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“Where there is love there is life.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Thanksgiving picture.

This year, our family Thanksgiving lunch was held here @ our house and we had so much fun. My parents-in-law was in-charge of the turkey, ham and dressing, I was in charge of the green beans, and sweet potato yam, and the rest of the food was brought by my other in laws. We had to take pictures of course, as a remembrance of this very special occasion.

All the grandkids who made it at the Thanksgiving lunch

Ike and family

Wendi and family

Cherryle and family

My parents-in-law, William and Brenda.

It was great to be with family, and we wish to do it more than twice a year.

We lost my dad to colon cancer almost 8 years ago and although it seems to be a long time ago, it still hurts when I think of him. And since I remember him most of the time, it pains me always. It’s not my fault that he died, but I feel like, I didn’t do the best I can to save him from dying. I guess, this is just a normal feeling for me since he was my dad. I wish that he is still around, but I know that it’s not going to happen. I am glad that I have memories of him when I was younger. He wasn’t able to see my two younger kids that was born after he passed away, he could have enjoyed watching them grow up.

My Family

Christmas long long time ago

My parents and I

My parents during Halloween

My mom lives with us and she helps me with the kids, she does the laundry and clean the kitchen and the girls love to stay with her during the night. She’s having medical issues due to her diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, she gets dizzy all the time but other than that, she is alright. I am so lucky that I have my mom with me, I can spend time with her and she enjoys spending time with my kids. I know that losing a parent is one of the hardest thing, I had to experience it before and although I know that time will come that my mom will say goodbye, I am pretty sure that it will hurt me more than anything. I pray that she lives longer and that she enjoys her life before she leaves this world.

Those who still have parents, enjoy them while they are still with us, because once they are gone, they can never come back. We only have a set of parents and we need to show them how we love and appreciate them. Besides, without them, we will be nothing.

We went to Orange Beach, AL last weekend to visit my niece and we had so much fun! It’s the first time the kids and I had been to a beach and we didn’t realize how pretty it was until we were there and staring at the beautiful, fine sand and clear blue water. The water was a little bit cold, but the weather was perfect. I wasn’t able to go and soak myself in the water because of the fact that I can barely dip my feet to the icy cold water. I was able to find some seashells for the kids, since they were collecting them.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to bring all 6 kids, Dan had to work that weekend, and Kattie and Kelsie are still in TN with their mom. Maybe one of these days, we will be able to bring everybody to have more fun. Besides, the beach is not going anywhere.

I just want to share some photos and all I can say is, we had a blast.

Us, and the kids @ Perdido Beach, Orange Beach, AL

My niece, her friends and us..


Hubby and myself

Super Wacky!

My niece and I on a perfect day at the beach!

Father and Daughter walking towards the wave

Father and Daughter planning the future

Father and Son, bonding moment.

Our Family, minus 3 kids..


There were just few photos that I posted, we have over a hundred, but I know it would be too much to post it here. I just wanted to share with you our fun time at the beach. If you are planning on going to the beach this summer, Orange Beach is a highly recommended beach, it’s clean and it’s close to pretty much everything.

We will go back again this month, with the 2 girls. I know Dan is still not going since he doesn’t want to miss work, he loves making money and besides, he thinks he’s not a kid anymore.

That’s all Folks and have a great day.

My husband loves to do “fleamarket hopping” and he never gets tired. Everytime we go to Fleamarket, I had never bought anything, except veggies or toys for the kids. It was a little cold earlier when we went, and I didn’t really enjoy it. We had gone to different places, hubby was looking for some jacket that he can wear once he drives his motorcycle. Yes, he bought one.

Kids looking at some stuff

We were not able to find one that he likes, so we end up going to Honda Cycles store in Decatur and he got what he wanted.

My hubby, the Fleamarket lover..

Not very many people, it's too cold today

After buying my husband’s jacket, we went to Asian Grill and had lunch. Then we came home and the kids played, my husband worked int he garage and I chatted with my mom and aunt.

Father and Son

Came afternoon, the in laws came and visited, had a little chit chat with the mother in law and then, I made some Pulvoron and it tastes decent enough for me..

Still looking....

Time to go...

Another Fleamarket that we went to

This is my Saturday happenings, how’s yours?

Even if it was only for a whole day, I enjoyed our short stay in Illinois. I had a chance to bond with my aunt and mom. My aunt and I love yard/garage selling. So, we of course ended up looking for garage sales and I ended up buying stuff, that I actually don’t need, but because it’s cheap, I still bought it. I bought some slightly used onesies fro my goddaughter Keisha, so hopefully before she grows out of the size, I can be able to send it to her in the Philippines.

We went to the mall and just walked around and ate at the foodcourt, cheaper than go to Old country Buffet which is now Ryan’s. The kids enjoyed riding the train which was so expensive. $3 per ride, yaiks..

@ Stratford Mall Bloomingdale, Illinois. Wrozlie being crazy

Wrozlie took the picture with my aunt, Richelle, my mother and AJ

Having wonderful time roaming around the mall

Lola and AJ back in each other's arms.

Though the trip was exhausting, it was worth it. We all had fun and we enjoyed it..

Wrozlie while waiting for the train at Glen Ellyn train station in Illinois.

When we had our power outage, our friends decided to go to Chicago to visit and of course we rode with them.

Mommy and Wrozlie while waiting for the train to go to downtown Chicago..

We had fun, although it’s pretty tiring, seeing my aunt and her family and seeing my mom is worth the exhaustion :)

100_6467 These are my BINGO cards. It’s not a winner, but it’s fun!!

100_6469 My MIL marking the Diamond shape that we need to do for the next game. . It’s so fun playing..

Well, my MIL asked me if I would be able to go with them to play BINGO last night and because I had fun last time, I went. We ate at Pizza Hut first, it was my MIL’s treat. Then we went to play, and oh boy! there’s a lot of people. None of us won anything but it’s the fun of playing, and getting out of the house would be enough for us. It’s not everyday that we get to get out and have so much fun.

I can feel the excitement of the people who have won $100, $400 and the jackpot BINGO for $1000. Oh well, I guess, my luck will come too. If not today, some other time.

I would like to thank my MIL for the wonderful dinner and for asking me to go out once in a while. It’s nice that we get to go out. To my sister in law Wendi who introduced us to BINGO, thanks so much. I found something to look forward to every other Monday night. :)

Saturday was my cleaning day, so while I was cleaning I brought the kids to my in laws house and they took some photos while they were there.

183040_202656099751075_100000200582874_873421_2557225_n                                   Roan and his cousin Wade

184250_202656423084376_100000200582874_873429_4190706_n                                            Wrozlie and AJ

184215_202655666417785_100000200582874_873418_1172085_n                                     Roan, AJ, Wrozlie and Wade.

My in laws watch Wade on the weekends, since both my sister and brother in law work at the same time, and my kids love Wade, they enjoy playing with him. Wade is almost 4 months old now. He’s the newest addition to the Barnett clan. He’s too cute. When I look at him, I miss having babies, then I would look at my kids and I would simply say, Nah.. I have plenty..

Whew! The kids had a 10-day no school days prior to going back to school today. We had a snow storm last week, so for the whole week, they didn’t have school, I know they are going to have a snow day make up day in June, tsk!

Yesterday was a holiday because it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but we just stayed home and watched some old TV series that we found on Netflix. We had Chinese food for lunch and just left over for dinner. Sometimes, it’s nice to just stay home, watch movies, bond with the family and with staying home, it means one thing, you spend less money. :)

Well, that’s all Folks, just thought to say hi to you all! Take care and have fun!

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