose Your Working Hours

Flexible working hours are another significant benefit to being your own boss. You can tailor your schedule to suit you and your business, and you can alter it as and when needed. You get to choose when you have time off, when to be at the office, how long you’ll be working each day and even when you’ll get up in the morning. You can fit your schedule perfectly to your life, allowing time for family, for enjoyment, for holidays, for side projects, and for your customers.

Your Income is Up To You

When you’ve got your own business there’s no limit to how much you can earn. Nobody dictates your income or your earning power but you – it’s all about how much work you want to put in and how you run your business. If you’re putting in the effort, you’re reaping the rewards.

Build a Long Term Asset

When you’re working for somebody else your income simply stops when you stop working, but if you have your own business you’ve got an asset that can keep earning or that you can sell off.

As your own boss you’re building your business up to create a strong asset that can keep earning you money in the long term, even once you decide to scale back your involvement or retire. When you own a business you possess the earning power of the business, not just your own individual earning power. This means that once you decide to retire, the business will be running on its own momentum and can continue to provide you income (with the right management) or you might choose to sell the business, making a very welcome addition to your retirement funds.

True Job Satisfaction

Nothing quite matches the satisfaction of working hard at your own business, building it up from the ground into something successful. For all your efforts you’re left with something that you possess which you can be proud of, knowing that it’s the culmination of your life’s work. It doesn’t go away when you clock out at the end of the day, it’s your own and you can take it in whichever direction you want. Every choice you make means a real difference to the business and every success rewards you directly.

So whether it’s starting up your own new business from nothing, buying an existing business or taking up a franchising opportunity, being self-employed might just be the perfect option.

Same as in life itself, inexplicable vagaries in persons/businesses happen and what seems to be the best option is declaration of bankruptcy. If you are one of those people who are going through difficulty because of a loss of a job, or a home, or, that the business may have been badly hit by the recession, consider consulting north carolina bankruptcy attorneys. They are professional lawyers who are experts in handling the rigorous process of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy proceedings can be too tough to handle. It is something people do not want to go through. Nevertheless, when certain decisions or situation lead them to it, is in this concern that they look into the positivity of things. They can still rise above the dilemma and find solutions where finances can be restructured.

bankruptcy law

  • Debts need to be paid religiously. Creditors might took a respite but that doesn’t free clients from paying debt obligation. Bills and mortgages need to be paid to avoid forfeiture.
  • Properties or business will not be lost. Contrary to common beliefs, filing bankruptcy will provide leeway for clients in order to keep their home, cars, and business.
  • Credit score may be rebuilt. Although it is true, credit will take a backstep. But, once everything fall into acceptable terms, surely, credit score will improve.
  • Take a huge leap in managing money. Of course, for a while, lifestyle will be generally affected. But, with responsibility and discipline about spending money, life after bankruptcy will normalize in no time at all.

If you are someone who enjoys fine wine, then an investment in a few wine refrigerators will pay dividends over time but even the most casual wine drinker can benefit by having a wine fridge. Wine can be expensive and it must be properly stored in order to retain both taste and value. If you have ever left a bottle of wine in the back seat of the car or in the trunk while running errands on a hot day then you know how hot weather can dramatically alter the taste of wine; wine can easily be ruined in as little as one hour if exposed to extreme heat.

wine refrigerator

A wine fridge not only stores wine at the proper temperature, it ensures that when you want to open and enjoy a bottle of wine it is good to go; there’s no need to break out an ice bucket or plan ahead and remember to chill the wine because the wine is always as it should be, every hour of the day or night. A wine refrigerator can save footsteps too – you may store the bulk of your wine in the basement, garage or some other remote location; a wine fridge can be strategically placed at the bar, in the dining room, kitchen or den or just about anywhere that is convenient for entertaining. The typical wine fridge takes up about two square feet of floor space; the height varies depending on how many bottles it is designed to hold. Many wine enthusiasts like to invest in two wine fridges, with one designated for red wine and the other for white wine and champagne. Most wine fridges feature a locking mechanism so you can make sure wine is accessible only to authorized users.

If you prefer to entertain by serving mixed drinks instead of or in addition to wine then you will want to invest in a few other small appliances such as a blender and an ice crusher; these are basic essentials for any home bar. It is best to have a blender designated for bar use in addition to one you might use in your kitchen because it ensures you are always ready to host a party. If you want to keep tabs on how much liquor you pour, pick up a few one-ounce pour spouts for your wine and liquor bottles. Step up your entertaining with a margarita machine and enjoy both alcoholic and non-alcoholic frozen drinks. Dazzle your guests with exotic drinks made from margarita mix or create clever concoctions of your own – everyone loves a margarita.

For a growing family, it is a must to have a car that can accommodate the entire family. Whether shopping around town or having an out-of-town trips, a family car is as important as having a spacious home.

family car

In looking for a family car, aside of course from the overall safety of the car, the price, and its reliability depending on the usage and the climate, it’s a must for a family to choose a car that is roomy and spacious so the kids can travel comfortably. The backseat must accommodate three passengers with ease with safety buckles and enough space for the legs to allow some movements. There must be AC vents on the rear. Kids are too impatient especially when driving long distances. Drink holders is a sweet bonus for most cars. Plus, the trunk should hold up luggages, toys, food supplies especially for large families. Most SUV’s have bike racks that can add up storage area. It will be a great addition as it can hold up huge sporting equipment especially for adventurous families.

In choosing a family car, remember to keep an open mind. Never focus on a particular car brand. There are many car players now that offer the best functionality and safety depending on the size of a family.

Go for a test drive with your family and decide from there which suits your family need.

My mom doesn’t normally go out since she gets dizzy once she gets out of the house. But, there was an exemption when she needed to get her finger print done in Birmingham. My friend Julie drove us there and after the finger printing was done, we went to an outlet mall and there was my momma, pose after pose after pose :)

 photo DSCF2191_zps362d750a.jpg

 photo DSCF2188_zpse1e45607.jpg

 photo DSCF2194_zps921c8df8.jpg

 photo IMG_20131206_120120_zpse6af7e83.jpg

She enjoys going out, but when she starts getting dizzy, it’s no fun anymore, that’s why lately, she prefers to stay home. it’s safer for her. I would love to go back to the Outlet Mall. Maybe when some of my friends go there again, I may come and do a little shopping..:)

Have a great day y’all!




Five years ago, my brother in the Philippines put up a resto bar business with his friends. I didn’t know the details on how they went about the capital. All I remember was that my brother bought a set of musical instruments including equipment. If I’ve known, I should have recommended good Dunlop at musicians friend. Though I’m not an authority in the music business, I’m sure he might’ve gotten a really good deal. But anyway, something went wrong and the deal was off and my brother ended up selling his equipment. Maybe someday, he’s going to put up his own place and buy new equipment. I would know where to point him by then.


At the end of each day, it’s good to just watch the sun set and don’t think of what have and what might have been but to be simply thankful of what is and what will be..

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