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Roz nail art done by Tita Christy

My 6 year old daughter had her nails done today. Well, my friend Christy did her nails because she was begging. Christy is a nail technician and this is what she does for a living way back in Abu Dhabi. Now that she is here in the United States, she does nails but right now, only friends and family. She comes to our house from time to time to do nails since I know more people that she does. I have my in-laws that are now her clients, and some of my friends.

My mother in-law's nail art.

Everytime she comes here, she always does my little girls nail, otherwise, they won’t leave her alone. Out of her good heart, she gives in to their request. She is good at what she does and I love her work. She does mine for free, I am the sample, for the nail, hair and eye brow threading. I love freebies :) Isn’t it great to have a friend who can make you beautiful? I am lucky and blessed, now I don’t have to spend so much money to go to the beauty salon to have my nails, hair and eye brows done, I can have it int he comfort of my own home.

If you want your nails done, let me know and if you live closeby, Christy and I will come knock on your doors? Have a great day to all!

May is always a very special month to all the mothers to be, and mothers. We always look for something very unique to make sure that our moms will be so ecstatic to receive a very special gift for us. We want to see their facial expression when they opened their presents. This year is no different, I had bought my mom some pandora charms for this very special day, unfortunately, I won’t see her facial expression when she opens her present, because she lives far away from me. But I know my mom, she will be so happy whatever she gets from me. I believe and expect that she will keep it close to her heart,t hat’s how she appreciate things from me.

Nowadays, medical staff wear nursing scrubs when they go to work. Medical field is now following the trend. They want their staff to be comfortable with what they wear. There’s wide variety of style and design that you can choose from. There are some that’s plain, but a lot are printed. Different variety of prints. It could be flowers, sports, cartoon characters and what have you. If nursing uniforms used to be boring, now they are interesting. You will see someone’s personality through what she or he wears. Doctors are also wearing scrubs now, and they like it, more comfortable and they can move better.

They say that you can see someone’s personality the way they dress themselves. I am a solid shirt and denim jeans person. When I worked in a department store, I had to wear dressy pants and nice tops so I can look presentable. There are people that like to dress up and they go to a store where they sell urban clothing and I think it’s great that now there are specialty stores and you don’t have to go to a store where you have to look around and you won’t find the ones that you like. You can just go to a specialty store and voila, you get what you need.


Have I told you that when I lost some weight, I need to get different sizes of clothes? Well, I have a lot more from way back, but they are all outdated and not in fashion anymore. So, when I go out and go to stores, I go straight to  Women’s area for women’s clothing and see if there is something that I can buy for myself. Normally, when I go to the store, I always end up buying for my whole family but me. Then, when I get home I would realize that I got nothing for me but all clothing  for the kids and my  husband.

I found a store called Divine Trash Online Fashion, and it seem promising. They carry both men’s  and women’s clothes. So, while I browse for my merchandise, I can also look for some items for my husband who’s already complaining of his tight jeans. Hmmm..very convenient for me, since my husband hates going to the store and try on some clothes. If you are looking to shop at the comfort of your home. on your pajamas while drinking coffee or munching on your favorite snacks, this is the perfect store for you. I love to shop for clothes, and sometimes, going in the store is a hassle, so now that online shopping is the trend, everything became easy..

Do you have a straight body like mine? I used to have a curvaceous shape way back then, many moons ago. When I started having kids, those curves went away and stored fat stayed with me instead. When I attend parties, I  want to buy a dress where I can show off my body curve, and how in the world can I do that? I use kymaro body shaper, yes, that’s my secret, if I rely on my natural body shape, you won’t see any shape at all. I am so glad they make this kind of body shaper, it helps me look really curvaceous. Then I feel so confident that even just that time of day, I feel sexy and not fat. Not only fat women like me can take advantage of this shaper, even slim women need some curve and this body shaper can help them too.

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