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I am just wondering if some of you still check your FS account. I did a couple of weeks ago and it still works. Same as My Space. I looked at my space because I was looking for some pictures of the kids that I posted. I guess, Facebook rocks huh!


I used to be addicted to FS, since that’s the only thing that I knew that time. I had found a lot of old classmates, neighbors and people from my town that I don’t normally mingled with while I was in the Philippines. Although I was not close to them, I was still excited to have found them on the net.


Then Facebook came into my life, and until now I still use it. I had found a lot of people from my high school, elementary and all that. Friends and family, we found each other here on FB. Although there are a lot of things that I don’t know how to do here on FB, I manage. I love it that I am a member of some groups and we can talk about someone behind their backs, bwahahahaha! just kidding. I can chat with my sister all the time, my nieces and my sister in law and all of them.


I wonder if Friendster is still popular?


That’s the truth my friends, that’s why for how many days now, I haven’t had any new post.  I got so hooked with this Game on Facebook and it occupies most of my days. I don’t know if all of you heard of Farmtown. Peachy and Eds are my Farmtown neighbors. It’s some kind of virtual game, at first I was not interested, until my MIL called me and taught me how to play. Yes, she calls me from NY just  to tell me what to do, ahahahaha!

I came to a point where I only had 3 hours of sleep, and while in bed, I was thinking of what shall I plant on my farm the next day. That was a serious addiction. But now that I bought the maximum land I can buy, I am slowing down. I guess, I can go up to a high level without rushing. I am now on Level 25 and I have a nice farm..



                                      RODLIZ BARN Farm

This is a photo of my Farmtown.  and as of  last night , I was exhausted, hehehe. Last night, I went to bed early, I told myself, I can’t be this addict. I am glad that I can still think clearly. I woke up this morning, and I went to check my blogsite and wohoo! I had comments that I had to read. Posted my Mommy Moments (YOUNGSTER’S PARK) pre-wrote and saved as draft, and went visit most  of you my solid friends. Thank you for always visiting. I do appreciate it.

Farmtown game is really interesting. You can try it too if you like, hahaha! and be my neighbor. Come on guys, let’s plow, harvest and meet at the marketplace and help each other to reach the level that we want. Hehehehe! Sorry, I got carried away…

Have a great day and enjoy your weekend…Mwahhhhh!

Check out my KID’S site too..YOUNGSTER’S PARK

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